10 Things You Should Know About Meth Addiction and Treatment Options

meth addiction

Are you trying to kick a meth addiction? 

Meth use has been on the rise over the last few years, increasing 43% from 2015 to 2019. Overdose deaths also shot up, almost tripling in the same period. One of the reasons for this is an increase in risky drug-taking behavior and dangerous drug combinations, such as meth and coke. 

To make matters worse, the pandemic rolled around increasing stress and anxiety for most people. Drug use shot up during the pandemic years, triggering even higher numbers of overdoses

Whether you’ve taken meth for years, or are battling a recent meth addiction that’s taken over your life, the first thing to know is that you’re not alone. Addiction can happen to anyone, and it’s not a reflection of your worth. 

Or maybe you have a loved one that has fallen prey to meth’s powerful effects?

Know that recovery is possible, and not all paths are paved the same way. 

The first step to getting the upper hand on any addiction is to arm yourself with the facts. Keep reading to find out 10 important things to know about meth addiction and the treatment options that are available. 

1. Overdose Deaths Are More Common Than People Think

One of the first and most important things to know about meth is that fatal overdoses are possible. 

If you knew someone who overdosed or has come close to it, you’re probably painfully aware of the dangers of overdosing on meth. But, research reveals that many people are under the false impression that fatal meth overdoses are “not possible”.

According to survey results, many users say that the worst that can happen on meth is “overamping.”

Unfortunately, this is far from true. The documented 500% increase in fatal overdoses over the previous decade shows that overdosing is possible. 

Because of the way meth works in the body, it’s also easy to OD. Just like with other drugs, the body builds up a tolerance to the substance in an attempt to regain homeostasis. 

With meth, tolerance can kick in quickly, making it hard to achieve the same high from the same dose. To get the same effects, users have to consume more and more. Ramping up doses or taking doses closer and closer together can be a recipe for an accidental overdose

2. Dependency Can Set in Fast

If you haven’t taken meth, or haven’t yet developed a habit, you might be wondering “how addictive is meth?”

The answer: hugely addictive. Out of control, biologically, and overwhelmingly addictive.

Addiction can also set in incredibly fast, taking hold after even just one use. 

The reason behind this lies in the way meth interacts with our neurochemistry. 

Most drugs and addictive substances trigger higher-than-usual levels of domain release. This feel-good neurochemical usually trickles into our system, with moderate rises in response to things like exercise, food, time outdoors, social connections, etc. 

The Dangers of a Dopamine Tsunami

Alcohol, nicotine, and hard drugs trigger a temporary increase in dopamine release. But while things like alcohol just turn up the taps, amphetamines blow the pipes wide open. 

What happens after this is a massive surge of dopamine, unlike anything a human would normally experience. Hence the intense euphoria that comes at the beginning of a meth trip. 

Of course, the body can’t keep up this rush of dopamine. Without more meth, dopamine levels then plummet, because the body’s reservoirs have been drained. 

This is one of the reasons why meth trips are followed by such a hard crash with such excruciatingly low mental/emotional states. Altogether, this sets the stage for the inevitable cycle of abuse. 

When the high wears off, taking again feels like the only way to feel better and escape the feelings of depression and anxiety.

To make matters worse, dopamine is essentially a reward chemical. It makes us feel pleasure as a part of the brain’s reward system. This system is there to help us learn and engage in beneficial behaviors.

Because drugs have such a strong effect on dopamine release they can hijack this system. Every time the body gets a meth-induced tsunami of dopamine, this reinforces a positive feedback loop and creates urges to repeat the process in exchange for a dopamine reward. 

Research has also uncovered evidence showing that the dopaminergic neurons in the brain grow more receptors in response to amphetamine exposure. These increased receptors could also be a cause behind cravings, as they demand continued supplies of elevated dopamine levels, and drive compulsive drug-seeking.

3. Meth Is Often Used in Conjunction With Other Drugs

Another factor that makes meth use such a slippery slope is that it’s often used with other drugs, especially downers. 

This is similar to how some people have to take sleeping medication to counteract the stimulating effect of antidepressants. 

Opioids are a common “antidote” to the excess energy triggered by meth. In reverse, some people get into meth as a way to counteract the sedative effects of opioids. Meth is also seen in some circles as a drug that can prevent opioid overdoses. 

However, mixing drugs can actually increase the risk of overdose. It also opens one up to increased levels of addiction and dependency. 

