ComPsych Insurance Coverage for Alcohol and Drug Rehab

ComPsych Coverage For Addiction Rehabilitation Services

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If you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem, you will need treatment in order to better your life. Rehabilitation, otherwise known as, rehab, always starts with a period of detox, which is when your body rids itself of all the remaining toxins from the substance that is being abused. If your medical insurance carrier is ComPsych, 80 percent of your detox costs will be covered if you opt for hospitalization with an in network provider. Should you go to an out of network provider, they will still cover 60% of the cost. Before you can be admitted and have your treatment paid for, you must speak to the a representative of the Member Assistance Program at ComPsych to receive pre-approval. Without that, you will have to pay for the full cost of detox yourself.

ComPsych Insurance Coverage for Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Detox is only the first part of your journey towards leading a clean, sober, happy, and healthy life; the second part is to go through rehab. The various insurance plans that ComPsych offers will also cover the cost of rehab, however, this treatment must be pre-approved. In case of outpatient rehab or hospitalization, they will cover 80 percent of the fees for in network providers, and 60 percent if you choose to go to an out of network provider. ComPsych will usually also require you to attend five counseling sessions, which are offered for free with a counselor from ComPsych itself, who will determine your personal need for treatment.

How Long Will ComPsych Cover Your Rehab?

Since different people require different types of treatment, and for varying lengths of time, ComPsych has not put a maximum on how long you can stay in rehab. They will follow the recommendations of their counselor after they have seen you five times. Your counseling sessions are completely confidential and discreet, and what is discussed during your time will be between your counselor and yourself.

ComPsych has put some guidelines in place. If you were to attend hospital or private inpatient services, the carrier will generally cover 180 calendar days in every year, but they have not put a recommended maximum on outpatient services. They have placed maximum dollar amounts on how much treatment you can receive. Exactly how much that dollar amount will depend on your plan, and how many counseling sessions that will translate will depend on which provider you go to and what their fees are.

ComPsych and Specialty Drug and Alcohol Treatment

You may feel that you require executive or luxury treatment. This is common in people who are in the public eye, or those who have executive jobs. ComPsych will not provide you with coverage for these types of facilities, as they do not class it as a medical necessity. This should not stop you from going to specialty treatment if you feel that is what you require to become better.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to choose a facility that meets your needs. The cost should only be secondary to that. Having the right amenities at your disposal can literally mean the difference between having many relapses and lifelong sobriety. Before you even start to look at what your insurance package does and does not cover, you should start by searching for a facility that meets the needs of your particular addiction and your personality.

ComPsych Insurance Coverage for Inpatient and Outpatient Services

ComPsych insurance packages covers both inpatient (residential) and outpatient services, so long as they are recommended by their counselor. If you choose a provider within the ComPsych network, 80 percent of the fees will be covered, versus 60 percent for an out of network provider. Your ComPsych plan will also cover the fees for intensive treatment and outpatient testing at the same percentage of costs.

How to Pay for the Rest

Even if you have ComPsych insurance, you will still have to pay towards your treatment as well. Exactly how much will depends on a variety of factors, such as your plan, the treatment facility that you are going to, the type of treatment you want to receive, how long you need treatment, whether you will need medication, and so on. It is important that you properly prepare yourself for the bill that is to come. What sets ComPsych apart is the five counseling sessions you have to have before you can go to rehab. This means that you will be aware of the recommendations of the counselor, which in turn means that you will know how long you will be in treatment for and what type of treatment you will require. If nothing else, it will enable you to know before you go how much you will need to pay.

Even if you find that you don’t have the financial means to pay for addiction treatment, don’t let that stop you from going to rehab. There are numerous solutions out there for people just like you, including:

  • Enrolling in a sliding scale payment plan with the treatment facility
  • Asking your bank for a loan
  • Finding a treatment loan
  • Looking for grants or sponsorships
  • Selling assets
  • Borrowing from friends and family members

Finding the Best Treatment with ComPsych Insurance

If you want to be successful in your journey to recovery, you must find the right treatment facility for your needs. Without that, you will not be successful on your path to recovery. It can be frustrating to truly get to grips with what ComPsych will and will not cover. When you go to your five counseling sessions, do make sure that you speak to the counselor about this. You can also ask the treatment centers that you are interested in to perform an insurance check. This is confidential, no obligation, and completely free, and will tell you exactly how much you will have to pay should you go to the facility that performed the check for you. By calling (866) 578-7471 you can determine what your insurance plan covers to make a decision on how you will proceed with your rehabilitation.