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Dangers of Vicoprofen Abuse

Addiction to Vicoprofen can happen to anyone, at any time. Addiction often has a devastating effect on peoples’ lives. The addiction can take everything from them, even their life, in a blink of an eye. When people become addicted to Vicoprofen, they will do anything for the drug, they feel the need life isn’t worth living without it.
The people who become addicted aren’t just the stereotypical homeless man or woman on the streets. Addiction to Vicoprofen can happen to anyone regardless of age, race, or religion. Also, people can become addicted to Vicoprofen even with a legitimate prescription and pain. It may be difficult for the people who have prescriptions to see their abuse as a problem.

What they need to keep in mind is, abusing this medication either with or without a prescription can lead to a number of psychological, physical, and behavioral symptoms due to the disease of addiction. Signs and symptoms of abuse will vary from person to person. It may be hard to spot them, especially if the person is aware of the addiction and is adept at hiding the signs.

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Street Names for Vicoprofen

Vicoprofen is a prescription narcotic made with Hydrocodone and Ibuprofen. It is a pain-relieving medication that also acts as an anti-inflammatory and is very popularly prescribed by doctors today. There are people who are prescribed Vicoprofen but don’t use it themselves. They sell it on the street to other individuals craving an Opiate fix and make a large sum of money by selling it. Some of the code names a dealer and costumer would use for Vicoprofen are: Hydros, Vikes, Orcs, Watsons.

Vicoprofen Effects

There are a few common signs that one can look for in an individual they think is abusing Vicoprofen. Some of the psychological signs are the lack of emotions, decreased memory, delusions, and psychosis. A few behavioral symptoms are going through financial problems, seeing multiple doctors to obtain extra prescriptions, being consumed with getting high, and sudden changes in social activities. Physical symptoms include pin point pupils, itching, constipation, dry mouth, low blood pressure, respiratory depression, urinary retention, mood swings, depression, lack of emotions, delusions, psychosis, and decreased memory. Some effects that long-term abuse of Vicoprofen can cause are slow heartbeat, collapsed lung, trouble breathing, overdose, coma, and even death.

Warning Signs of Vicoprofen Abuse in a Loved One

Just because Vicoprofen is a prescription doesn’t mean there is no chance for addiction to occur. Vicoprofen is a schedule II narcotic and is in the same class as Oxycodone and Morphine which are two drugs that are highly abused across the country today. Schedule II drugs are in that class because they have such a high potential for abuse. If you feel a loved one is abusing Vicoprofen but not so sure, here are some signs to look out for:

Let’s say your loved one has a prescription for Vicoprofen. You go to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription, which has enough pills for a month. A week later, you find the bottle empty. Taking more than prescribed is a huge sign of addiction to Vicoprofen.

There is a chance your loved one is using Vicoprofen in other ways than taking it orally to increase the effect of the drug. He or she could be crushing it down to snort it or use it intravenously. Keep an eye out for bruises on his or her arms or a stuffy nose.

A very common sign of Vicoprofen abuse is losing interest in things that held importance to your loved one. He or she could be staying home sick instead of going to work, playing a sport, or hanging out with friends. Usually, he or she is staying home to get high.

Factual Dangers: Vicoprofen

Vicoprofen is a powerful drug. Don’t let its prevalence fool you. Vicoprofen abuse, dependency and addiction are dangerous. Millions of people have become addicted to prescription painkillers, and usually faster than they thought possible. Vicoprofen is the most common prescription abused and has a high rate of addiction in legitimate users. It has cost many their lives and ruined the lives of many more. These are some dangers associated with Vicoprofen addiction:

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True Stories of Addiction: Justin’s Story of Recovery

Justin’s life took a turn for the worst when he tried Vicoprofen. Listen to his story to figure out how he recovered. – View all episodes now

Vicoprofen Rehab Treatment

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who abuse or become addicted to prescription medications. Many people begin taking Vicoprofen as a method of pain management prescribed by their doctor, without realizing how habit forming Vicoprofen can be. Then they are surprised to find that they cannot stop using.

