“I was Addicted to Meth Since 14” True Stories of Addiction

I was Addicted to Meth

Shantal grew up surrounded by her father and his friends rather than other kids. She enjoyed being around the hustle and bustle of the adults and was exposed to drugs and alcohol at a very early age. With two parents battling addiction, Shantal had a tough childhood. At three years old, Shantal’s father was sent to prison. Her mother went through a string of bad relationships and she was shuffled around frequently. Eventually, a family member sexually abused her which dramatically affected her life without her even realizing it.

Nothing happened to the relative and it was kept quiet throughout the family for years. This made her fearful throughout her childhood because she thought that people could do things, and nothing would happen to her. Feeling insecure and alone, she ended up making poor choices later in life.

After being shuffled around for many years, Shantal went to live with her grandparents on a regular basis. They provided the best home for her that they could, and she loved them dearly. Shantal didn’t realize how strong of a family she had or how much they loved her until later in life. She rebelled the way other teenagers did, but then took it to the next level by actually starting to not only use drugs but also selling it. She was more worried about surrounding herself with her friends than abiding by her grandparents’ wishes. This is when things started to take a turn for the worst and her life began to spiral out of control.

When Addiction Started

Most people start off dabbling in marijuana or alcohol when their drug addiction starts, but Shantal was different. She started using meth as her first drug of choice at 14 years old. While running around with her cousin she was exposed to meth by people in the neighborhood. After one hit, she knew that it was going to be something that she was going to be doing for quite a while.

Shantal and her father fought a lot because she wanted to be independent. After many bouts of breaking the law, she spent much of her teenage years in and out of juvenile hall. When she wasn’t locked up, Shantal would run around hanging out with the wrong crowd and doing illegal activity. At 17, she was committed to the Department of Corrections until she was 18. At 18, she was released, and she stayed out of trouble for the next 5 years.

At 23, she was arrested for a DUI and charged with six different felonies. In the vehicle, there was a minor who was not properly secured in the vehicle and she also had a slew of illegal items in the vehicle. That completely changed her life because once she had felonies on her record, it hampered her ability to do many things. She was put on probation and had already been through it, so she wasn’t looking forward to it again. She was still using and ended up running again because she didn’t want to get caught using again.

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Further into Addiction

In 2015, Shantal was honest with her probation officer that she couldn’t stay clean on her own. She tried to hold herself accountable, but the probation officer didn’t offer the help that she needed. She got married and was still using. She was on intensive probation when she got married. She was able to pass drug tests through any means necessary. Eventually, she was able to stay clean for long enough to get her CNA but that only lasted a short time before she started using again.

Shantal went to prison in 2017. While in prison, her mother passed away from suicide. She didn’t believe that her mom actually committed suicide. She suppressed the pain of losing her mom. After she got out of prison, she found out that her grandparents were very sick. She had a strong relationship with them and viewed them as being her only support system. She moved back in with them and brought her grandfather out of a nursing home where he was getting the care that he needed. She served as their full-time caregiver, while still using drugs on a regular basis. On her grandparents’ death bed, she promised to take the Lord into her heart and told them she would start getting help for drug addiction and get clean.

After her grandparents died, she started to see things that she had never seen before. She went crazy. Everyone disowned her because of how close she was with her grandparents. During the three weeks that she was going crazy, she realized that something was wrong, and she needed help.

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Finding Hope

When she went to visit her probation officer, she was arrested on the spot because she thought that she was using again. She had been clean for three weeks from her drug addiction and was so fearful to go back to jail. She faked a seizure while in the police car and was taken to the hospital. While in the bed at the hospital, she surrendered to getting help for drug addiction. She prayed for family and God to help her be able to fight for herself. She knew if she went to jail, she wouldn’t be able to get the help that she needed. The police then walked in, removed the handcuffs and walked away.

She then hitchhiked to get a ride to a friend’s house and got high again. She got the worst high she ever had. She called her husband and had him come pick her up. The next morning, she called her probation officer and found out that there was a warrant out for her arrest.

After everything was said and done, she got into a halfway house called TLC for a week. She then got transferred to a treatment facility where she tried outpatient treatment. She still got high every day after leaving. Eventually, she had to go to inpatient treatment for sixty days and outpatient for three months. She was able to get clean from her addiction finally. Her husband stood by her with her father. They were her support system during this tough time. Completing treatment for drug addiction was easier for her because she knew what changes she wanted to make. She now has a great life with her friends and family by her side.

