In Russia, Krokodil is estimated to kill 30,000 people each year.

Krododil users rarely live more than one year after taking it.

In 2011, over 65 million doses of Krokodil were seized within just three months.


Krokodil: The New Heroin on the Streets

NNever before has society seen such a devastating Designer Drug on the street market such as Krokodil. Gasoline, paint thinner, Codeine, Hydrochloric Acid, Iodine and Red Phosphorous from matchstick heads is the Heroin-like drug that is being manufactured in kitchens across continents. This drug is not developed by pharmaceuticals, nor is it found as a natural occurring plant. Krokodil is a yellow liquid with an astringent stink that is injected into flesh for a transient opiate like high. Interventions are often required as the user needs the drug every couple of hours and they are incoherent when under the influence.

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krokodil Rehab Treatment Programs

Detoxing from Krokodil

Severe pain from withdrawals can be debilitating and cause a great deal of suffering, which makes it quite easy for users to become both physically and psychologically dependent on Krokodil. Since this drug is entirely user made and distributed, authorities can only try to regulate the contents needed to cook this drug. Unfortunately, only two of the ingredients used to make it can be regulated which are Codeine and Hydrochloric Acid. The rest of the ingredients cannot be regulated as they are everyday household items and are easily accessible. Individuals who use Krokodil excessively will die.
Outpatient krokodil Rehab

Krokodil Abuse Rehab

People who use Krokodil need immediate intervention and must be taken to a residential treatment facility straight away. Considering the drug, the user will have to go through medically monitored detox, which will require strong tranquilizers, as the pain is enough to cause heart failure. Krokodil is the most addictive substance known to man, and the most difficult to cure. Those who do go through rehab and come out on the other side are often left with permanent problems, including a vacant gaze, speech impediment and erratic movements. An inpatient rehabilitation center is highly recommended as the withdrawals from Krokodil should be monitored to ensure no permanent damage to the body or brain.

Dangers of Krokodil Abuse

This means that people who uses Krokodil tend to get stuck in a perpetual cycle of making and using the drug just to keep up with their constant need to be high and avoid withdrawal. The only reason this drug is taken is for the euphoric feeling as everything else about the drug is extremely detrimental to the user’s health and gives them a life expectancy of 3 years’ maximum.


Effects of Krokodil

Signs and Symptoms

Common signs and symptoms of Krokodil addiction include:

  • Decrease in Overall Health
  • Poor Hygiene
  • Weight Loss
  • Lethargy
  • Inability to Remain Awake
  • High Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Dishonest and Secretive Behavior
  • Frequent Flu-like Symptoms
  • Isolation
  • Change in Behaviors

Short Term Effects

The effects of Krokodil are similar to Heroin but the resulting high lasts between 90 minutes to two hours. After injecting the drug, the user begins to feel lethargic and dizzy if they are standing. A euphoric feeling sweeps over the body and they are no longer coherent enough for daily activities, normal life responsibilities, or social interaction. It takes just half an hour to create a dosage.
Long Term Effects

  • Blood Vessel Damage
  • Skin and Soft Tissue Infections
  • Limb Amputations
  • Blood Poisoning
  • Rotting Gums & Tooth Loss
  • Bone Infections (Osteomyelitis)
  • Memory Loss and Impaired Concentration
  • Open Ulcers, Gangrene, Phlebitis
  • Skin Grafts/Surgery
  • Pneumonia
  • Meningitis
  • Blood-borne Virus Transmission
  • Speech and Motor Skills Impairment
  • Liver and Kidney Damage
  • Organ Failure
  • Overdose
  • Death



What is the Potential of Addiction to Krokodil?

Due to the Krokodil drug’s immediate onset of effects and short duration, frequent use is likely. Quick dependence and addiction may occur.

How is Krokodil Obtained?

Krokodil is an illicit drug mainly distributed through internet sources.

When did Krokodil Become a Threat?

Krokodil abuse first became known on an international level in the year 2002. In 2009, there was an increasing number of young adults reports to be abusing the drug.

Where is Krokodil Mainly Found?

In Russia the Heroin market is almost fully taken over by Krokodil and there are concerns that it will do the same in the United States.

How long is Inpatient Treatment for Krokodil?

Typically, inpatient treatment lasts for 30, 60 or 90 days. However, this time variation will depend on an individual’s overall condition. Since Krokodil is quick to result in death, inpatient treatment is needed and may last slightly longer than normal.



