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Dangers of Bath Salts Abuse

Bath Salts are synthetic cathinones. Synthetic cathinones are a drug class that have usually more than one man-made is the name given to synthetic cathinones, a class of drugs that have one or more chemicals that are like cathinone and are man-made. Cathinone is a natural stimulant originally found in the plant Khat, which is grown in southern Arabia and east Africa.

According to SAMHSA, Bath Salts, being the man-made version of cathinones are much stronger than the natural plant derivative and are known to be highly dangerous. Bath Salts are commonly brown or white crystalized powder. The man-made drug is sold in foil packages or small plastic bags usually labeled with, “Not for Human Consumption.”

Bath Salts are known to be sold through online routes as well as in drug stores such as smoke shops. Sometimes in order to avoid detection from law enforcement, the drugs are sold as plant food or phone screen cleaner. Individuals who take Bath Salts often experience extreme sweating nausea and nosebleeds, but that is not all there are much more serious effects that accompany Bath Salt abuse.

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Street Names for Bath Salts

Bath Salts are a man-made designer drug that can be identified under different terms. The commonly known street names used in referring to Bath Salts include, but are not limited to: Bloom, Cloud Nine, Vanilla Sky, Red Dove, Scarface, Blue silk, Zoom, Ivory Wave, Purple Wave, White Lightning.

Bath Salts Effects

The effects produced by abuse of Bath Salts often last for three or four hours. The effects most often include rapid increase in blood pressure as well as heartbeat. Consuming Bath Salts in high amounts have been known to cause long lasting and intense panic attacks. As Bath Salts contain stimulant properties, the drug is disrupting to sleeping schedules and becoming sleep deprived is a normal occurrence. When sleep deprivation takes place, an individual may experience psychosis stemming from being deprived of rest. The most known effect next to agitation, energy and nervousness is addiction. Addiction can happen to anyone, so any kind of drug abuse will put an individual at an increased risk of developing the disease. The most harmful effect of Bath Salt abuse is death.

See the reality of bath salts, watch Bath Salts Drug Abuse Stories & Recovery.

Warning signs of Bath Salts abuse in a loved one

If you believed that your loved one may be abusing Bath Salts it may be difficult for to identify signs of addiction or dependence. There are a few warning signs to be aware of if you believe your loved one is living with addiction to Bath Salts. Being suspicious of a loved one is certainly not a comfortable feeling, so if your loved one is presently displaying any of these symptoms and signs, he or she may be abusing or addicted to Bath Salts.

Has a loved one began to act out in anxious or even jittery behaviors? Severe stints of paranoia, agitation, depression, panic attacks become paramount in his or her daily living? If any of these signs sound familiar to you, your loved one may be dealing with a Bath Salt addiction.

Have you noticed differences in your loved one’s appetite, has he or she loss the feeling of needing food? Or has your loved one been struggling with insomnia, nausea, seizure, motor skill impairment, or even an increase in heart rate? If so, your loved one may be abusing Bath Salts.

Has your loved one started to display erratic or bizarre behaviors, often resulting from hallucinations? Has he or she begun to act in a violent and self-mutilating manner? If any of these signs are prevalent is your loved one’s life, he or she may have an addiction to Bath Salts.

Factual Dangers: Bath Salts

Addiction is unpleasant and harmful to all aspects of a person’s life, including mental, physical and emotional health. In addition to internal aspects, addiction causes destruction of lifestyle, relationships with friends and family, career goals, dreams, desires and anyone can increase the list. Getting educated on the designer drug, Bath Salts will help you be prepared when it comes time to help get your loved one out of addiction.

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True Stories of Addiction: Ayden’s Story of Recovery

Ayden fell in love with a drug that is very similar to Bath Salts but didn’t realize it was going to destroy his life. It took Ayden a while but he fought his addiction and made it out on top. – View all episodes now

Bath Salt Rehab Treatment

For those who are suffering with an addiction to Bath Salts, you can find the help you need at recovery centers all over the country. You are not alone in your addiction and there is help available. All you must do is reach out and ask for help. If your addiction to Bath Salts has gone too far we can help you find a recovery program that’s right for you.