Thanks to the upper/downer relationship between the two drugs, it’s very common for them to be taken together to provide a synergistic high and cancel out each other’s unwanted effects. 

4. Meth Is Usually a Band-Aid

If you’ve decided that it’s time to save yourself and confront a meth addiction, this is perhaps one of the most important things to know. 

Meth use is usually a bandaid for something much deeper. If you dig into people’s stories, you’ll usually find that the reasons people do drugs don’t just lie in the drugs themselves, but rather in the person’s mental/emotional state. 

It’s pretty well-established in the medical community that mental illness and drug addictions are “comorbidities” meaning that they often occur together. Drug use can trigger depression, but it’s often the other way around. 

Anecdotal tales from people who made it out the other side back this up. For instance, in this article, the author (a previous meth addict) states “Meth was not my problem. It was my attempt at a solution to my problems.”

If you feel like your meth addiction probably has its roots in unresolved emotional issues, it can be hugely helpful to identify these and start examining them. 

5. Online Communities Can Be a Help and a Hindrance

Amphetamine drugs haven’t changed all that much over the years, but the social landscape has. 

Nowadays, anyone with an internet connection can tap into online communities related to meth. This can be both good and bad. 

It’s easier than ever to connect with others who’re fighting the battle against addiction and gain unconditional support. There are numerous online communities, groups, discussion threads, and more.

But there are also a plethora of online spaces centered around taking meth. From online Zoom parties to bowl selfies on social media, there are many places that encourage and normalize meth use. 

Social influences can have a major impact on addiction. If you want to get clean and beat a meth addiction, don’t let pro-meth online communities derail your efforts

Most addicts also advise that you cut off all contact with persons who are physically in your life that share your habit. If you don’t, the chance of relapse can be exponentially higher. 

6. A Meth Addiction Can Have Serious Long-Term Health Implications

Most people who have used meth for any length of time have seen what it can do long-term. If you haven’t witnessed its long-term effects, don’t let the faces of those online fool you. 

Invariably, the meth addict posting bowl selfies are the ones who have great skin (or great makeup skills) and good teeth still. 

The meth addict who has lost teeth and developed sores that won’t heal? They are less likely to be attending a Zoom party with their cam on. 

Here are some of the main long-term health effects that meth can trigger:

  • Tooth decay
  • Decreased motor skills
  • Malnutrition
  • Verbal learning declines
  • Heart disease

Meth can also accelerate the aging process, leaving you old and depleted before your time. 

7. Methamphetamine Psychosis Is Real

One of the hallmarks of advanced meth addiction is psychosis. Psychosis can take on different forms for different people, but the overall result is the same. 

Instead of using meth to have a good time, you’re taking it to ward off frightening, dark hallucinations, only to experience temporary relief before they return. 

8. Therapy Is an Essential Part of Recovery

As we mentioned earlier, drug use is often caused by underlying emotional factors, and it usually goes hand in hand with things like depression and anxiety. 

Because of this, therapy is usually a critical part of recovery. Not only can therapy address underlying emotional causes, but it can also help heal feelings of unworthiness and self-hatred that addiction can foster.

9. Medical Detoxes Offer a Better Chance of Success

While therapy can target the emotional triggers behind drug addiction, it’s usually not enough to see one through the withdrawal phase. Because of this, a lot of meth addiction treatment programs feature medical detoxes. 

Medical detox programs can cut down on the likelihood of immediate relapse. They are also safer than detoxing on your own. 

10. You Can Choose Between Inpatient Programs, Outpatient Programs, and Blended Programs

Treatment for meth addiction usually comprises of either inpatient programs in a rehab facility, outpatient programs, or a blend of the two. 

Outpatient programs offer structured time in treatment during the day or evening without the need to book into a rehab facility. Blended programs usually involve an initial period in a rehab location, followed by an outpatient program. 

One of the barriers to treatment that a lot of addicts face is the financial cost. Fortunately, health insurance companies have started to recognize this and some will cover a portion or all of the costs of treatment. 

Connection and Support Is Key to Recovery

Overcoming a meth addiction might feel like the hardest thing you’ve ever tried to do, but you are not alone. One of the keys to recovery is connecting with others who’ve walked the same path and finding the right support. 

Here at Detox to Rehab, our goal is to help anyone suffering from addiction find help, hope, and strength through unconditional support and guidance. 

Do you need help? Call our hotline (866) 578-7471 or contact us online to speak with a care counselor. 

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