Sober Birthday Recovery From Addiction

Some people love to celebrate their birthday, others hate announcing another year of wrinkles, aching back pains and the thought of their eye sight or hearing going out. But celebrating a sober birthday is completely the opposite of a normal birthday.

In the sober community, a person’s “belly button” day, aka the day they were born, is not as important as their sober birthday. A birthday represents the day they came into this world, born with expectations of learning to walk, getting good grades in school, and ultimately becoming an outstanding citizen that pays taxes and roots for the home team. From the day you were born, you will only get older and your body will change until it begins to decay away to complete the circle of life that is mortality.

One’s sober birthday is completely the opposite, it is the day they put the bottle down, flushed the drugs, walked away from the dealer empty handed; it is the day they freed themselves from the drug that enslaved them. The day they rose from the ashes of their drug influenced life.

A sober birthday is a conscious decision that an addict made to live a better life than a life of fix after fix. Their decision empowered them to find a life worth living on their own terms rather than the drug that governed so much of their existence.

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  1. Society shouldn’t knock sober celebrations. It marks progress of healing and freedom for many. Instead of encouraging excessive drinking, we should be encouraging willpower and self-control. This is one step. 🙂

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