Last Edited: March 17, 2020

Patricia Howard, LMFT, CADC

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Community Healthcore
425 South Main Street, Longview TX, 75601
Community Healthcore (Kirkpatrick Family Center) located at 425 South Main Street, Longview, TX 75601, United States is a drug treatment program providing substance abuse treatment with residential short-term treatment and residential long-term treatment. Pregnant or postpartum women, women, and bed
Woodbine Treatment Center
103 Woodbine Place, Longview TX, 75601
Woodbine Treatment Center (Sabine Valley Center) located at 103 Woodbine Place, Longview, TX 75601, United States is an alcohol treatment center providing substance abuse treatment, detoxification, and buprenorphine used in drug treatment with outpatient care. Pregnant or postpartum women, women, an
Longview Wellness Inc
1205 East Marshall Avenue, Longview TX, 75601
In Longview, TX, Longview Wellness Inc provides Outpatient programs with Services for the deaf and hard of hearing. Fundamentally focusing on General health services, they treat patients who need Substance abuse treatment. Specialized programs or groups are also implemented which are exclusive to
Community Healthcore
950 North 4th Street, Longview TX, 75601
In Longview, TX, Community Healthcore segments their treatment services based on Mix of Mental Health and Substance Abuse within a Outpatient. The segmented services encompass Substance abuse treatment. Programs and groups are organized to provide structured therapy to Persons with co-occurring me
Community Healthcore
425 South Main, Longview TX, 75601
Located in Longview, TX, Community Healthcore facilitates Long-term residential treatment programs that specialize in Substance Abuse Treatment Services. Their services include Substance abuse treatment. Community Healthcore also runs special, therapy programs and groups that treat Persons with co