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16872 E Ave of the Fountains, Fountain Hills AZ, 85268
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Successful treatment outcomes require a unique blend of collaboration between the client and the treatment team. This treatment approach matches the strengths from both client and staff to formulate a workable plan for recovery. Fountain Hills Recovery has designed treatment milestones that result in continual progress for every Fountain Hills client.Our admissions process begins with developing a clear understanding of every client’s current situation. Upon completion of the initial assessment the client and primary therapist collaborate to develop a comprehensive treatment plan to address and resolve issues that have had a negative impact on clients and their families. Our approach is client centered. The approach engages the client and the family to create a plan for a life free from the bondage of addiction. This dynamic approach encourages enhanced communication between client and family members.Fountain Hills Recovery utilizes a group format to maximize inclusion, shame reduction, and self-acceptance. Experience has shown that powerful personal transformation is a common occurrence simply by sharing with others who are experiencing similar life adversity. Fountain Hills Recovery promotes group involvement as well as individual treatment to heal from the long-term effects of an addictive lifestyle. We believe that self-acceptance and self-forgiveness are essential first steps to recovery. Fountain Hills Recovery uses a variety of therapeutic approaches to maximize the opportunity for long term sobriety.Fountain Hills Recovery therapeutic process includes: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Group Therapy, EMDR, Family Therapy, Equine Therapy, Adventure Therapy, and Relapse Prevention.This methodology increases the probability of a positive long term outcome for the individual. Fountain Hills Recovery is medically supervised by a board certified physician.The collaboration of medical supervision, proven therapeutic techniques, and the passion and experience of dedicated staff, helps to facilitate awareness, personal growth and long term sobriety.
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Fountain Hills Recovery
16872 E Ave of the Fountains, Fountain Hills AZ, 85268
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Fountain Hills Recovery Logo

Fountain Hills Recovery

16872 E Ave of the Fountains, Fountain Hills AZ, 85268

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