Bath Salts have been proven to as more addictive than Crystal Meth, one of the most addictive drugs on the illicit market. The primary goals for Bath Salt addiction treat are to help an individual get through his or her addiction, provide relapse prevention and encourage life lasting recovery. This is typically accomplished through an inpatient program, which has a high rating for a successful recovery.

The most successful treatment programs tend to be tailored for the individual’s specific needs. In general, programs last from approximately 28 to 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and sometime longer. There is hope. Although the road to recovery may be long and sometimes painful, there is help for dependence and many individuals with Bath Salt addiction have achieved lasting recovery. In treatment, you will learn what addiction does to the brain. On top of the education portion, treatment provides individual and group therapy to help unmask any difficulties that may be worsening the addiction. – Learn More

Bath Salt Detox Treatment

In addition to being extremely toxic to almost every system within the human body, Bath Salts have the power to cause serious mental and physical damage. During addiction, it is common to consume numerous unknown chemicals that are harmful to one’s health. This is where the detoxification stage comes in.

During the detox portion of treatment an individual will allow his or her body to undergo withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms happen with trying to break the physical dependence to Bath Salts and other substances. It is highly recommended that you undergo your detox cycle in an inpatient detox facility so that you can have constant medical assistance. Altogether detoxing your body does affect an individual mind and is often ineffective in addition to unsafe when done without the help of medical assistance.

Withdrawal from Bath Salts can come in many different forms because the chemical mixture tends to vary and most addicts are using it with a combination of other drugs. It’s recommended that addicts detox in a facility where they can be monitored and given medications to lessen the withdrawal symptoms. The most common withdrawal symptoms for Bath Salts are: depression, anxiety, fatigue, loss of sleep and violent behavior. – Learn More

Addiction to Bath Salt

When an individual uses Bath Salts or any other mind altering drugs, the drugs are likely to alter his or her chemical make-up and brain chemistry entirely. An individual’s brain chemistry changes because of a rewiring process. When drugs such as Bath Salts that affect the brains dopamine production are taken or abused the drug sends signals to the brain’s circuit system that causes it to rewire.

When the brain rewires, it does such in the portion of the brain that is located where the brain holds the instinctual needs for basic human survival Addiction to Bath Salts often consumes all stability or balance that an individual may have had prior to becoming addicted.

The widespread brain change is irreversible and the damages caused by Bath Salt abuse will continue to worsen over time if help is not sought. Bath Salt addiction is harmful to an individual’s body as well as the mind. The psychological and physical impact caused by abuse of the drug certainly makes recovery challenging, especially if attempted without professional help. The degree of pain that addiction afflicts on individuals around the world is devastating. Fighting back against addiction requires education and understanding. Addiction is a disease of the mind and recovery is possible. Don’t let Bath Salt addiction take away another day of your life, get help today.

Bath Salt Dependency

Becoming dependent of Bath Salts can happen to anyone. Individuals who abuse Bath Salts regularly are at risk of developing a tolerance to the drugs. Developing a tolerance takes place when an individual finds him or herself needing to take more of the drug to achieve the same effects that he or she initially experienced.

Ultimately, Bath Salt dependence leads to addiction and becomes a priority over all else in one’s life. Once an individual is addicted to Bath Salts, it is not easy to get away from. Addiction is a disease that centers in a person’s brain. When the disease of addiction forms, an individual’s brain chemistry changes as the brain re-wires itself completely. When psychological dependence, also known as addiction becomes an issue, an individual will experience an unbreakable urge and undeniable craving to abuse Bath Salts.

Physical dependence of Bath Salts is also accompanied by withdrawal symptoms. When an individual is not able to meet the body’s required amount to achieve the same high or euphoric effect, the physiological system may begin to withdrawal from not having enough of the drug to function. Bath Salt withdrawal symptoms have the potential of fatality and permanent damage to the brain and physical system. If you or a loved one is dependent on Bath Salts, we encourage you to seek medical assistance to ensure a safe period of withdrawal.