The disease of addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful; without help it can seem impossible to overcome. There are many aspects to addiction that are addressed by professionals in a rehab setting. When you feel as if you have had enough consequences due to your Vicoprofen addiction and are willing to get the treatment you deserve, finding an inpatient rehabilitation center should be your next step.

Vicoprofen is a narcotic which means the withdrawal symptoms you are going to feel when coming off the drug are going to be unpleasant. It is best you find a rehab that will accommodate you with a medically supervised detox. A doctor will give you medication to help ween you off Vicoprofen so your detox process is more comfortable. Once you have detoxed, it is time for the real treatment. In rehab, depending on where you go, you will attend addiction education classes and therapies so you truly understand you have a disease and you are not an outcast. Educational classes and therapies will help get to the root of your problem so in the future, relapse is less likely to happen. – Learn More

Vicoprofen Detox Treatment

The first stage of treatment for a Vicoprofen addiction is detox. Detox occurs when the person ceases taking the drug and the body enters a withdrawal process. Withdrawals from Vicoprofen are uncomfortable. Some signs of Vicoprofen withdrawal are nausea, headache, aches and pains in muscles, restless legs, vomiting, watery eyes, anxiety, and stomach cramps.

The best way to detox from Vicoprofen is in a medical setting so you are more likely to stay through the withdrawal symptoms. Here you will be under the watchful eye of medical staff and you can be given medication to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal. A doctor will evaluate you are prescribe you medications that will ease all of your symptoms. Once you are given medication, the medical staff will also take your vitals to be sure your body is taking the detox well.

One type of medically managed detox is a taper system. Gradually taking smaller and smaller doses until the dose is small enough to where withdrawal symptoms will be minimal. This will help your detox process go faster so you can get into rehab, where the real therapy is, to better treat your Vicoprofen addiction. Many detox centers, before you get into rehab, will still provide group or individual therapy to address the underlying issue of the addiction and prepare you for what is to come while you are in rehab. – Learn More

Addiction to Vicoprofen

Many people start taking Vicoprofen, without realizing how addictive it can be. People who find pain relief after using Vicoprofen have a greater tendency to abuse it later. Over a period of time the body becomes chemically dependent upon Vicoprofen then the mind becomes dependent upon it leading to the development of addiction.

Hydrocodone, one of the main ingredients in Vicoprofen, is widely abused by people who are seeking the high that opiate based substances produce. Hydrocodone produces effects similar to drugs like Morphine and even street drugs like Heroin. Because it is a prescription medication, many people continue to use it long after it is no longer needed for the original purpose. The label of medication allows many people to delude themselves into thinking that abuse of this drug is okay because it is prescribed by doctors.

It is easier to see the problem once people have run out of the prescription and the doctor refuses to give any more. Their body will then go into a painful withdrawal causing most Vicoprofen individuals to search for their high from people off the streets. In fact, many people who turn to buying Vicoprofen on the streets, find it is to expensive and turn to the cheaper alternative, Heroin. Once people have turned to Heroin, their addiction is in full force and nothing will stop them until they want the help they deserve. Addiction can take your life and bring it to places you never thought you would go in a blink of an eye. – Learn More

Vicoprofen Dependency

People often start taking Vicoprofen as part of a pain management regiment. A doctor will prescribe it to help them recover from pain from something such as an accident or surgery. However, it is habit forming and can cause physical dependence within a week. Many users notice that it not only dulls physical pain, but emotional and psychological pain as well. It also causes euphoria in some cases, which is met with a significant decrease in mood when the drug wears off.

