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Valium Detox

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What Is A Valium Detox Treatment Program?

V Valium is a Benzodiazepine. It is generally used as an anti-anxiety medication due to it’s Sedative properties. It acts as a central nervous system (CNS) depressant and is used to decrease brain activity to disrupt anxiety symptoms and seizures. It is also known to create hypotension (a reduction in blood pressure) and slowed cognitive functioning to sedate patients.

Valium is widely used to help manage Alcohol and other Benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms because it helps with the muscle spasms and seizures that are associated with withdrawals. These symptoms are extremely dangerous and often times can lead to serious health problems up to and including death. A Valium detox should be administered under the supervision of a medical professional. Valium is a very addicting substance and it is easy to become addicted to the Valium that is supposed to be helping you detox off another substance.

An addiction is a complex brain disease. Addiction changes the brain chemicals in such a way that they are severely unbalanced, with the substance making up the rest.

A Valium detox will help you in the process of ridding the toxins from your body, From there, you will need to reteach your brain how to produce the right amount of dopamine for you to function normally. That is done through rehabilitation. We can help. Give us a call at  today.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are addicted to Alcohol or other Benzodiazepines, withdrawal from these substances can cause seizures. This is where Valium comes into play. It helps with the prevention of seizures during the detoxification process.

Private and Confidential

Legally treatment centers are obligated to keep all information about patients recovery private and secure. We understand that your path to recover is your business and no one else's. Exclusive facilities are also available that are equipped with private rooms for added privacy while clients go through the recovery process.
It's your path to recovery and only you can walk it - but with the right help, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

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