Mixing Xanax And Heroin; Deadly Combo


True Stories of Addiction: Brennan

Brennan is an addict and alcoholic who has recovered. He is a miracle that has 249 days clean and sober, thanks to a 12-Step program. His recovery didn’t come easy, he had to put in blood, sweat and tears. He fought for the days he has and will continue fighting for his sobriety for the rest of his life.

Brennan grew up with a father, mother and little sister. There was no havoc in his home growing up, everything was pretty normal. However, his father was a college basketball referee and was gone for weeks at a time and his mother worked full-time at a bank. This caused Brennan to become the man of the house at a young age. He didn’t have the time he needed to be a kid.

I Tried Drugs for the First Time

At a young age, in seventh or eighth grade Brennan decided to try Marijuana, Alcohol and Ecstasy for the first time with some friends. But when he got to high school he tried Cocaine and Xanax. He loved the way the Xanax made him feel because it would allow him to run away from reality.

“I would go days without remembering stuff but I thought it was so cool because I escaped reality,” Brennan said.

When Brennan was on a break from school he went up to his parent’s cabin. At the cabin, he was drinking alcohol and needed cups to play beer pong. He thought, “hey I’m not that drunk,” and decided to drive to the store. Shortly after he pulled away from the cabin he saw red, white, and blue flashing behind them. Brennan got a minor DUI and was shipped off to boarding school as a punishment.

“There was Spice, weed and like Alcohol everywhere.”

Things did not go the way his parents hoped in boarding school. He felt it was the same as being home just without the consequences. He thought there were no consequences at boarding school so he started to party hard.

Brennan was then kicked out for smoking weed and was sent to his first treatment facility where he spent 27 days.

When he left treatment, he returned to high school and was living with his parents. He didn’t stay sober for long, he went right back to using and abusing drugs.

“I barley passed high school. I did end up getting my diploma, which was very lucky and by the grace of God.”

Even though he barley graduated, he decided he would go to college where he ended up meeting his girlfriend at the time. Him and his girlfriend moved into an apartment together. They ended up getting evicted due to Brenan’s drug and alcohol abuse, they broke up and Brennan went home.

Turning to Heroin

When Brennan got home he was so upset about the breakup he turned to Heroin.

“Mixing [Heroin] with Xanax is no joke because it is just very deadly.”

Heroin took Brennan down fast. He was in and out of treatment centers and could not stay sober for the life of him. In 2014 Brennan ended up completing a 45-day program. However, the night he left the treatment center he ended up getting drunk.

“It was the Notre Dame vs ASU game and I drank and smoked weed and did Heroin that night.”

After his relapse at the football game, the cycle continued. He even moved out of state to try and get clean but nothing seemed to work until February 2016, when he realized he was done running.

He called a treatment center that he had been to twice before and they offered to help him.

“Ever since I got clean in February my life has been totally a 180 from what it was like for the past 6 years.”

Life started coming together for Brennan. Before this couldn’t get past 56 days clean and sober so he believes it is a miracle he is alive. He started working a 12-step program that mended his life back together.

“I started shutting up and taking suggestion and started doing the next right thing.”

He has a sponsor and is working the 12-steps daily. Because of his sobriety and the 12-Step program he has a car, a girlfriend and a life. Brennan believes he is in no way shape or form perfect, he messes up and makes mistakes but keeps moving forward.

“You don’t have to live like this anymore. You can change your life drastically by taking the first step and that’s making a call to get into treatment.”

All you have to do is want the help and you can get it. There are many options out there that can help you live the life you deserve and bring you back to serenity, peace, and happiness.

  1. The fact is that if one got cleaned off this addiction, ones life will be totally restructured and rebranded for positive doings. To be candid, I love the points set out in this post. Thanks for this good post.

  2. What; this combination can even lead to.memory loss for life. None of these are good thing to indulge in so the combination is a volcano in making.

  3. Virtually everyone out there wants a fulfilled life. All you have to do is want the help and you can get it. There are many options out there that can help you live the life you deserve and bring you back to serenity, peace, and happiness. The first step to get yourself saved is by putting a call through to get your way into the treatment shoe. Thanks for this good post.

  4. Thanks for this life saving article. Brace up and put a call through to get treatment and be rest assured that you can live a normal and meaningful Life. Thanks for sharing this article because I know you have changed someone’s life with this.

  5. That escape from reality bit is as real as it could get. In most cases that is one of the reasons why people get into this. That being said to me whatever combo it is drugs are never good. Props for him for being open.

  6. He wanted to escape the reality that’s why he opted in taking drugs. If there is one good thing that happened to him is that he pulled himself out of that delimma. He took the first step in changing for good.

  7. His recovery story is a motivation for a person who are indulged in the addiction. The 12 step process is a nice procedure to come out of it i.e. mentioned above.

  8. I believe that being parents is a very big responsibility, that is why it is not only enough to provide comforts to children but also time, so as not to give way to emotional voids that can fill them with drugs in a world without escape

  9. Not only the combo of xanax and heroin ,but the combo of any drugs are harmful for our body,and it may lead to death,because these things totally destroy our immune system .