Intervention for Bath Salts Abuse

If a loved one is using or abusing Bath Salts, then you should consider stepping in soon and hold an intervention. An intervention for Bath Salt abuse is often a gathering of friends and family that is best led by a professional interventionist to address an individual’s drug abuse and addiction. An intervention is used to impress upon the individual the reasons why he or she should seek help for the disease of addiction.

Before planning an intervention, conducting a pre-interview with the interventionist is most ideal. If you are unable to find an interventionist close to you, we are always able to assist you in any way necessary. A main component to ensuring an effective intervention is having a loving, caring and supportive atmosphere for the place of the intervention. The overall goal of an intervention is simple. An intervention is staged to get your loved one into treatment for his or her addiction.

Many individuals who suffer from a Bath Salt addiction do not realize that their drug use may be taking a toll on more people than just them. Staging an intervention can be a great way to show your loved one that their drug abuse has gotten out of hand and the individuals who care about them want to see them get the help they need. Too many individual’s do not get professional help with a Bath Salt addiction because they think that they will have to go through the dreadful process alone. Show your loved one that you will help them fight back against their addiction by setting up an intervention to show your undeniable support. – Learn More

Recovery from Bath Salts Abuse

Recovery from Bath Salt abuse will begin with getting treatment in rehab. Rehab targets the psychological and physiological aspects that are necessary for one’s mind and body to be healthy and well. When starting his or her recovery from Bath Salt addiction, an individual will go through detox and experience withdrawal symptoms.

Having medical assistance is vital when the experiencing the varying degree of withdrawal symptoms. After being safely detoxed with the help of medical staff, an individual will be ready and able to proceed in the treatment process for the remaining time in rehab. An individual’s recovery process will be supervised with continual peer support and assistance. Having peer support who understand what it is like to have to endure rehab with detox and treatment is beyond helpful and adds to the treatments overall success. Treatment teams and staff persons have a purpose of providing an overall healing and safe treatment stint along with a similar atmosphere.

Overall, during the recovery process an individual with go through the physical stage of detoxification, the mental stabilizing portion and the behavioral component in treatment. All these aspects of treatment aim to recover the brain to normalized functioning, which often takes months to even years but it is necessary for a successful life in recovery. Rehab treatment for Bath Salt abuse offers a way into recovery from the disease of addiction. You are not alone in your fight against addiction to Bath Salts.

Dangers of Bath Salts Overdose

Understanding that the synthetically made designer drug, Bath Salts is like poison to the body is not enough. When addicted to or abusing Bath Salts individuals are at a high risk of overdose. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in 2011, over 23,000 visits were made to the Emergency room because of Bat Salt abuse. While nearly 12,000 of the individuals admitted to the emergency room had a diagnosis of poly-drug use, using Bath Salt in combination with other drugs.

Abuse of Bath Salts has not been able to be fully understood, as it is synthetically made and the intoxicants are ever changing and unknown. However, there have been reports of case studies from the National Institute of Health that have determined severe alteration in behavior and thought processes. There is potential for overdose happening at any time with Bath Salts are consumed. This is due to the unknown contaminants and purity on both the buyer and the sellers level. Receiving the same drug and dosage when purchasing Bath Salts is seemingly impossible, as the variety of Bath Salts is ever changing and frequently different.

The best preventative measure for Bath Salt overdose is abstinence and not to consume Bath Salts of any kind at any time. However, if an individual is overdosing on Bath Salts it is likely that he or she will experience extreme suicidal thoughts, psychosis, dysphoria, hot flashes, mild fever, unpredictable behaviors, hypothermia, violent actions, and hallucinations. – Learn More

Bath Salt Use, Abuse and Dependency

Bath Salts are not to be confused with the Bath Salts you put in your bath tub – this is not bath time. Bath Salts is a designer drug that belongs to a family of drugs containing one or more synthetic chemicals related to the substance cathinone. Cathinone is an Amphetamine-like stimulant that is found naturally in the Khat plant. Bath Salts typically take the form of a white or brown crystalline powder and are sold in small plastic or foil packages labeled not for human consumption. Typically Bath Salts are consumed by being taken orally, inhaled and even injected.

