True Crystal Meth Addiction Stories & Recovery

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Last Edited: November 19, 2020

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Crystal Meth is a highly addictive stimulant, has no legal use and the effects of abuse can be more than devastating. Once an individual takes their first hit of Crystal Meth, it is almost guaranteed he or she is not going to come back from it the same as before. The drug has the power to alter the way the abuser feels about themselves and the world- in a negative way.

Some people think “one time won’t hurt” or “I don’t have an addictive personality,” but in all reality, anyone can become addicted with just one taste.

Janelle is Living Proof Recovery is Possible

Janelle went through a lot of trauma from a young age, she experienced things no child should and had to grow up early without experiencing what life as a kid should be like. Both her parents were addicted to Crystal Meth which also caused Janelle to be neglected throughout her childhood. When Janelle was in fifth-grade, something happened to her that absolutely destroyed her soul. This event was kept a secret for many years because as a young girl, Janelle was embarrassed of what has happen to her and thought it was her fault.

Holding in this rancid secret made Janelle think differently of the world and she grew depressed. She began drinking and drugging to numb the pain and the only way she knew how to feel better was now through Crystal Meth. In the beginning of her abuse, she thought the Crystal Meth was helping her deal with problems she didn’t want to face. With each hit on the pipe, the emotions she needed to deal with kept being stuffed deeper into her already broken heart.

The Crystal Meth abuse did no good in Janelle’s life and ended up landing her in jail for six-months due to severe burglary charges. As bad as jail may seem, it showed her being sober is not that bad and helped her attitude change toward life. Janelle wanted to do better and did not want to end up like her parents, so, she straightened up, started working a 12-step program; Her sobriety date is June 12, 2015.

This is a girl who begged for her abusive boyfriend to pull the trigger when he held a gun in her face is now living a sober life. She has a full-time job, is a full-time student and still has time to work her 12-step program because she knows recovery wouldn’t be possible without it. This is just one person out of the millions who have recovered from Crystal Meth addiction. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Jayson.

Jayson Beats Crystal Meth Addiction

Unlike Janelle, Jayson was raised in a very religious home with a Mormon father and Catholic mother. There was no abuse, neglect or trauma that caused him to start abusing drugs, he was just a curious 13-year-old who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jayson was into sports, loved being active and hanging out with friends, until one treacherous day he was offered to try some Crystal Meth.

Just like that, Jayson was hooked. He started showing lack of motivation quickly, didn’t show up for sports events and began hanging out with the wrong people. He was a kid with a promising future in sports that gave it all away to a quick high, paranoia and some sketchy friends. His addiction to Crystal Meth grew quick and he couldn’t stand to look at himself in the mirror. He didn’t like the person he was becoming and was so deep in his addiction he didn’t know how to stop it.

One day, Jayson had enough and he was able to put the pipe down for years. He ended up having two beautiful children, got married and had a beautiful home. His life was set until his dark passenger came around once more when his wife told him she was tired of the miserable person he was and took the kids. After he felt like he has lost it all, there was no hesitation to pick the pipe back up. Jayson ended up losing everything to his Crystal Meth addiction and after a few years, he was ready for a way out.

Jayson went into a detox where he was taught the 12-step program and a new way of life. Since the day he walked into detox, the miracle of life started to happen. He now owns his own business, he has true friends and his children are back in his life. This man who couldn’t stand to look himself in the mirror is now someone who has recovered from Crystal Meth addiction and is full of love. If Jayson can do this, you can too.

Janene Finds Happiness After Crystal Meth Abuse

Janene has a similar upbringing as Jayson. Her parents were also very religious and her father was in the military. With her parents being so religious, as Janene was growing up, she didn’t get to experience things a other kids would. Although her parents were strict, Janene would sneak around. As a teenager, her mood swings were very manic and the only way she could cope while in a manic episode was to drink Alcohol.

Although Janene was drinking almost daily, her addiction did not take over until she was about 17-years-old. Janene and her family went on a family vacation and on the way home, Janene was asked to drive. Unfortunately, as she was driving, the car hydroplaned and Janene’s 13-year old brother was ejected from the car and killed instantly. After her brother was killed, Janene’s life was never the same. She went searching for an escape and found it in Crystal Meth.

Her Crystal Meth abuse was put to a holt when she got pregnant with her daughter two weeks before she graduated high school. However, as soon as her daughter was born, she picked up the Crystal Meth pipe where she left it. Time went by and her addiction to Crystal Meth grew stronger. One day, Janene was out of her fix, so she went to buy more but left her daughter at home. Her neighbors called the cops and when Janene returned home, she was arrested for neglecting her child.

Some people think jail is a bad thing, but for Janene it wasn’t; it made her realize recovery from Crystal Meth addiction was possible. When she was released, she checked herself into an inpatient rehab center where her life changed forever. Janene was able to work on herself and now uses her story to help others by working as a peer support specialist. Her whole life is based around recovery and the 12-step program. She knows, without recovery and the 12-steps, she wouldn’t be where she is today.