  1. I always loved stories like this, do not get me wrong addicts are bad news always will be. However. stories such as these are there for us to learn. To be blunt, these stories are an inspiration but should not be taken at face value. As history dictates it usually takes a tragedy for us to lean and be better.

  2. What I story, found myself really disturbed. So many people are like this and haven’t seen the help they needed. I pray they find the help required

  3. “She now has a great life with her friends and family by her side” This is the part I love most, reading about happy ending is all I always want to hear.

  4. Wow, this is really a big fight, stopping and going back to it. I know it must have been hard, thanks to the man that stood by her.

  5. Getting addicted to meth at age 14 that was pretty early. Sometimes we are forced to question the whereabouts of the parents and caregivers in this. Same thing happened to my little niece

  6. Addiction starts off very slow. You gradually find yourself in the middle of it without knowing.It is terrible.

    1. Addiction is a Great battle to fight against.
      I’m really Glad she Recovered despite the fact that she got addicted at a Tender Age.

  7. It must be very hard for a teenager to deal with drug addiction, I’m glad that Shantal was able to recover her life after dealing with something like this being so young.

  8. What a reasonable and meaningful article your just released. If we keep things to ourselves, it will later affect us negatively in the nearest future. Thanks for this educative post. I really learned a lot from it.

  9. I am really happy because thru their own experiences, they can teach and help other people avoid the same fate that they have acquired. I really hope that this site will be exposed and be advertised better.

  10. As saddening as the narratives around Shantal’s advent into drugs was, one striking thing about her recovery story was the supportive role played by her husband and Dad.
    Drug addicts should be showed genuine care, it really could fast track and help in one-time recovery.

  11. I can’t believe how much Shantal had to endure and how much trauma she was exposed to at such an early age. Her recovery is beyond impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  12. This is an amazing testimony. Shantal is another life saved from the hold of addiction. Detox has won another medal here!

  13. Shantal started her struggles really early; thought she could find solace in drugs but was totally wrong. I’m glad she eventually found peace and love. Don’t stop these good deeds Detoxtorehab.

  14. It is the ending part of shantai story for me. I like the fact that she has recovered fully and doing excellently well now. This is lovely.

  15. This is a very pathetic story about Shental. Getting addicted at a very young age really had a negative effect on her life. Glad she took the path to recovery.

  16. Very touching story about Shantal. Addition to meth since childhood can be disorientating to life but am happy for her that she find hope and now have her friends and family by her side.

  17. So emotional story growing up with her father’ and his friends not having a normal childhood and all. But I’m so happy for her now that she is doing well and progressing.

  18. I felt so emotional when I read that you said you couldn’t stay clean on your own, that was very difficult for you I believe. But I’m glad at the end you were still hopeful and held on to win this battle.

  19. Shantal’s story can serve as a lesson for most readers. Growing up with addiction proved she had a bad childhood and parental care. After reading her story, I felt sympathy for her with mixed feeling of happiness that she eventually recovered from such challenges.

  20. I am really happy because thru their own experiences, they can teach and help other people avoid the same fate that they have acquired. I know it must have been hard, thanks to the man that stood by her.

  21. Actually Lack of Parents caretaking she addicted. At age 14 , It’s too early age . Now good to see , she is in good position. best wishes!!

  22. We should not always leave our children to others often, the xhild tends to learn more from those people. Alot are struggling believe me, just happy how this one ended. Change is possible

  23. It has always been a family tradition to burry sexual abuse and the likes not looking at the effect on the child in concern. This has been proven as more of the reasons addiction and suicide happen in our society.

  24. Even after sexual abuse that was covered by her family, she found herself in a neighbourhood and with bad friends which influenced negatively. Choose your friends wisely and families should stop covering abuses like this pleaseeeee

  25. You don’t know what you have until you loose it, that’s the case of her grandmother. It takes a big bold step to admit you needed help and walk to get help. I so much respect her for that move.

  26. This is the problem I found out from shantal’s story, she has a father who is careless and unable to know that children will want to imitate any behaviour we exhibit whether good or bad. We as parent needs to be more alert and protect our ward from bad attitude. However I am happy shantal was able to see the light and back on her feet. You’re a champion.

  27. Thank God for shantal’s recovery from addiction, taking drugs at a very tender age is very dangerous to the health thank God she pulled through. Detox to rehab thank you for sharing this wonderful story of recovery.

  28. stories such as these are there for us to learn.  They are super amazing and informative at the same time. it will later affect us negatively in the nearest future.