People can start taking it for one reason but continue taking it for the effects it produces. The drug offers an escape from reality and a high that is quick to set in and wears off in a matter of hours. Because the high of Vicoprofen isn’t long lived, people will continue to take more to get their desired effect. Many users turn to snorting or using Vicoprofen intravenously to achieve a greater high. Once their Vicoprofen dependency has gotten to the point of snorting or shooting there is a strong chance their dependency has developed into an addiction.

Many people are in strong denial about the effects of their drug use. It may seem obviously destructive to those on the outside, but to the users it may seem harmless. Because they see it as harmless, they feel like there is nothing that should be done to stop it. It may take them a while to realize there is a problem and are willing to seek treatment for their Vicoprofen abuse problem. – Learn More

Seeking help for a loved one.

  • Who Do I Include in a Vicoprofen Intervention?
    It is best to include an intervention specialist and those closest the Vicoprofen addicted individual. It is best to leave out anyone who may not be able to control their anger.
  • What Do I Say in A Vicoprofen Intervention?
    You will speak directly to your loved one, only speaking in love and concern while leaving out judgment or anger. Let him or her know the negative impact their Vicoprofen addiction causes you.

Intervention for Vicoprofen Abuse

Once you have found out your loved one has become addicted to Vicoprofen, you may feel like your world has come to an end. You keep finding empty prescription bottles, expensive things such as jewelry have been going missing and your loved one is a different person. It is like you don’t even know him or her any more. He or she has become mean, unaffectionate and emotionally unavailable to everyone around him or her.

The addiction has come to the point where you feel if you don’t step in your loved one is going to lose his or her life to addiction. If this is the case, it may be time to schedule an intervention. The first step you will want to take is to find an interventionist that can help you plan and schedule the most effective intervention you could possibly have. Before moving on, you will need to pick a date that will work with others to hold the intervention. Once you know when the intervention is, let the treatment center your loved one will be going to know what day it may possibly expect to do his or her intake. Then, you will gather loved ones who are also concerned about the Vicoprofen addicted individual and explain what is going on and how they can help.

You will all write out and rehearse a speech to say to the addicted individual on the day of the intervention. There should be nothing more than voicing love and concern. Any tension could make him or her zone out or leave the intervention. Voicing love and concern will help push the loved one into treatment. The main goal of an intervention is to get the Vicoprofen individual into treatment.

Vicoprofen dependence is extremely dangerous – and expensive. On average a single Vicoprofen 5mg pill can sell for $5 each, however could easily cost $20 per pill. For those supporting their drug habit by buying the drug off the street run into financial issues quickly.

Finances are not the only aspect of life affected. Relationships, career, school, family and most that matters in life tends to suffer as a result of Vicoprofen dependence. The consequences are severe and the outlook only gets progressively worse if the person does not get treatment. – Learn More

Recovery from Vicoprofen Abuse

Recovery from Vicoprofen may seem impossible once you have become addicted. It is possible you gave your whole life to Vicoprofen addiction and have lost your job, home and everything you have worked so hard for in the past. You may feel since you have lost everything, there is no point in trying to recover. However, recovery will help you gain everything you lost in active addiction back and more.

It would be smart to start your recovery process with a medically supervised detox to ease the symptoms of withdrawal followed by inpatient rehabilitation. In rehabilitation, you will be taught how to combat triggers, manage your emotions and reach out for help. When in rehab, you will want to make a strong aftercare recovery plan with your therapist to prevent relapse when you are in the real world.

A good way to stay in recovery is to get involved with a 12-step fellowship. 12-step programs have effectively helped people recover and stay recovered for many years now. You will attend meetings, work the 12-steps and make friends who truly care about you and understand where you have come from and don’t want to go back to. There are 12-step meetings at every time in the day so there is no excuse not to check out a meeting and get involved. Once involved with the recovery community, it will be ever so difficult to steer away back into your old habits. People in meetings will help you rebuild your life and prove to your life is better in recovery than out on the street addicted to Vicoprofen.