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krokodil withdrawal detox

Trying to Escape Death: Krokodil Withdrawals

Withdrawals from Krokodil can be excruciatingly uncomfortable for people who have been addicted to the drug for a long period of time. Withdrawal can last for up to a month. Withdrawals from this drug include

dangers of krokodil

Dangers of Krokodil Overdose

Due to Krokodil containing many unknown poisonous chemicals, overdose is a serious risk. Overdose effects of Krokodil is likely to vary, however a few of the presented symptoms are likely to include

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Best Treatment Centers

inpatient krokodil rehab

Inpatient Krokodil Rehab

An individual’s progress through treatment and their program is closely monitored and tailor made to help them recover. Professionals provide one on one therapy, group counseling, family support meetings, sponsors, after recovery programs, and inclusion in a sober living community filled with activities. Inpatient treatment removes the user from their environment that created the addiction and provides the attention and support the addict needs to get better. Insurance does cover this type of treatment as it is recommended for a full recovery. Inpatient rehab also works to treat the underlining cause of the addiction; psychological, history or environmental. This form of treatment has the best track record as it usually leads to lasting recovery.

outpatient krokodil rehab

Outpatient Krokodil Rehab

An outpatient program is where the clients travel to a clinic several times a week to take part in treatment sessions and then leave to maintain a normal living arrangement. This allows the patient to work, attend school or go about their life as normal. The problem is the addicted person is still exposed to the environment that contributed to their addiction to begin with. With strong will and the honest desire to kick the addiction, however, out-patient treatment can be successful. While this form of treatment isn’t for everyone it is often successful and has done wonders for thousands of people in your situation.

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traveling for treatmentTraveling: An Antidote for Krokodil Abuse

Krokodil is a drug on the streets that is cheaper than Heroin with similar effects. The drug is cooked on stove tops and mainly used intravenously. Millions of people are cooking and injecting themselves with this liquid death. The most commonly known side effect of this drug is flesh rotting from an individuals’ bones. If you are struggling with Krokodil addiction, get treatment immediately. The best way to get treatment in cases such as Krokodil is to remove yourself from your current environment. Traveling will remove you from your Krokodil supply and create a distance that will have great potential at saving your life.

krokodil handsHow Did Krokodil Get its Name?

Krokodil, is extremely dangerous and often times results in amputation of limbs and even death. Individuals who abuse Krokodil are known to show skin similar to a crocodile. The skin is usually discolored appearing green and black, this is due to infected near the site of injection. The drug damages soft issues and blood vessels. This type of skin injury develops into severe damage of tissue that leads to gangrene and thrombophlebitis. Krokodil developed its street name due to the death of human skin resembling that of a crocodile reptile.

Survivors of Substance Abuse

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deadliest drug krokodil
The Deadliest Designer Drug

This toxic chemical is called the zombie drug because it causes the flesh to decay where the person injects it. Krokodil is extremely dangerous as users only live for 1 to 3 years after becoming addicted to it. It gets its name from the effects it has on the skin. Users develop green, bumpy and scaly skin where it is injected. If a vein is missed and the drug gets into the flesh, an abscess will develop causing the flesh to decay to the bone. Heroin has been a long time problem in Russia, however, the drug is very expensive and many people have moved over to Krokodil to fulfill their need for the opiate like high.

krokodil fear
The Fear of Krokodil

The Krokodil drug epidemic does not just debilitate an individual’s body and mind. Krokodil is very powerful and can abruptly be the cause of a fatality, because of its corrosive nature. The potential of addiction to Krokodil is a high risk. Despite of the terrifying consequences, individuals who are addicted, are unlikely to survive this kind of drug use if it continues. As the society today is increasingly faced with many drug epidemics, local support is helpful to addressing issue. As well as supportive to saving the lives of those with the disease of addiction. Krokodil use appears to be on an incline because of high cost of pain relieving drugs such as, prescription opioids and Heroine. Another consequence of use is the spread of infectious disease, through sharing of needles.

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krokodil interventionConfronting a Loved One with a Serious Krokodil Addiction

This drug is very easy to abuse and highly addictive. Abusing Krokodil can cause changes in behavior and a social disconnection from everyone and everything not related to the drug. If some you love is using Krokodil, the style in which they are using is very quick and frequent This can create much difficulty with you stepping in and having an intervention. They still are your friend or family member, they’re just going through a rough patch and need your help and understanding. Krokodil is physically disabling and the user must get help right away as the life expectancy of an individual addicted to Krokodil is less than 3 years.

creation of krokodilKrokodil in The Making

The drug was synthesized in the United States in 1932. The medical name for Krokodil is Desomorphine (dihydrodesoxymorphine-D or Dihydrodesoxymorphine). It produces a strong pain reliving and sedating effect due to it being a synthetic morphine derivative. However, its potency is close to ten time more powerful than Morphine. After several studies this drug was found to be insufficient for treatments, due to a short duration of pain relief. Due to there being no acceptable medical use of Desomorphine, it has been highly controlled in the U.S. since 1936. The illicit manufacturing of Krokodil is similar to the making of Methamphetamine. Illicit creation of Desomorphine is extremely impure and highly contaminated by various toxic chemicals. Desomorphine manipulated in this way has earned its street name of Krokodil.

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