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1220 Jefferson St, Laurel MS, 39440
South Central Recovery Center is a hospital-based alcohol and drug dependency facility. It is conveniently located on the third floor of South Central Regional Medical Center. The inpatient unit treats alcohol and drug dependent individuals and offers services so each person’s needs can be met. The facility offers a therapeutic setting in which the patients enjoy private rooms, comfortable therapy rooms, dining and community rooms. It is staffed by qualified and certified medical and clinical personnel ensuring that each patient receives quality care. It also presents a relaxed and therapeutic environment, ensuring that the patient’s needs for privacy and safety are met. South Central Recovery Center, Alcohol and Drug Dependency Unit offers primary treatment for the disease of chemical dependency. We believe that addiction to alcohol, cocaine, prescription drugs, etc. is a chronic, progressive disease which renders the individual physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually dysfunctional. South Central Regional Medical Center offers an introduction to the recovery process in a structured, drug-free environment.
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South Central Recovery Center
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1220 Jefferson St, Laurel MS, 39440
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