  • How Do I Recover from Vicoprofen Addiction?
    The first step in recovery from your Vicoprofen addiction is admitting you have a problem. Once you have done that, reach out for help and seek detoxification and treatment center.
  • Will I Ever Relapse on Vicoprofen?
    Vicoprofen relapse is always possible. As long as you learn from it and move on in a positive direction you should be fine and able to have a strong and lasting recovery in the future.

Dangers of Vicoprofen Overdose

Since Vicoprofen is a combination drug there is the possibility to overdose on either the Hydrocodone or the Ibuprofen. An overdose on Hydrocodone is characterized by respiratory depression, skeletal muscle flaccidity, cold and clammy skin, circulatory collapse, cardiac arrest and death. Overdose symptoms for Ibuprofen include gastrointestinal irritation (erosion, hemorrhage, or perforation), kidney damage, liver damage, heart damage, and meningitis. An overdose on Vicoprofen can become fatal if not taken care of immediately.

It is common to overdose on Vicoprofen because it is an Opiate based drug that people tend to take a lot of to get high. If a people take, snort, or shoot up more Vicoprofen than the body can handle, they can be in serious danger. A common way overdoses happen is by people who have just completed treatment and didn’t get the aftercare they needed so they decide to take some Vicoprofen because they don’t know any better. They end up taking the dosage they did before going into treatment and become woozy and lethargic. Since they have had a stint of sobriety, the body won’t be able to handle what they were taking before treatment. Most people don’t understand that a tolerance will go down as the days go by without the drug in the system.

If someone is in the midst of an overdose immediately call emergency services. Overdoses are dangerous and can be fatal. Your friend or family members life is in the balance, don’t worry about the repercussions. Most states have laws that protect those calling for help for a loved one. – Learn More

Vicoprofen Use, Abuse and Addiction

Vicoprofen is an Opiate drug prescribed by doctors to treat physical pain in your body. Because Vicoprofen is an Opiate, it is in the same class of legal prescription drugs such as, Morphine and Oxycodone. However, Vicoprofen is also in the same class as the illegal drug, Heroin. Just like Morphine, Oxycodone and Heroin, Vicoprofen is highly addictive and has a very high potential for abuse.

Just because Vicoprofen is prescribed by doctors, doesn’t make it safe. You can be prescribed Vicoprofen and still become addicted very easily. You can become addicted to the drug just as quickly as someone who has taken it from a friend or bought it from a dealer on the streets. Addiction is so common with drugs like Vicoprofen because not only does it reduce the amount of physical pain you are feeling, it can very well help with your mental suffering also.

The mental suffering you have been going through started when you were a little kid. Your whole life you have felt out of place, different and like there was no place you can fit in. It is possible your home life could have been rough growing up as a kid too. The only solution you had was to stay quiet and bottle the emotions you were feeling because you were embarrassed people would judge you if they knew how you really felt on the inside. You have been searching for an escape and finally found it when you went to the doctor because your back pain has put you over the edge.

Your doctor evaluates you and has written you a prescription of Vicoprofen to help ease the pain in your back. Little did you know, you were about to find your escape you have been searching for since you were young. You get home from the pharmacy, read the directions on how to take the Vicoprofen properly and boom. Once you feel it hit you, everything seemed okay. Yes, the back pain went away but you were focused on how it took the mental pain away and the euphoric feeling you felt when you took the pill.

You can’t wait until you can take your next pill in a few hours because you know the way you are going to feel a few minutes after taking it. You have waited the recommended amount of time to take your next Vicoprofen but this time you take two instead of one. You see no harm in taking more than prescribed, you justify it because it is your prescription. A few months pass and you are on to your next prescription of Vicoprofen that is supposed to last three months but only lasts you about two weeks.

You start feeling pain when you have no more Vicoprofen to take. Your body is going through withdrawal and you feel nauseous, have aches and pains in your muscles, your anxiety is through the roof, and your craving for Vicoprofen is higher than it has been before. You remember a friend just got into an accident and gave them a call to see if he or she was prescribed Vicoprofen for the pain. The friend has none left but knows a guy that sells them on the streets and gives you his number.