The worst degree of outcomes reported are associated with snorting and intravenously abusing the drug. Bath Salts are a powder-like substance containing man-made chemicals often described as fake Cocaine. Though the DEA has tried to stop the production of Bath Salts, the chemical compound is simply changed to something that isn’t illegal and is sold until the DEA catches on to the new compound. As time goes on and the synthetic drug is repeatedly altered, the effects of the drug on the body become worse. Even though on the street it’s considered a fake Cocaine, in many ways Bath Salts are more addictive and harsher on an individual’s body especially when he or she is addicted. Some known effects of Bath Salt use abuse and dependency are agitation, chest pain, hallucinations and paranoia among many others.

Individuals who are dependent on Bath Salts have been reported to commit extreme acts of violence against themselves and other people. Acts of violence with individuals who use Bath Salts is not a certainty. However, when erratic behavior begins the insane thoughts, behaviors and absolute instability are known to last days following when the individuals desired high has come to an end. The physical side effects that Bath Salt abuse has on an individual’s body is severe and even sometime fatal.

More specifically, Bath Salts affect an individual’s overall physiological wellness. The physiological effects that take place with Bath Salt dependence are often among the respiratory, gastrointestinal cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system. There has been scientific research that proves a deep connection between the drug abuse, including Bath Salts and adverse health effects on adpersons cardiovascular system. Health issues affecting the cardiovascular system often result in heart palpitations and even strokes or heart attacks.

Bath Salts also have the potential to cause adverse effects on a person’s gastrointestinal system, which ultimately increases the chance of liver damage. As with many other drugs, Bath Salts harm the musculoskeletal system, causing an overall weakness of muscles and even severe cramping. If an individual abuses Bath Salts intravenously, he or she is at risk for contracting a serious infectious disease such as HIV or hepatitis.

Many people understand what it is like to live with an addiction and dependence to Bath Salts and other drugs. In the same thought, many people who once struggled with the disease of addiction and Bath Salt abuse are in recovery from addiction today and are living happy, successful lives.

If you or a loved one is living with a dependence and or addiction to Bath Salts, reclaiming your life and your power over your decisions is possible. We understand that this may seem intimidating, especially if you are just now becoming aware of the different and available treatment options. However, the resources to get the help needed for you or your loved one is just a few clicks or call away. Getting treatment for Bath Salt addiction is one of the only proven effective methods to recovery from a disease that have taken control over an individual’s life. Asking for help is by no means easy and our society today has conditioned us to do everything on our own. Maintaining the thinking process and habit of being unable to ask for help is only self-defeating and harmful when it comes to medical diseases, such as the disease of addiction. It takes much courage and strength to seek help in times of crisis, that is why we are here to help you and your loved one in any way we can. Living a happy life in recovery from Bath Salt addiction, abstinence is only the first step.

Just being abstinent from Bath Salts and other drugs does not fix the underlying issues that have become the fuel to an individual’s Bath Salt addiction. Having a long-lasting and successful recovery from Bath Salt dependence and addiction an individual’s health will be of paramount importance followed by the balance of one’s overall life including the internal and external components. Reach out and get the help necessary for you or your loved one to achieve recovery from addiction and stop Bath Salts from destroying the cherished people and things in life.

Family Therapy

Destruction of relations with family and friends is perhaps one of deepest and unsettling aspects of the disease of addiction. It can be hard to get and stay sober, but it can be even harder to do so when you feel as if you have little no support from those who love you. Family therapy provides a critical part in the rehab proves for Bath Salt addiction. Family is one of the most important aspects that factor into the recovery process from an individual’s addiction to Bath Salts. Many modern rehab centers offer family therapy sessions so that clients and their families can rebuild their relationships.

Friends and family members don’t always understand what you must go through. In family therapy, you can get your side of the story across to them so that they can better support you on your journey to stay sober the rest of your life. You and your family have probably been through a lot because of substance abuse problems, but there are ways to comeback from it. A lot of family therapy also includes education to help your family to understand addiction, and exactly why you couldn’t just stop.

Part of getting help is the therapeutic aspect of treatment. In treatment centers today, family therapy is often offered and encouraged. Therapy for you and your family can help heal broken confidence while promoting understanding and assist in rebuilding bridges commonly burned down by addiction. You and your family will not only receive closure, but develop a greater understand for the disease of addiction as well.

