Heroin User Opening a Treatment Center

A Heroin User Opens a Treatment Center - True Stories

Nick had a long and hard life where he was a heroin user and struggled to get clean from addiction. He would go into an ally way, throw his Heroin, needles, and spoons away.

He’d promise himself that he would never pick up another drug again. However, only to find himself going through the dumpsters the next day to find his dope. It was the only way to help him stop his heroin caused symptoms of withdrawal.

Effects of Gateway Drugs

His addiction started in 1965. He didn’t go straight to Heroin – he started out smoking weed. Back then, there weren’t many people who smoked because the effects were unknown.

However, not knowing the effects of marijuana didn’t scare Nick. He liked the feeling, he liked to escape reality.

Nick didn’t realize it at the time that he was smoking to escape reality, in the beginning, during his high school years he had a lot of fun.

He would go smoke with friends and watch live bands in the Los Angeles area. He was living the life and didn’t think smoking weed would take him down the path of destruction.

Consequences of Heroin Use

Nick was having so much fun in his early life, he didn’t think the consequences of using and experimenting with drugs would be what they ended up being. He thought it was all fun and games.

Having said that, when Nick started using Heroin, he could not stop. With the progression of Heroin addiction, his life slowly got worse and he got into a lot of trouble.

This prison was made for individuals like Nick who suffer from having a drug addiction. However, instead of paying attention and doing what he needed to be doing, Nick got involved with the wrong people in the prison.

These people introduced Nick to drug smuggling and drug sales which didn’t help one bit. Nick’s ability to get clean from heroin and get recovery wasn’t possible. His involvement caused him to be worse off in his heroin addiction than when he arrived at the prison.

Finding a New Life Direction

The day came when Nick was released into the real world. He didn’t get off easy though. The courts and federal system insisted he go into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for his heroin drug abuse.

Nick went into Impact Recovery in California in 1991. At this treatment center was where he was introduced to Narcotic Anonymous.

court-ordered treatment for addiction

As soon as he started going to Narcotics Anonymous, he didn’t have the urge to use heroin again. On top of that, he didn’t have a need to use any mind-altering substance again.

At the time, he was 41 years old and scared. His whole life he knew was surrounded by drugs and how to sell them. He didn’t know there was any other way to live. Deciding to stay in the treatment center for seven months, Nick was able to get the hang of being in recovery and living life on life’s terms.

Working At a Rehab

Nick was at Impact Recovery for so long, the staff noticed a huge change in him. The change they saw led to him being asked if he would like to stay on as a professional staff member.

He took the position and started living life to the fullest. Nick was able to make this change because he met someone who took him through the 12-steps of Narcotics Anonymous.

He was there for him and truly cared about him which meant the world to Nick. Even after 28 years, he still talks with that man who showed him a new way to live at least once a year.

With everything Nick has been through, the thing that has meant most to him is that his mother was able to see him get clean and when she passed, she knew he was clean. He wishes it was the same for his father, but he knows he is watching over him and rooting him on from heaven and very excited about his recovery.

Opening a Drug Rehab

After some time in recovery, Nick spoke with a friend who also had a strong passion for individuals in recovery. They wanted to do something together to help everyone who has been in the position they were in when using drugs.

Subsequently, they opened Recovery in Motion treatment center, in April of 2015. This treatment center is Nick’s dream come true.

He has seen kids young as 11- or 12-years old walk through the doors of Recovery in Motion and it moves his heart that he can help these kids before it may be too late.

Nick also sees kids who are just 20 years old who have been down a worse path than him. It breaks his heart but makes him feel better knowing he can help these kids recover- if they do in fact want recovery and are willing to do the work.

Discover Happiness in Life

Nick loves to vibe with these kids because he went through the same thing and wants to show them that recovery from addiction is truly possible.

As a means of motivation, Nick takes pictures of his clients on the day they come in. This is followed by a photograph of themselves on the day they graduate treatment. The photos are put into the person’s certification when they graduate treatment.

Nick states that this is how he helps them see the progress they’ve made in treatment for addiction recovery. He explains that they can view their progress from a different viewpoint and will put it in their certifications when they graduate.

His goal is to help any and all people who are struggling with addiction. He wants to help them be well and become productive members of society. Nick strongly agrees with working a 12-step program and taking all the suggestions you can possibly take from someone who has time in the program.

Getting Clean and Staying Clean

It isn’t easy to get clean, but it is possible, you just have to want it. Sometimes when people go to prison, they understand it’s time to stop.

For Nick, things got worse in prison and he still had to go to treatment. Everyone’s story is different, and it is time to stop being embarrassed by yours.

Getting clean from drugs and alcohol

Addiction does not discriminate against color, race, religion or income. It happens to the best of us and it’s your decision to ask for help or to keep hiding behind a wall.

It’s okay to be scared but we hope you get to be scared while supported by other people who love you in a 12-step treatment center.

However you decide to get clean from addiction, we are here for you. If you realize you need help, please give us a call. There is absolutely no shame in asking for help.

Reaching out for help from another only shows personal strength and power. Take your power back from addiction and give us a call today. Our number is (866) 578-7471. We hope to hear from you soon.

  1. This is an awesome story. I see a lot of ex-users wanting to take part in helping people overcome their drug addictions.

  2. Wow, this so good to hear about Nick. With his experience, he discovered his purpose. It is good to also have good people around you in such plight, it goes a long way. Nice one

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