Jenn: Rehab Offers Happiness that Drugs Never Could

Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate

Jenn grew up with an ideal childhood, but addiction still darkened her life all the same. Many people who develop addiction experience childhood trauma or have troubled upbringings, but addiction doesn’t discriminate.

There are a plethora of reasons why someone may turn to substance abuse. Jenn’s dad had a drinking problem and alcoholism has appeared multiple times on his side of the family. So, Jenn could possibly have some kind of genetic predisposition, but the truth is that addiction can happen to anyone regardless of age, race, religion, location, childhood experience, genes or any other kind of reason.

Drinking at a Young Age

When Jenn was a young teenager, she started to drink a lot. She would go on walks around the neighborhood and end up in bad situations. When she told the stories later on to people, describing how scared she was, their reactions of concern made her feel cared about. This attention only encouraged the risky behaviors she took.

Eventually, she was always trying to get a big reaction out of the people around her. She loved shocking them by the outrageous things she would do, like eating a whole eighth of shrooms by herself. The more dramatic the reaction, the better. Of course, many teenagers enjoy the shock value of certain behaviors, but Jenn’s way of achieving this was hurting her more than she knew.

Heroin Brings on a Downward Spiral

When Jenn started using Heroin, things escalated to a new level. She’d been lying to her parents all the time about things to keep up her using in secret. Right after turning eighteen, she got arrested and her parents called with a lot of questions.

The lying and sneaking around that often comes with addiction can be exhausting to keep up with. It can also really weigh on a family and a person’s self-worth. She couldn’t keep up with all the lies anymore so she just told them the truth: she was using Heroin.

The truth was that Jenn couldn’t stop, and even after getting off it and past the withdrawals, she was sneaking off to get high all the time. The police were still keeping track of her, though, and eventually called her into the station for a drug test.

Trying to Replace One Drug with Another

She got caught in her lies again and admitted that she couldn’t stop, but after someone suggested replacing her habit with Alcohol, she started drinking excessively instead. She would drink until she passed out and then start drinking again when she woke up.

Her parents became concerned and tried to get her into rehab multiple times, but Jenn thought they were overreacting and that she was fine. For many people their substance abuse has to get a lot worse before it gets better, before they realize that they need real help.

Jenn wondered many times during this period if she could ever be happy again without Heroin in her life. Still, she was in denial about needing treatment.

Finally, one Easter, Jenn drew the last straw. She went out to get drunk and was gone a lot longer than expected. Her family had no idea where she was and couldn’t get ahold of her. When she woke up, she had no recollection of what had happened. She came home, crying and confused.

Her parents suggested rehab again, and this time Jenn thought that maybe they were right.

A Full Turn Around in Rehab

Jenn did everything that was suggested to her, she went to meetings, got a sponsor, worked the steps, and got a service commitment. It was hard and strange at first, but eventually she made friends in the recovery community and she grew to look forward to those things.

Drugs and Alcohol had taken away Jenn’s happiness and even her hope for happiness. A lot of people suspect that recovery is boring or disappointing, but Jenn found that she could be silly and laugh and have fun again in sobriety. It gave her the opportunity to enjoy her life instead of dreading each day.

Not only did Jenn realize how many wonderful things there are to look forward in sobriety, but her familial relationships are much better now. She wants people out there who are suffering from substance abuse to know that there is a way out and that happiness is possible. Treatment didn’t just save Jenn’s life— it showed her joy that she hadn’t known before.

  1. Of course yes. Especially if you can take to every instruction. Drugs destroy but rehab lift you up and help you to discover yourself.

  2. Rehab have really helped enlightened many users online to get back in order after alcohol marred time. I’ve really learned many wonderful things here about avoiding hard drugs that are injurious to health.

  3. Definitely, happiness is possible. Drinking at a very tender age has a way of messing people up. It will want to kill your drive in life. It is up to one like Jenn to stop it and let it go

  4. I am happy for her because she found the way to a better life. This is quite remarkable especially with the things that she experienced in her life.

  5. When on drugs you feel that is the only happiness you have until you become sober and feel the happiness from within. Thank God for your family for standing by you. Detox to rehab thanks for sharing Jenn’s story very inspirational

  6. Drugs and alcohols would never provide that genuine happiness that’s really needed. It only gives a temporary fix conjoined with more problems. I’m happy Jenn eventually found the light after the rollercoaster.

  7. I Totally support this, even when rehab looks scary and not fun, it’s the solution to years of addiction. Even now programs that’s fun has been introduced to rehab

  8. Dont let drugs or alcohol turned into addiction, because when it get worsed it will ruined your life and happiness. Seek help from others.

  9. No happiness drugs can offer, it but takes away ones loved ones from one. Why not embrace happy and seek help at the appropriate places and programmes

  10. Yes, that’s totally true that addiction Can’t express anyone’s nature.May be there is a person who is addicted with something but in nature wise he is very calm and also helpful.

  11. Tbe effort put into getting addicted to a substance is nothing compared to getting healed or recover. Drugs kills and we should by no means get involved please, I beg of you.

  12. Addiction can really darkened one’s life because it can change one life’s negatively. so people needs to avoid starting any bad habit that will now be turned into an addiction

  13. Of course most drugs addicts dont know that they can find that inner peace and happiness they think or feel they get through drug addiction in rehab. Going to rehab makes you a better person and transforms your life.

  14. Anyone, irrespective of age or sex can get addicted to drugs. Jenn was really neck deep in addiction, but thank God for her family she sought rehab and is now happier for that decision.

  15. Addiction is really a thing. The family we were born into also matters alot, it can influence us in any way. This story tells how she become an addict which was the same thing her father was. Thank God her story is changed today through Rehab.

  16. I agree that drug addiction can happen to anyone regardless of their age. If you grew up in a family of drug addicts, the probability is higher. So glad Jenn went sober and fought her battles. kudos to her

  17. Really it’s a great organization , i never gone their there but their article and work shows everything. Great organization ,they deserve so much appreciation.

  18. Thanks to detox to rehab for always giving happiness to those that are addicted through there rehabilitation programs.i,m so happy for jenn for the recovery

  19. Rehabilitation is a panacea to drug addiction. It goes a long way towards giving happiness and hope to the hopeless.

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