K2 Spice Addiction and Rehabilitation

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Dangers of K2 Abuse

Substances like K2 Spice are plants coated in synthetic cannabinoids and other dangerous substances. You used to be able to buy K2 Spice at a gas station or head shop when the FDA didn’t know about the damage it can cause with human consumption.

Now that the FDA declared K2 Spice illegal, you will not be able to find it as easy but can still get it if you know the right places and people to look for. There is a common misconception that K2 Spice is less dangerous than Marijuana, because it was once, and in some places, still is legal. Unfortunately, this is not true, and this misconception can cost lives. K2 Spice can also be addictive and does come with numerous harmful side effects, including a painful withdrawal if you try to abruptly stop using.

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Like any other drug, K2 Spice is dangerous and can be fatal. If you are to abuse K2 Spice, you are more likely to experience extreme and dangerous side effects due to the nature of the drug. Remember, just because something is or once was legal, depending on where you are, doesn’t mean it is safe to use.

Street Names for K2

In reference to K2 Spice, you may have heard other names mentioned, such as: Fake weed, Skunk, Moon Rocks, Yucatan Fire, Bliss, Black Mamba, Bombay Blue, Genie, Zohai.

K2 Spice Effects

There are many short-term effects associated with K2 Spice use. Some of these effects are: increased heart rate, hallucinations, paranoia, an inability to speak, high blood pressure, irritation, nausea and vomiting. Other serious effects also include, harmful and suicidal thoughts.

Aside for the adverse effects such as increased blood pressure and heart rate, delusions, paranoia, delusions and violent behaviors that are like LSD, Methamphetamine, Cocaine and Synthetic Cathinone; other specific long-term effects are unknown.

The main serious health problems are renal failure, heart palpitations, extreme dehydration and death. Just because something is synthetic doesn’t mean it is safe to abuse. In fact, this synthetic drug is more dangerous than Marijuana itself.

Warning Signs of K2 Abuse in a Loved One

The chemical compounds in the synthetic Marijuana, K2 Spice, contains chemical mixtures that will never be completely known by the consumer. Each brand of synthetic Marijuana will vary in chemicals from product to product. There is no way to have knowledge of what is in each K2 Spice and what is going into the consumer’s body. However, you will be able to tell if your loved one is abusing K2 Spice if you look out for the signs and symptoms:

Your loved one may be abusing K2 Spice if he or she has a hard time functioning or sleeping. If a regular K2 Spice abuser runs out of the product, he or she will not be able to sleep well at night, let alone function regularly without getting loaded first.

Another sign that a loved one is abusing K2 Spice is bringing around new friends, or is not around at all. When abusing K2 Spice, he or she will begin to hang out with others who also abuse it, causing him or her to be gone and around the with new friends.

If your loved one is abusing K2 Spice, his or her mood, hygiene and overall productivity will diminish as he or she keeps abusing.You may have noticed that he or she doesn’t shower often, is always angry or just doesn’t really care about anything anymore.

Factual Dangers: K2 Spice

Those who use K2 Spice regularly could experience withdrawal and addiction symptoms, meaning that one can’t stop even if they wanted to. This could lead to dangerous consequences that could affect their health or other aspects of their life. K2 spice is dangerous and has the potential to take down the life of the abuser. If you are worried a loved one is abusing K2 Spice, but are unsure, here are some signs and symptoms to look out for:

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True Stories of Addiction:

Justin’s life took a turn for the worst when he tried K2. Listen to his story to figure out how he recovered. – View all episodes now

K2 Rehab Treatment

K2 Spice is a synthetic Marijuana, but is nothing like it; it is dangerous and highly addictive. Since K2 Spice is still relatively new, it may be hard to find a treatment center that specializes in K2 Spice abuse and addiction. However, since the manufacturers of this drug are targeting teens specifically, many treatment centers that do treat K2 Spice addiction are incorporated into teen rehabilitation centers.

If you do not qualify for teen rehabilitation treatment due to your age, you can still get the treatment you need it just may not be specifically for K2 Spice addiction. If you are to go to a treatment center that focuses on Heroin and Alcohol addiction for your problem with K2 Spice, your chances of recovery are still high. All addictions are the same, the only difference is the drug that is used. You will still go through many different therapies to help in long-term recovery. You will probably go through cognitive-behavioral therapy as a means of readjusting your decision-making choices in life. This will help you in the future if a craving to use K2 Spice, or any other drug, arises.

