Unproven IV NAD Infusion Scams Harm Those Seeking Recovery

iv infusion scam
Who can you trust to treat you and your loved ones? Some people enjoy making money off of those who are vulnerable and desperate to find the answers to getting their loved ones back to a healthy lifestyle. Read on to learn more about NAD therapy and the IV infusion scam that’s wreaking havoc on those dealing with substance abuse. 

Quick Fixes

Are you getting desperate enough to try a quick fix to your drug or alcohol addiction? Those who’ve been through treatment and relapsed over and over might be desperate enough for a more high-rated successful recovery. But are all medical sources trustworthy?
Some rehab treatment centers on the market aren’t trustworthy. They are marketed to look legitimate by falsely advertising high success rates, whether it’s reducing drug cravings or boasting that recovery is a sure thing.
This sounds like a good deal, but is it really? It’s crucial to see the literal proof of scientific studies to portray the pros and cons of using certain treatments.
It could protect you from being vulnerable to these addiction treatment centers and other questionable doctors laying claim to a fast recovery and high percentage of success rates.

What is IV NAD Therapy?

The National Institutes of Health determined that drug and alcohol addiction becomes a brain disease that needs constant treatment since there’s no cure for it. If you’re going through addiction, then you will always need some therapy or treatment to remain sober. However, some people might believe there’s a faster course in getting over cravings and putting their life back on track.
One quick treatment that is having people awed is the supposed success of IV infusion therapy. Doctors and addiction treatment centers praise the success of this infusion treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. But many types of this IV infusion scam have also flooded the market. These unscrupulous “medical professionals” promise the world to those seeking a quick fix to their addiction.
It becomes an IV infusion scam when the NAD therapy for addiction is marketed as a one-stop quick fix to recovery. Anyone who has battled an addiction to alcohol or drugs can tell you, there is no “quick fix”.

Is IV NAD Infusion Treatment Effective?

According to the FDA, there is an improvement in recovery when a patient is administered IV NAD with particular amino acids complex. However, you can’t give someone with a substance use disorder this medication and expect a complete recovery. IV NAD infusions alone won’t help patients with their drug addiction.
Addiction is a disease that needs continuous care, therapy, and other treatments at rehab facilities. So, there could be potential in the future of using IV NAD infusions along with therapy and other treatments done in a rehab center. However, with so little evidence of using IV NAD, there isn’t a lot of certainty of it being the best medication to overcome addiction.

How Safe is IV NAD Treatments?

IV NAD infusion treatments sound intriguing and the answer to some people’s problems. But, how safe is it to use for drug addiction? As reported by the FDA, it is safe to give a patient 2 grams per day or less than that. However, a patient’s drug history affects the treatment length, which can last anywhere from 7 to 16 days.
This isn’t enough evidence to show how it can affect other people who might have a more extreme addiction. It might have more adverse effects on those with specific drug addictions.
There could also be long-term effects using this to treat drug addiction that might not be known or documented yet. There are too many uncertainties to really proclaim this treatment works against drug addiction.

Why Are Some Addiction Centers Scamming People

There are so many substance abusers who only want to regain the life they once had before drug abuse started. Not everyone in your life understands that drug addiction comes with relapses. Patients and the loved ones who stick by them are seeking hope when they’ve dealt with too many relapses or jail time.
Therefore, these addiction centers are taking advantage of people who haven’t responded well enough to rehab treatment. These doctors and facilities who use such treatment methods don’t use real statistics and proof. There aren’t enough scientific studies on IV NAD treatments to prove their effectiveness.
People trust doctors to care for their patients and believe them to be honest with them, especially when they are desperate. This is when they can become susceptible to an IV infusion scam. 
They don’t always suspect them of taking advantage of their money and trust until it’s too late. These unreliable medical professionals are giving these patients false hope.
They are also preventing them from getting proper treatment at a rehab center who cares about their patients’ recovery.

Don’t Give Up the Fight

News about health fraud like this can feel daunting because you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on some medical scam. However, you shouldn’t quit your hard work now. Seeking help at a rehab center can help you detox from drugs and help you keep your sobriety.
Going to rehab where they can give you a prevention plan will go a long way in staying sober. Your therapist can help you create a prevention plan for when you go back into the real world.
The stress of finding work or putting the family back together can often trigger relapses, so having their help can be significant in preventing another relapse.
Staying clear from tempting places and people is essential, but sometimes life creates stressful situations that could trigger a craving for drugs. They can help you calm down during those times, so you don’t give in to temptation.
There are IV NAD infusion scams out there in the world. Don’t let that make you quit the fight of getting clean. You can get help at a rehab treatment facility where they will give you the proper care needed to get clean.
Research and find the best treatment center in your area today so you can be closer to achieving your goals.
It’s never too late to get the help you need since there’s always a perfect treatment plan out there waiting for you. You just need to find it and become a happier, healthier person! Get started on your road to recovery. Reach out for help and contact us at (866) 578-7471.
  1. This reminds me of the numerous IV scams that naturopathic institutions will give people… some are even very dangerous!

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