If you aren’t yet convinced you can recover from Crystal Meth addiction, read and listen to Ron’s story of recovery. He thought Crystal Meth would help him recover from alcoholism not realizing how powerful abusing Crystal Meth is.

Ron Escapes His Crystal Meth Addiction

Ron and his wife ended up getting a divorce due to his excessive drinking. She was tired of the manipulation and lies that came with it. When the divorce went through, in the course of three months, Ron got three DUI’s that landed him in jail for 6-months. Unlike Janene, jail didn’t help Ron straighten up, it caused him to rebel more.

A few weeks after his release from jail, he met a girl and was also introduced to his new pal, Crystal Meth. After he started abusing Crystal Meth, he was in and out of jail and couldn’t stay out of trouble because he would do whatever he needed to do to get and stay high. One of his last trips to jail, Ron was introduced to religion by his cell mate. He started to pray and was very optimistic about staying sober when he got out. After he was released, he called his father and told him how excited he was to be sober and start living a clean life. However, his addiction got the best of him and after his girlfriend left for work, he walked 30-miles just to get a hit of Crystal Meth.

Ron didn’t last long outside of jail, shortly after he relapsed he was picked up by police again and was facing 15-90 years in prison. His jail sentence scared him senseless and he prayed to God and told Him he would do whatever it takes to get out of these charges. After a few nights of praying, a meeting of Cocaine Anonymous came into the jail. When Ron went to the meetings, something clicked in his head and he was finally able to admit he was an addict and alcoholic.

After admitting to himself he had a problem, he wanted to get and stay sober for good and he did. His charges were dropped and he was released from jail. He immediately started working a 12-step program when he got out because he knew he wasn’t able to stay sober by himself. Ron has a life today because when he was out using Crystal Meth, he wasn’t living. Take the time to look at yourself and that little bit of energy you have left in you and reach out for help because you deserve it.

If you start abusing Crystal Meth, your life may seem better than ever and all you have heard about addiction may seem like nonsense. The effects of the drug are going to be relieving in the beginning but as your addiction grows stronger, so does the hole in your heart.

In the beginning of your abuse, you are going to get a euphoric rush, crazy motivation to accomplish goals and a sky rocket of confidence. This, however, is not going to last long and the devastating effects of Crystal Meth are right around the corner.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Since Crystal Meth is a stimulant, you are going to lack sleep which comes with a range of other issues. You will start to lose your appetite, lose an unhealthy amount of weight, have unpredictable behavior, become paranoid and feel like the world is against you. Because you are highly addicted to Crystal Meth, you are going to use more of it to try and fix these problems. In your mind, Crystal Meth had the power to fix your emotional problems in the beginning of your abuse so why wouldn’t it fix these physical problems that are now occurring in your life?

As the dopamine levels rise in your brain, your tolerance level to Crystal Meth is doing the same and when you build that tolerance, you will be desperate for the high. The cravings are going to be so intense, you are going to do anything you can to get your hands on the drug. One hit is going to make it all better, right?


Abusing Crystal Meth in large amounts to achieve your desired high increases your risk of overdose, fatality and your dependence for the drug. Overtime, your dopamine levels are going to be so impaired from all the Crystal Meth abuse, you will start to become severely depressed and permanent damage to your psyche can be done.

Your paranoia is now accompanied by hallucinations and delusions, you may be isolating yourself from the world due to your severe Crystal Meth induced anxiety, body sores from scratching your skin are not uncommon, you have created irreversible damage to your blood vessels throughout your body and your chances of stroke have increased ten-fold.

There is Hope for Crystal Meth Addiction

At this point, you may feel like there is nothing left in this life for you and the world would be better off without you in it. The hopelessness and despair you feel in your heart is growing stronger by the minute and you have no idea how to stop it. You need to understand that recovery from Crystal Meth is more than possible and there are many people who have recovered from Crystal Meth addiction who live normal, happy lives today.

It may seem like a lie or scam to get sober but it is not and your life will only get better. If you keep abusing Crystal Meth, you have three options: jails, institutions or death. If you are in disbelief, take a listen to Janelle’s story. You may find you can relate on a lot of levels and she is living proof recover is possible.

Finding Happiness Through Crystal Meth Recovery

crystal-meth-recovery-soberAfter listening to these four compelling stories about Crystal Meth recovery, you need to believe in your heart that a new life is possible for you too – the evidence is there and the miracle of life is just around the corner waiting for you to catch on and live.

You need to understand there is no way to ever fully recover from your Crystal Meth addiction. You have to work on yourself daily in order to attain life-long recovery. Don’t let this stress you out, bettering yourself on a day-to-day basis is not as difficult as it seems. All you need is a little bit of willingness in your heart and everything is going to fall into place.

There is no such thing as being past the point of help, do not be afraid to reach out and ask someone how they recovered. You are not a weak person because of your addiction, in fact, if this Crystal Meth addiction is something you can overcome, you are going to be one of the strongest people to walk the face of this earth.

The time is now, stop prolonging this miserable life you are living and start living a life you deserve. Give us a call and we can help you figure out the best treatment option for your individual needs. Our number is: (866) 578-7471.