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1818 College Dr, Meridian MS, 39307
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The Adult Male Chemical Dependency Service Unit adheres to the Disease Concept of Addiction and provides a 28 day detoxification, stabilization and psycho-educational program. The Unit staff consists of educated, dedicated, experienced individuals who have a strong desire to help enable each individual receiving services served to become all that he can be through the establishment and maintenance of a chemical-free lifestyle. The staff of the Adult Male Chemical Dependency Service Unit provides diagnostic evaluation and a short-term (28 days) treatment program for males 18 years of age and above who have a substantial substance abuse/dependence disorder. The program provides a safe environment, emphasizes personal responsibility, promotes methods of self-control, and increases coping skills which enables the individuals to function appropriately in a normal community environment. Individualized treatment is provided and is based on diagnostic assessments of the individual's needs and addresses the symptoms that require him to be hospitalized. Treatment supports the dignity and self-worth of the individual receiving services and his family/significant other and uses the most effective and efficient methods to facilitate a reduction of symptoms while considering the individuals/family/significant other's resources and cultural and religious views toward different treatment modalities.
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East Mississippi State Hospital
1818 College Dr, Meridian MS, 39307
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