  29. I’m so sure that it wasn’t an easy experience for her. At age 14 it would have been hell. But detox is doing a good job in making the world clean.

  30. One i can pick from you is you promise you Will put God in your life,this is something shocking every body heart,and I proud of you,this the best way to continue your recovery and even after recovery

  31. Thus is a hard fight against addiction. Her story will inspire a lot of people out there also battling with addiction

  32. Thank you Detax to rehab for sharing these type of stories with all of us.These stories are really very much inspirational for many people who are addicted with something and try to recover from that.

  33. She is great. It is very sad to be addicted to drugs at a young age. We are scared to hear this but now the happy thing is that he got rid of it.

  34. So many people are like this and haven’t seen the help they needed. I pray they find the help required. I really learned a lot from it. Thanks for sharing this blog. This is very inspirational and motivational.

  35. In fact, O congratulate Shantal on her victory over meth addiction. This is a lesson for other drug addicts to learn from. Addiction can kill if recovery is not urgently sought. Let’s join hands towards eradication of any form of addition in our society.

  36. Meth abuse at age of 14 is worrisome and pathetic. Hence, it is better to abstain from the unwholesome practice rather than seeking recovery. A word is enough for me wise.

  37. Since she was surrounded by her father’s friends and older adults, I do not find it surprising that she was introduced to addictive substances at such an age. She was also hurt when she heard the news of passing away of her mother and this also made her use addictive substances even more. She is lucky to find the recovery program.

  38. Shantal addiction emanated as a result of lack of parental care. Two parents who are simply astray, one being an addicted person, which served prison sentence which is the father. And the mother’s case being in series of relationship breakups with other men shows lack of parental care to their child that made her grow wild too.

  39. For such a charming lady shatal had some bad experience growing up. Things like this could happen to anyone. She should thank God for a very supportive husband that stood with her all through her recovery.

  40. What an emotional and inspiring article,shantal recovery from addiction gladden my heart,thank God for the great turnaround and thanks to detox for sharing and doing the great work of recovery, welldone

  41. I can’t imagine Shantal’s childhood. Being exposed to that kind of environment will surely make a child lead to addiction. She is very fortunate that she has turned her life around despite how problematic her family was. Hoping only the best for her, after all, she has gone through.

  42. Wow, she started at an early age with meth. It is would have really been challenging for her while growing up. However , even though she had relapses, she was able to overcome her addiction with the help of her husband.

  43. We need to understand that parental upbringing contribute immensely to the mental health of a person. Shantel was sexually abused but no one cared to help or see through her pain. All I can wish you is to enjoy the best of your life.

  44. Shantel really has a tough time growing up; from lack of parental care to sexual abuse, to being introduced to drugs. She taught drugs can ease her pain and get more involved in it. It’s great she’s on the path to recovery

  45. It’s the first time I am reading about someone getting addicted to meth at 14. The parents must have failed miserably.

  46. The fact that her parents were both addicts didn’t help the situation one bit. I bet it’s one of the major reasons she got addicted herself.

  47. The sexual abuse from one of her family members must have left her with a permanent scar. No child should ever have to go through that.

  48. Shantal childhood was a terrible one with the addiction to method due to the influence of his father and his friends. Nevertheless, she is recovered now.

  49. Shantal had the grace of being sorounded by people of substance who were ready to help her through the hard time. Thanks to Detox To Rehab.

  50. Shantal’s early addiction was a serious problem because she couldn’t differentiate between left and right. Thank God for the effort of Detox To Rehab.

  51. Shantal got hope despite her addiction to drugs. Though it was early when she started taking drugs and alcohol, but she had her recovery through the Detox To Rehab.

  52. Shantal got hope despite her addiction to drugs. Though it was early when she started taking drugs and alcohol, but she had her recovery through the Detox To Rehab with the help of God.

  53. I´m glad that you can realize how important in your life are the people who care for you. Not everybody gets to see things from a different perspective and get to appreciate life and second chances.

  54. The situations she found herself at a very tender age affected her, most times the kind of environment we live in affects the kind of lifestyle we live, addiction is not a death sentence and I’m glad she was able to recover.

  55. Shantal grew up surrounded by her father and his friends rather than other kids. Our surroundings have a lot to play in terms of the term addiction.
    I’m happy for her getting better after all her seeing.

  56. Being addicted to Meth at 14 can’t have been a pleasant experience by any means. I bet it caused her to lose a lot of her younger years.

  57. A truly touching story of addiction and recovery. I am more than happy that she lived to tell the tale. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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