Danger of Synthetic Drugs

According to NIDA, Bath Salts are commonly known as “plant foods” containing a variety of active ingredients. The active ingredients found to date have been encountered is samples from seizes products of the synthetic drugs. A few of the chemicals in which Bath Salts as derived are mephedrone, methylone, butylone and MDPV. When any of these drugs are ingested, inhaled, smoked, snorted or injected they produced stimulating effects in addition to other psychoactive effects. These synthetic cathinones are derived from many different compounds and altered to be like alternative drugs that are controlled within the United states and other places such as Amphetamine, Cocaine and Ecstasy.

The amount of Emergency room visits across the US regarding Bath Salt abuse is high and certainly alarming. Moreover, individuals who abuse Bath Salts have reported strong cravings to continuing abusing and obtain more of the drug. When consuming the drug of a frequent basis a usual occurrence that goes alongside intense cravings, an individual is likely to be tolerant, dependent and undergo serious symptoms of withdrawal when ceasing use of Bath Salts.

However the data shows that exposures to the synthetic cathinones, Bath Salts have been seen in diverse range of ages, some younger than age 6 and even older than 59. Throughout the U.S. from 2010 to 2013, the exposures to Bath Salts were mainly found in the Southwest and Midwest regions of the country at approximately 64 percent.

True Stories of Addiction: Andres’ Struggle with Drugs

Andres followed in his older brother’s footsteps since he could remember. His older brother would take Andres to parties and get him drunk when he was just five years old. Andres was introduced to the party life at a young age and had no intention of turning his life around. It wasn’t until he was introduced to a drug like Bath Salts that he thought partying was a problem. He kept abusing the drug that is similar to Bath Salts and ended up homeless and alone. He got into some trouble with the law and his probation officer helped him fight through his addiction.

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Inpatient Bath Salts Rehab

When deciding on treatment for you or a loved one, there are a few types of programs available to choose from. If able to take time away from daily responsibilities, to focus on healing and recovery from addiction, inpatient treatment is the number one recommendation. Inpatient treatment has been proven as the most effective in tackling the disease of addiction.

The length of stay in inpatient treatment usually depends on the person and his or her specific needs. Research has found that long-term treatment programs provide a potentially more effective outcome than short-term inpatient treatment programs do. However, shorter-term inpatient programs are much more common. Whether you yourself are dealing with a personal addiction or you are looking for solutions for a loved one, it is important for you to understand that you are not alone. there is hope for individuals suffering from Bath Salt addiction, as well as for their families.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of treatment options available to you or your loved one. The most important thing is that the individual dependent on Bath Salts gets the help he or she needs and has the tools remain in recovery after treatment. Inpatient treatment programs offer high recovery rates because the programs address the underlying causes of your addiction. In an inpatient facility, you will have medical assistance around-the-clock. Inpatient keeps clients safe and comfortable throughout their entire time in rehabilitation. Sober living accommodations are also presented and offered to an individual while in rehab, with most inpatient programs. – Learn More

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient programs allow individuals to go about their lives as normal while they work their program; going to work, attending school or even going out with friends. Standard outpatient treatment programs provide services falling below inpatient level of care. However, outpatient programs do provide services for those who need treatment for Bath Salt addiction and addiction to other substances as well as for co-occurring disorders.

Often individuals who attend outpatient do not still have the need to take part in a medically assisted detox process. Outpatient treatment programs serve as an alternative to inpatient and residential treatments. Outpatient programs are usually designed to assist in helping individuals with psycho-social services, as well as working on stress reduction and coping skills. Another main component of outpatient programs is relapse prevention.

Outpatient treatment provides education alongside individual and group level counseling services. If inpatient treatment is not an option for you consider joining an outpatient program to curb Bath Salt abuse and addiction. There are a lot of outpatient programs and all of them are a little different from one another. Some can be little more than basic counseling and others can be very intense. Many more tie-in with sober living houses for extra structure. Outpatient programs tend to be a more affordable form of treatment for individuals who have a substance abuse problem with Bath Salts. It is important to remember that any help is good help. – Learn More