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Last Edited: July 30, 2020

Patricia Howard, LMFT, CADC

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Edward Jamison, MS, CAP, ICADC, LADC

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These days, an Opioid addiction frequently leads to overdose and death. The National Institute of Drug Abuse estimates around 2.5 million Americans have a substance abuse disorder related to prescription Opioids or Heroin.

The steady increase in overdose deaths related to Opioids has caused overdose deaths to surpass car accidents and gun-related deaths as the number cause of accidental death in the United States. Opioid addiction has put the country in a state of crisis. The remedy most often utilized is Buprenorphine containing medication assisted detox.

Buprenorphine is an Opioid medication that helps prevent the onset of Opioid withdrawal symptoms without the euphoric effects that typical Opioids create. Individuals who are addicted to Opioids are commonly prescribed such prescription medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms while allowing the individual a clear mind for therapy, work and other responsibilities.

Buprenorphine detox is intended to be used as a taper and for short-term use. Some people do, however, use the drug for long-term management of addiction symptoms. Ideally, Buprenorphine should be started to prevent detox symptoms then slowly tapered down until the individual is free of the original Opioids and the Buprenorphine.

Best Buprenorphine Detox Centers

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2960 Rodeo Park Drive West
Santa Fe NM 87505
Presbyterian Medical Services (Santa Fe Community Guidance Center) located at 2960 Rodeo Park Drive West, Santa Fe, NM 87505, United States is an alco...
601 Snow Peak Lane
Lafayette CO 80026
Rose Transition Home LLC in Lafayette, CO is a Mix of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Rose Transition Home LLC provides Substance abuse treatment,...
25 Kessel Court
Madison WI 53711
Gateway Recovery (Madison) located at 25 Kessel Court, Madison, WI 53711, United States is a drug rehab facility providing substance abuse treatment a...
210 North Ashland Avenue
Chicago IL 60607
Healthcare Alternative Systems Inc (210 North Ashland Avenue) located at 210 North Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60607, United States is a drug treatmen...
8311 A and B Preston Highway
Louisville KY 40219
Interlink Counseling Services Inc (Louisville) located at 8311 A and B Preston Highway, Louisville, KY 40219, United States is a drug treatment center...
479 Thomas Jones Way
Exton PA 19341
Center for Addictive Diseases (Exton) located at 479 Thomas Jones Way, Exton, PA 19341, United States is a drug treatment facility providing substance...
240 Fitzwatertown Road
Willow Grove PA 19090
Providing Substance abuse treatment, Detoxification, Buprenorphine used in treatment, Malvern Institute is a Substance Abuse Treatment Services in Wil...
1852 West Grand Boulevard
Detroit MI 48208
Self Help Addiction Rehab (SHAR) (Main) located at 1852 West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, MI 48208, United States is a drug rehab program providing subst...
8806 Dove Drive
Bel Alton MD 20611
In Bel Alton, MD, Jude House Inc provides Short-term residential, Long-term residential programs with Services for the deaf and hard of hearing. Fund...
351 East Temple Street
Los Angeles CA 90012
Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic (Drug Dependence Treatment Program) located at 351 East Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States is a dr...
300 Longwood Avenue
Boston MA 2115
Childrens Hospital Pediatric Assoc (Adolescent Substance Abuse Program) located at 300 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA 02115, United States is a drug reha...
3001 Green Bay Road
North Chicago IL 60064
Addiction Treatment Program-Atp (North Chicago) located at 3001 Green Bay Road, North Chicago, IL 60064, United States is a drug treatment facility pr...
1 Bronze Pointe Boulevard
Belleville IL 62226
In Belleville, IL, Gateway Foundation Alcohol and focuses on the treatment of Substance Abuse Treatment Services. Providing Outpatient, they offer S...
800 North Kings Highway
Cherry Hill NJ 8034
Located in Cherry Hill, NJ, Malvern Institute Cherry Hill is a Mix of Mental Health and Substance Abuse providing Substance abuse treatment, Detoxific...
619 Civic Center Drive
Vista CA 92083
In Vista, CA, Choices in Recovery segments their treatment services based on Substance Abuse Treatment Services within a Long-term residential. The s...
7100 West Camino Real
Boca Raton FL 33433
Lifeskills of Boca Raton (Boca Raton) located at 7100 West Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL 33433, United States is an alcohol treatment program providing ...
48 Free Street
Portland ME 4101
Located in Portland, ME, Behavioral Health Resources of Maine maintains their focus on Mix of Mental Health and Substance Abuse within a Outpatient pr...
250 Seymour Avenue
Derby CT 6418
Griffin Hospital (Chemical Dependency Service) located at 250 Seymour Avenue, Derby, CT 06418, United States is an alcohol treatment program providing...
3947 Salisbury Road
Jacksonville FL 32216
Wekiva Springs (Jacksonville) located at 3947 Salisbury Road, Jacksonville, FL 32216, United States is a drug rehab facility providing substance abuse...
72 Jaques Avenue
Worcester MA 1610
Community Healthlink Inc (Wore Community Housing Program) located at 72 Jaques Avenue, Worcester, MA 01610, United States is a drug rehab center provi...
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