You don’t realize your addiction has progressed to the point of you buying Vicoprofen on the streets. Your mind is clouded and the only thing that matters it the high you are trying to achieve; you need to get out of your head because you feel all those negative emotions trying to peek out. You meet the dealer and finally get the Vicoprofen and within minutes the pain and emotions have gone away. A few weeks go by and before you know it you have lost your job and have no money for rent because Vicoprofen is more important.

You still don’t realize there is a problem and you have become addicted to Vicoprofen. You just keep telling yourself it is bad luck and things will eventually get better. However, you keep abusing Vicoprofen and nothing gets better. In all reality, it gets worse. You have moved back in with your parents and begin stealing their prized possessions so you can get money to buy Vicoprofen. You begin to feel worse than you did before you were taking Vicoprofen and finally realize there is a problem and you ask your parents for help.

You do some research and get into a medically supervised detox immediately and are following it with inpatient rehab treatment for Vicoprofen abuse. You are in detox and terrified to see where your life is going. You feel like this is the end but what you don’t realize is, in all reality, this is just your beginning. After detox, you are clear headed and ready for treatment. In treatment, you have gone through individualized and group therapy and have never felt better. You can now openly talk about your emotions and are the person you thought Vicoprofen would help you become.

Your life is better than it has ever been. You got a job, moved out of your parents and are helping other people who have struggled with addiction recover. You work on your recovery every day and life is next to prefect. Even the bad days are better than the days you were abusing Vicoprofen.

Family Vicoprofen Therapy

Vicoprofen is a dangerous drug for your loved one to become addicted too. You may have watched him or her throw life away just to get high. He or she could have lost a job, dropped out of school or lost an apartment. You are tired of seeing him or her destroy life so you talk to him or her about treatment.

He or she decides to go to treatment and you are ecstatic. You can finally sleep at night knowing he or she is safe. You get a call from the treatment center and are asked to show up for a family session. Family sessions or therapy is very healing for not just the Vicoprofen addicted person but the family as a whole. You will learn more about the disease of addiction which will allow you to better understand your loved one and what he or she is going through. Family therapy will also give everyone a chance to openly talk about how the addicted individual and how the addiction affected life.

This is a safe place for the whole family to be open about emotions because a therapist will be right in the middle of it explaining each sides of the story and mediating any problems. Family therapy will also help the family members prepare for when their loved one comes home from treatment. You will be able to help the Vicoprofen addicted individual through hard times and understand where his or her emotions stem from without triggering him or her to go and use. There are many benefits of family therapy and everyone should participate to help the addicted loved one succeed.

Group Vicoprofen Therapy

When you are in treatment for your Vicoprofen addiction, you will go through many therapies to help you recover from your addiction. One of the most effective therapies you will go through that will help you in the outside world is group therapy. Group therapy may sound intimidating at first but once you get used to the people you are surrounded by things get so much easier.

A common behavioral side effect of abusing Vicoprofen is isolation. In your addiction, you would rather be alone than around other people so you can get high in peace. Therefore, group therapy is extra helpful. It will get you used to being around other people and sharing your emotions. You will learn that there are many other people who feel the same feelings as you because of their drug and alcohol abuse. It is normal, in the beginning of your recovery, to feel scared to share how you are feeling but once you get used to it you realize how easy it is to get all those negative thoughts and emotions off your chest.

This will prepare you for the outside world. You will be able to talk to others openly about how you feel which lessens the chance or relapse. Group therapy will help you make friends that understand what you are going through and can help you through your recovery as you help them. There is no need to be scared to open up in therapy and real life. It will only make your recovery stronger and you stronger as a person.