  10. Wow. This is really a heart breaking story. So sad Brennan started taking hard substance at a tender age. However thank God he was able to get rehabilitated and is living a better life now.

  11. He was trying to run away from the realization of life but really happy he could get well soon and fast. Drugs addiction is really a bad trend in the society now.

  12. Anything that can affect my memory is a no go for me. This combo is really deadly and won’t advice anyone try it. Thanks for sharing

  13. This is a really piece of information to put out here for everyone to warn against the dangers of drugs and the likes.

  14. In addiction to all of this, I think more shlukd be done to convince people to come out to seek for help and something like this is what this article has done.

  15. What I can’t wrap my brain around is why people do drugs despite the fact that they know the negative consequences..This young man’s story is really emotional and touching but I’m glad the 12 step program is working for him… Staying clean for 249 days is indeed a milestone

  16. Quite sad story , lots of people started experimenting at tender ages because they didn’t have present parents. Even though it took him so long to finally get out of his addiction I am glad he is better now.

  17. This is a really sad and heart breaking story. Getting started on drugs is very easy but getting out of it can be quite difficult and challenging. Combining drugs of any kind can be dangerous to the human health. I thank God for Brennan because he knew when to shout for help.

  18. A deadly combination indeed. I still wonder why people find it hard to learn from others mistakes. Nothing good eventually comes out of these harmful drugs. It only worsens it all. Good article by the way.

  19. What a detrimental combo! Drug addiction is not the solution to finding it at the first place. Thanks for sharing this life story.

  20. In order to recover from any alcoholic, family support is very important. When we addicted by alcoholic, it’s very hard to stop. But nothing is impossible as long as there is a hope.

  21. I don’t know why people experiment on these things. Maybe life is really harder for some. But I’m glad to hear that these people find their way to recovery.

  22. ..This young man’s story is really emotional and touching but I am also glad the 10 step program is working for him.This is a really piece of information to put out here for everyone to warn against the dangers of drugs and the likes. I like this blog. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  23. Any drug regardless of what it is taken in not suggested doses let alone these are very deadly and addicting. This is a component of any addiction that is dangerous. The need for more always as it will never be enough. A small dose gets bigger until it ruins your life.

  24. I hope that these people are doing fine in life. It’s a heartbreaking story indeed and those two deadly combo can definitely take a toll on anyone. Bless these people and I hope that they are doing their best to take care of themselves.

  25. When a person entering into addiction, he or she thinks the world of addiction is fantasy. But, when they ruin themselves after a period of time, then the truth is clear to them.

  26. I think drugs should be ban everywhere .There is not a single pros of drugs then Why it is promoted. It should be ban.

  27. It is indeed very deadly. Why would people do such those? Seek help and know that these things won’t help on anything. In fact, it will worsen everything. It is never too late.

  28. I was once into drug abuse, I didn’t stay long swimming around the pools of drug abuse cos my health always suffer concussion when I smoke a lot, and my doctor advised me to quit or risk my health to mental did order. Thank you for reminding me of my past life, through the wonder testimony you shared, which is more on advising the pubic on dangers with drug abuse.

  29. These drugs are very harmful for our body , People should not get addicted to these type of drugs,They can destroy our immune and respiratory system and it may lead to death.

  30. Most drug addicts thinks they escape from reality while they are high, not knowing it all comes back 10 folds ones the drugs wear out. Let be guided, no abuse is worth it

  31. What, is there are people doing this combo, they should stop right away, this two are slow killers I tell you. From stories here I know this is a no no advice from me. Please

  32. What I just need to make clear is that the adventure of being a drug addict didn’t just start without a good reason, and the reason for all these long story of addiction and consequences faced is the lack of parental care and attention every child is entitled to during the early stage of life. I implore people to see how bad the prerequisites of denying children of attention can be. Thank God he survived but it definitely has led to painful death for others.

  33. We really can’t correct a mistake with another mistake. The best thing is to move on and let our failures be a lesson in the future. Thanks for sharing this article. I hope everyone who can read this will be able to learn something.

  34. We really can’t correct a mistake with another mistake. The best thing is to move on and let our failures be a lesson in the future. I hope everyone who can read this will be able to learn something.

  35. Being addicted to drugs and alcohol isn’t a good experience because, to get out of it is very demanding. I bless God for this guy life.

  36. This combination is very bad… A lot of young people are in rehabilitation center due to hard drugs. This is a story that addicted people should listen to in order to be helped. Nice article.

  37. Oh my goodness, cocaine, heroin and xanax are very strong substance. Brennan is so lucky he is still alive and I commend him for his courage to go through the program

  38. Alcohol and drug stories can be very hard and hurt many people, I’m glad to know that Brennan got to recover from the dark oath of addiction.

  39. Awnnnnnnnnnn. So sad story. But thanks to God his life had a turn around. I’m sure this story will help lives.

  40. Most youth try all sort all due to the absence of their parents. It’s so sad he was addicted to drugs but thanks to God he overcame. Alot of youth should learn from this boy’s mistake.

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