REAP – Guardian Angels For Addicts

d2r.angels.2Within some point of an addict’s life, there comes a point in time where the negative consequences of their use becomes extensive enough that there is a notable need for change. When this realization is made, time becomes crucial for any individual hoping to regain control of their lives.

There are several programs in place that strive to reach people within this paramount window of time. One organization known as Rapid Evaluation Appropriate Placement (REAP) provides more specific resources and outreach through volunteer workers referred to as Guardian Angels for addicts.

What is REAP?

While there is a large number of resources, REAP attempts to provide an additional level of support and care to reach a greater amount of people. The volunteers within this program, known as angels, act as a bridge between addiction hotlines and the beginning of addiction treatment.

While these individuals act on a volunteer basis, there is a degree of training they receive in order to operate effectively and adjust to each individual case. In addition, many angels consist of individuals who have either been through the recovery process, or have educational backgrounds in healthcare or teaching. With individuals who have different qualifications and life experiences, there is an active and diverse team that can provide aid to those in need.

How Does REAP Help?

d2r.angels.1These volunteers remain on standby until notified by other authorities that an individual is expressing an intent of pursuing rehabilitation from addiction. Acting in accordance, angels will then travel to the individual’s location and quickly assess the client’s disposition. Upon inquiry and assessment, angels are then able to determine as to whether or not the client needs to be admitted into a detox program.

This judgement will likely be based upon the psychological and physical condition of the client, as there are notable symptoms when individuals have a mind-altering substance within their system. If clients are demonstrating signs of additional factors that may affect treatment, angels can coordinate with other certified mental-health professionals and representatives to find centers that have specific accommodations for special cases.

Many complicating factors may include diagnosed or under-diagnosed mental illness, financial restrictions, lack of transportation, compromised family structure, and numerous other elements. With these considerations in mind, angels are able to assist, guide and motivate individuals to pursue recovery within a brief time period.

REAP and Considerations for the Future

d2r.angels.3While REAP presents an innovation within the local treatment community, there are other programs that adopt similar methods in order to accommodate for the local area. In fact, numerous treatment centers are providing additional resources to provide more aggressive outreach tactics that embody similar elements. Many centers can coordinate with similar programs to provide personal assistance for people to find and enter rehabilitation centers.

For many people entering treatment for the first time, it may often be a confusing or daunting prospect. However, there are centers that provide specialized individual care in personally escorting future clients through admission process, providing an effective and relaxed means starting the journey to recovery.

  1. Too bad I didn’t find this sometime ago. My son has been through at least 8 or 9 rehabs…I have lost count. He currently is staying in a locked building on a university campus. I can’t get to him or reach him on his phone. I know he’s intoxicated. He will either seize out and probably die or start hallucinating and who knows what that end result will be. The hospitals won’t take him because he has been at all of them to detox….I can probably guess what the end result will be this time.

    Thank you for this program and helping so many other people…

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