  • Will Group Therapy Help My Vicoprofen Addiction?
    Yes. Group therapy will show you that you are not fighting your Vicoprofen addiction alone.
  • What Do I Do in Vicoprofen Group Therapy?
    In group therapy, you will talk about your Vicoprofen addiction and relate with others’ battle with their addiction.

True Stories of Addiction: Breana’s Struggles to Overcome Drug Addiction

Breana’s life went downhill when she watched her mother pass away at 13 years old. She began experimenting with drugs, and it ended up taking everything from her. She was homeless, afraid and alone wondering what her life has become. She ended up getting pregnant and got on a Vicoprofen program that didn’t help her recover, but rather, it made things worse. Her child was taken by CPS and she was heartbroken. It took some time, but Breana fought the battle of addiction and won. She is now living a clean and sober life with her daughter right by her side. If Breana can recover, you can too.

Seeking help for a loved one.

  • Why Should I go to Inpatient Treatment for My Vicoprofen Addiction?
    You should go to inpatient treatment to save your life from Vicoprofen addiction. You will learn a new, healthier way of life while in inpatient rehabilitation.
  • Why Should I Attend Inpatient Rehab?
    You should attend inpatient rehab for your Vicoprofen addiction so you can learn how to live your life in a positive way without the use of drugs.

Inpatient Vicoprofen Rehab

Vicoprofen addiction may have taken to places you never thought you would go and defiantly do not want to go back to. You are finally ready for a positive change in your life and want to beat your Vicoprofen addiction and be free again. Once your decision is made, you need to find an inpatient rehab, where you will stay for an extended period of time, that suits all your individual needs.

When looking for rehab, make sure the center includes a medically supervised detox and a multitude of therapies. You will want a medically supervised detox because the pains from Vicoprofen withdrawal may be severe. It will be hard to recover if you are in pain so a doctor will evaluate you and ween you off Vicoprofen in the most effective way. If any other symptoms of withdrawal pop up, a doctor can help with those too. A detox should be comfortable, preparing you for rehab treatment. When you are detoxed and clear headed, you will be able to move on into the therapeutic part of treatment.

In rehab, you will learn more about your addiction and be taught you are not different. You will work with a therapist to get down to the root of your problem and work through those problems before you leave treatment so they do not arise again. You will also work with other people who are trying to recover which will show you that you are not alone in this journey and there are people just like you. Inpatient rehab is found most effective when trying to recover from all drugs and alcohol. – Learn More

Outpatient Vicoprofen Rehab

Outpatient programs are sometimes attended following a stay in an inpatient program, or as a stand-alone treatment. Outpatient treatment is typically reserved for people who have already detoxed off Vicoprofen and have stabilized. With this type of program, the individual is given more freedom and more responsibility. This works for some people but others would do better to start with an inpatient program.

Consult a medical professional to help you find the program that will work best for you. Outpatient programs often offer individual and group therapy. Individual therapy will be like inpatient in that the same therapeutic techniques are utilized. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a favorite of addiction therapists due to its effectiveness in treating the disease. Look for a program that offers family therapy. Family sessions allow the entire family unit to heal from the devastation and trauma that addiction often causes. Family members will have a chance to learn about the disease of addiction from those who studied the area for years.

Family support and encouragement is a huge bonus for anyone starting down the path to recovery. Finding a place that addresses the entire group is a plus. Most programs encourage concurrent 12-step meeting attendance, which is a good sign that the program is invested in its clients and aims to keep them accountable. 12-step meetings provide the support and guidance people need to find the better way of living. 12-step meetings exist across the globe and are a life-long, free source of continued support and comradery.

  • Will Outpatient Help my Vicoprofen Addiction?
    Just like inpatient, if you are willing to do what it takes to recover, outpatient rehab will help you learn how to live your life without Vicoprofen.
  • When Should I go to Outpatient Rehab?
    Following up your inpatient treatment with outpatient rehab can help provide you with a better chance at Vicoprofen recovery.