Over 53 Million Opiate-based prescriptions are filled each year.

Over 60% of all deaths from overdose are attributed to prescription drug abuse.

30% of emergency room admissions from prescription abuse involve opiate-based substances.


What is Norco and Who is at Risk?

NNorco is a combination of Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen. Contained in Norco is an Opioid Narcotic used in pain management. Acetaminophen is a pain reliever that is less potent than hydrocodone and helps to heighten its effects. $484 billion dollars are spent per year on Norco abuse and misuse. This number includes the wages that have been lost due to the user not attending work, healthcare costs, car accidents, crimes and those court fees that may be incurred.

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Norco Rehab Treatment Programs

Detoxification from Norco

Symptoms cause by detox are dependent on how long you have been abusing the substance, the doses you take, if you take this drug with alcohol, are you diagnosed with a mental disorder and if you have any medical conditions that you may or may not have known about. In most cases a medically supervised detox is recommended to ensure not only comfort but also monitor the client's health during this difficult process. People who try to self-detox often experiences a more intense negative withdrawal experience. Although detoxing off of an Opiate based drug is not life threatening, it makes the user very irritable. This can cause the person to act irrational. Most people can completely withdrawal from Norco in a supervised setting in six to eight days, depending on the person and how long they have been using.
Outpatient Norco Rehab

Norco Rehab

When someone realizes they have a problem with Norco addiction and it's time to get treatment there are a lot of options awaiting them. They need to find a treatment center that offers individualized caremeeting their specific needs. With Norco addiction, people will need to find a rehab center that offers comprehensive carefrom group to individual therapy. Getting care on a full spectrum will make sure that the client's needs are met efficiently. In rehab, which could span 30, 60 to 90 days, the client will learn the various skills to overcome their addiction. Rehab is the first step, however. You will need to work hard to continue the progress made in treatment afterwards.

Dangers of Norco Abuse

Norco abuse can turn into addiction pretty easily. It is a highly addictive substance and anybody who uses iteven medicinallyneeds to take caution.


Signs and Symptoms of Norco Use:

If someone is using Norco, the signs and symptoms will depend on the person and length of use. However, here are some of the main ones:

• Malaise
• Dizziness
• Mental Clouding
• Sedation
• Nausea and Vomiting
• Skin Rash
• Dysphoria
• Cardiac Arrest
• Anxiety
• Apnea
• Sweating
• Malaise
• Thrombocytopenia

Short-Term Effects of Norco Use:

Though everybody’s experience of Norco use will manifest differently. Here are some main effects:

Anxiety, apnea, agranulocytosis, sweating, cardiac arrest, dizziness, dysphoria, feat, malaise, mental clouding, skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, sedation, and thrombocytopenia are all short term side effects of Norco abuse.

Due to miscalculation of dosages by individual users, overdose is a major concern for those short term consumers.

Long-Term Effects of Norco Abuse:

Some long-terms side effects for Norco may include addictions, urinary retention, itchiness, respiratory depression, hearing loss, coma or stupor, and in some major cases may cause death to the individual. If any of these side effects apply to you, please contact your healthcare provider or call the local emergency room.

Norco Abuse is a very real, dangerous threat for people. Norco is available in tablets. Customary for the oblong shaped tablets there are two dosages available. Each of these can have two colors. When looking at the pill it will say “Norco” on one side and have a number printed on the other. The 7.5 mg Hydrocodone capsules can be either white or orange, in the 10 mg dosage it is either white or yellow. There are generic versions available that offer different shapes, color, and stamp because of manufacturer preferences.



Is Norco Addictive?

Norco is highly addictive. People who become addicted to Norco are searching for the euphoric high it gives. Because it has become a popular street drug the DEA rules that they would increase control over the drug.

How Does Norco Work?

Opiate receptors that sit on the surface of your nerve cells, which are called neurons, are used by the brain to send messages though the body by releasing signaling chemicals or neurotransmitters. These attach to adjacent neurons, allowing signals to be sent and received inside the body. Endorphins are molecules used by the brain that are used as a natural Opiate. The receptors are involved in processing the endorphins but when medications are introduced into the body they accept this as normal. The brain eventually starts to rely on the fake endorphins and stops the production of the genuine form.

Who is at Risk for Norco Addiction?

Norco does not discriminate. Even people who are prescribed can become dependent.

Is Norco Rehab Worth the Cost?

If you are still wary of the cost remember the cost of addiction vs the cost of your rehab. Addiction comes with a financial responsibility. You’ll be dishing out, over the course of your addiction, much more than the cost of treatment. The price of drugs is not the only thing that’ll be taking money out of your pocket, but lost productivity at work, incurred criminal fines and your medical bills associated with your addiction. Perhaps the greatest loss will be your relationships and your goals for the future, not the mention your health and happiness. Take these losses into account when making a decision to go to treatment or not. It could very well save your life.

What are the Signs of a Norco Overdose?

Some of the signs of Norco overdose are: Pinpoint pupils, muscle weakness, slow heart rate, shallow breathing and drowsiness. If you have these symptoms, you should get help immediately.



Learn more about Norco with our infographics.

norco withdrawal detox

Norco Withdrawal Symptoms

Norco withdrawal symptoms include but are not limited to severe pain, feelings of pins and needles throughout the body, cold sweats, anxiety, restlessness, vomiting, diarrhea, involuntary leg movements and craving for Norco or any Opiate based substance. Withdrawal symptoms can last up to six weeks and can be followed by post-acute withdrawal symptoms of depression, insomnia and weakness that are known to persist for months. The way that is proven to work best to overcome withdrawal is in a medically supervised setting.

dangers of norco

Norco Overdose

An overdose of Norco can be fatal. So if you think that you or someone you know may be experiencing and overdose please call emergency services immediately. If you are uncertain what an overdose of Norco looks like, look for a loss of appetite, sweating, vomiting, and confusion, nausea and stomach pains. Other signs may include upper stomach pain, yellowing of the skin or eyes and/or dark urine.

