The Dangers Of Alcohol Soaked Tampons

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Last Edited: December 3, 2020

Patricia Howard, LMFT, CADC

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Andrew Lancaster, LPC, MAC

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Soaking tampons in alcohol and inserting them into the vagina or anus may seem ridiculous to many, but some teens have been known to do so. It’s no secret that teens and young adults try out alternative ways of getting intoxicated.  Gone are the days when simply drinking beer, wine, or liquor was the parents’ worst concerns. With the internet and social media at their fingertips, teens can easily find unique – and oftentimes risky – ideas to get intoxicated.

From “butt chugging” to “eyeballing” to soaking tampons in alcohol to insert into the vagina, it’s safe to say parents, educators, and physicians should be concerned.

Let’s look a bit closer at the “why”, “how”, and dangers of using alcohol-soaked tampons.

Some say most of the stories are not true, but there have been confirmed cases. Maybe it’s simply another trend that will pass. We can all hope, as there are some real dangers associated with this type of behavior.

Why Do Teens Use Alcohol Soaked Tampons?

Why would anyone want to engage in soaking tampons in alcohol? Typically, teens that engage in this type of behavior are seeking to get intoxicated without their parents or guardians knowing about it. They know that if they drink alcohol, it’s likely their caregivers will smell it on their breath. So, they resort to unique ways to achieve intoxication.

It seems that vodka is the choice of liquor in this bizarre alcohol ingestion method, also known as a “vodka tampon”.

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Here are some other reasons teens may use a vodka tampon:

To Get Intoxicated Faster – The belief around using a vodka tampon is that you’ll get intoxicated faster than if you were to drink alcohol. Teens and young adults know that the alcohol will be absorbed into the body faster through the vagina walls than it would in the stomach. What they don’t know is that the fast track to drunkenness comes with serious risks.

An Attempt To Beat The Breathalyzer Test – Teens believe that if they get drunk by soaking tampons in alcohol and inserting them in the vagina, they will be able to pass the breathalyzer test. This isn’t necessarily true.  A breathalyzer tests for alcohol in the blood – not in the breath.  While they may not have “booze breath”, the test can still detect the amount of alcohol in the blood.

To Limit Calories – Teens think they’ll skip the calories, but this isn’t true. According to Healthline, the alcohol still adds to your daily caloric intake.

To Get Around Having To Taste Alcohol – Some teens don’t like the taste of beer, wine, or liquor. However, they want to feel the intoxicating effects of it. They figure that using a vodka-soaked tampon or soaking tampons in alcohol, they’ll be able to feel their buzz or get drunk, but not have to deal with the unpleasant taste.

To Get The Full Effects Of Alcohol – When you drink alcohol, you don’t get the full effects.  When it hits the stomach, only a fraction of the alcohol is absorbed. Then, the liver filters out the toxins and metabolizes the alcohol, so you don’t run the risk of drinking too much. To feel the full effects of alcohol, some teens prefer ingesting it in ways where they’ll feel the full effect, such as an alcohol-soaked tampon.

To Dodge Oral Ramifications – Drinking alcohol regularly can have a negative impact on oral health.  Heavy drinkers can experience mouth sores, gum decay, or tooth decay.  Teens and young adults that are concerned about their oral health may lean toward using alcohol-soaked tampons or other unique ways to ingest alcohol.

How Are Alcohol Soaked Tampons Used?

Essentially, teens soak one or more tampons in the alcohol of their choice and then insert it into their vagina. Guys may place the tampons in their anus. Vodka seems to be the most commonly liquor talked about for the practice. It takes a little while to actually feel the effects of the alcohol.  Once they feel buzzed or intoxicated, they then remove the tampon.

Alcohol Soaked Tampon Risks

Ingesting alcohol vaginally comes with some risks.  One of the biggest risks is that you don’t have control over how intoxicated you get. When you drink alcohol, your body has a way of working in favor of your wellness. If you drink more than what it can handle, the digestive system will cause you to vomit.

This has saved many lives.

However, when you use bodily orifices to introduce alcohol to your body, you run the risk of experiencing alcohol poisoning. The main reason is because alarm signals are not being sent to the brain that you’ve had one too many and in serious danger.

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Effects On The Vagina Medically

The vagina is a sensitive body organ. Inserting alcohol in direct contact with vaginal tissues or mucous membranes puts you at risk of damaging those tissues.  Just one vodka-soaked tampon could cause irreversible damage to the vaginal wall tissue.

Another medical concern is alcohol depleting the vagina of its natural balance of the good kinds of bacteria that help the sexual organ to function well. When you mess up the natural flow, you can end up with medical issues like urinary tract, yeast infections, or unusually bad odors.

Alcohol Soaked Tampon Side Effects

There’s little doubt that if you use this type of method to get intoxicated, you’ll experience some negative side effects.

Sexual Organ Destruction – The vagina is tough, but it can’t withstand the stinging power of alcohol.  When the alcohol hits the vagina mucous membranes, it can damage them instantly.

Intense Pain – Those that have tried alcohol-soaked tampons report immense pain and discomfort when they inserted the soaked tampon into the vagina.

Alcohol Poisoning – When you insert alcohol tampons into your vagina, your body has no way of knowing how much alcohol is being ingested.  Whereas the stomach can keep tabs on intoxication levels and cause you to vomit if necessary, your vagina was not designed to trigger such a response. As a result, you can suffer alcohol poisoning that could lead to death.

Vaginal Ulcers – An ulcer is an open, internal wound.  The alcohol from the tampon can cause vaginal ulcers, which can be quite serious. If untreated, such ulcers can lead to excruciating pain during sex, urinary complications, and foul odor discharges.


Some people think alcohol-soaked tampons are but a myth, stating a lack of documented cases. However, chances are as the media spreads news about the topic, there will be some teens who want to give it a try, not realizing alcohol or vodka tampon side effects.

Any teen using an alcohol or vodka-soaked tampon puts themself at risk of medical complications due to potential side effects.  Parents, teachers, and physicians should be aware of this topic and any reports should be taken seriously.

It’s important to educate the youth on the negative consequences that this type of behavior can cause.  While they may see it as just another way to feel intoxicated, they need to understand that potential vodka tampon side effects can be irreversibly damaging.

If you or someone you know is thinking about using alcohol-soaked tampons, think again.  Escaping parental detection or faster intoxication is not worth the risks associated with this type of behavior.