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Best Treatment Centers

inpatient norco rehab

Inpatient Norco Rehab

Inpatient rehab is perfect for someone who needs to get a little space from life. You may be having trouble handling your responsibilities because of your addiction to Norco, residential rehab takes you out of the day to day grind while helping you get control over the addiction itself. When someone is addicted to an Opiate pain medication like Norco, there are withdrawal symptoms that come alone with detoxing. An inpatient rehab has the medical staff to provide medication to make the withdrawal symptoms manageable. These facilities help you overcome your addiction, but we also provide care for a wide-range of related mental health issues. When you become addicted it may seem like a long, hard road to recovery; we want to let you know that it is possible to get clean.

outpatient norco rehab

Outpatient Norco Rehab

Choosing outpatient treatment means committing to your recovery. Outpatient treatment is a less structured form treatment. When addicted to Norco it is best to go through a medically supervised detox facility and then enter into an outpatient treatment program. This means that a client will need to travel to a facility at regular intervals. This kind of treatment usually consists of counseling and could take the form of an individual session or with a group. Some of the different types of therapy available for outpatients would be: motivational interviewing, motivational incentives, cognitive behavioral therapy, and multidimensional family therapy.

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norco addiction interventionNorco Dependence Intervention

Do you think a loved one is abusing Norco? You may need an intervention. Abusing Norco can cause changes in behavior including mental clouding and mood changes. The battle against addiction to drugs can be very overwhelming for those who have not properly prepared for it. When you or someone you care about is deeply dependent on any drug, emotions often come into play, which can easily cause someone to lose their focus. Its recommended a professional be used to help convey love and respect with your message.

traveling for norco addiction treatmentTravel for Norco Treatment

Staying in the place where your addiction first took root could offset a lot of the progress you made in treatment. A lot of people feel comfortable staying in the place where they are from. However, comfort is not the friend of someone who needs to recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. You need to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone in order to make the positive strides you need to seek out change. Traveling for treatment also provides you with the anonymity you need to go through treatment in privacy. A lot of people don’t want to run into those they know in public. It can prove difficult to have people you know seeing you in treatment. Traveling also helps you begin again. Everybody wants a new beginning with recovery and traveling puts you in position for that.

Survivors of Substance Abuse

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aftercare for norco substance abuse treatment
Aftercare Options for Norco Abuse

One of the most important parts of recovery is aftercare. When you leave treatment, it’s just the beginning. Aftercare will help you learn how to deal with reality. In treatment, you are shielded from the ins and out of everyday struggle. Life is hard and aftercare brings you around people to deal with the complexities that life throws your way. Some of the main aftercare programs are 12-step groups, counseling and alumni programs. In each of these groups, you will get to connect with other people who are in recovery. Connection is vital to staying sober and maintaining the gains you made in treatment. When you seek out aftercare, you are investing in yourself and your future. Recovery takes your whole effort. It won’t happen in one fell swoop. It happens over time, slowly. A lot of people think that they can recover quickly or that rehab will vanquish their addictionthat is not the case.

group therapy for norco addiction
Risk Groups for Norco Addiction

The obvious risk group for people who struggle with Norco addiction are people who have immediate health issues. Norco is generally prescribed to people who have mild to severe pain. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, people may begin taking the drug healthfully, but they end up taking more than prescribed. One of the reasons for this is that the drug might not fully make them feel better. They might still feel residual pain and want to treat that somehow. This can lead to a slippery slope that has them taking even more drugs to stay afloat. Another risk group is the teenage population. Teenagers have increasing access to drugs from family members and loved ones. Teenagers also might feel like taking pills is less wrong than taking more illicit drugs. Teenagers are especially at danger because their bodies aren’t fully developed yet. As such, it impacts them in different ways.

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group therapyGroup Therapy for Norco Addiction

Group therapy is one of the pillars of an effective treatment process. In group therapy, the client will learn a multitude of skills to help them overcome addiction on a daily basis. Learning to heal with others can go a long way in making sure that the person interacts with society in positive ways. In a lot of ways, addiction isolates people and makes them interact in fear-based ways with people. They learn to cheat, lie and steal in order to satisfy their cravings. In society, people need to have humility and live for others rather than themselves some of the time. The group therapy sessions involve process sessions where they go through their emotions and listen to other people going through other things. In experiential groups, the clients will learn how to heal from addiction through art, yoga and other hands on pursuits. Last, educational therapy helps people learn the skills and strategies to overcome addiction daily.

family therapyFamily Therapy for Norco abuse

Family therapy is also one of the pillars of treatment. When you heal the family you heal the individualand vice versa. Healing the family offsets the years of emotional scar tissue that the person has regarding their family. A lot of times, people stumble into addiction because of family trauma. So, it’s instrumental to heal the family. Family therapy sessions are supposed to be rooted in love and respect. They are supposed to be conversational. The therapist will help set up goals and rewards for the members to gain if they do reach the various behavior stipulations. Healing the self is important, but healing the self is aided by the family. Heal your family now; If you want to recover from addiction, bring your family along. There are a lot of ways that addiction hurts families, but recovery that incorporates the family is the type that lasts.

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