If you truly want to stop using K2 Spice, you can recover. It’s your path to recovery and only you can walk it but with the right help, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t wait any longer, get yourself the rehab treatment you deserve. – Learn More

K2 Detox Treatment

Detoxing the body of toxic chemicals allows a person to regain their health enough to be able to get additional treatment services. Many inpatient treatment centers have services that provide medical supervision and medically managed detoxification. If you are trying to recover from K2 Spice addiction, you will want to choose medically supervised detox as your method of detox because the withdrawal symptoms from K2 Spice are painful.

K2 Spice withdrawal symptoms include: nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, depression, anxiety, headaches and irritability. In a medically supervised detox, a doctor will be able to evaluate your symptoms and prescribe you medication to help alleviate withdrawal pains. It is hard to focus on recovery when you are withdrawing and in pain. Under a medicated detox, you will be motivated to move forward in recovery because you can focus on things other than K2 Spice. When you have successfully completed detox treatment, you will want to begin the therapeutic part of treatment right away.

Detox will help your body recover from the pains of withdrawal and therapeutic treatment will heal your mind and soul. Without going into the therapeutic part of treatment immediately after detox, your chances of recovery will not be high. You need to be taught how to live without K2 Spice, it doesn’t come naturally. – Learn More

Addiction to K2 & Spice

When experimenting with drugs, no one hopes to become addicted. When it comes down to K2 Spice, even though it is a synthetic Marijuana, it is still highly addictive and dangerous. You may not realize how dangerous the drug is until you become addicted and don’t know how to stop. You will begin using K2 Spice with friends or at parties, and not even realize your recreational use has become a daily addiction.

K2 Spice can make you go crazy and if you are experiencing paranoia, extreme restlessness or have some erratic behavior you are most likely addicted. Because of its strong effects on the brain, you may also demonstrate disorganization in your daily life, be prone to panic attacks, and may even claim to be hearing voices when no one is there. These symptoms may last for a few days or for months on end. Living with these symptoms daily can be terrorizing and effect your life in very negative ways. Your addiction to K2 Spice can break relationships, cause you to become homeless and lose your kids.

Just because K2 Spice is legal in some places doesn’t mean it can’t take you down like illegal drugs such as Heroin or Cocaine. Although K2 Spice can be purchased in places like a gas station, it doesn’t mean that it is safe. Statistics clearly show that K2 Spice addiction is rising and can take you down just as quickly as any other illicit drug. – Learn More

K2 & Spice Dependency

A dependency is a physical need for a specific substance, such as K2 Spice, due to continued abuse. Your body begins craving the drug, needing it to function on a normal level, your body growing accustomed to being constantly bombarded with the substance. Not long after, an addiction will develop.

The repercussions of dependency, and addiction in turn, no matter what drug, are always similar. Your life is going to start falling apart before your eyes and you might not know what to do. You could be missing work because you are running low on K2 Spice and need more before withdrawals come. There is also a possibility your spouse is giving you one last chance to stop abusing K2 spice or he or she will kick you out. When you try to stop, the withdrawals are so intense, you can’t seem to fight your mind into going through with it. This is why a lot of addicted individuals don’t decide to change their lives. Because they don’t decide to change their lives, things keep getting worse and they don’t know why.

If you haven’t already, change your life before things get to the point where you feel there is no coming back. You still have a chance at living the life you deserve. Get yourself admitted into a medically assisted detox facility and then enter an inpatient rehabilitation center to help treat your K2 Spice addiction so you never have to go back. – Learn More

Seeking help for k2 Addiction

  • Who Do I Include in a K2 Intervention?
    It is best to include an intervention specialist and those closest the K2 addicted individual. It is best to leave out anyone who may not be able to control their anger.
  • What Do I Say in A K2 Intervention?
    You will speak directly to your loved one, only speaking in love and concern while leaving out judgment or anger. Let him or her know the negative impact their K2 addiction causes you.

Intervention for K2 Abuse

If someone you know is suffering from an addiction to K2 Spice, an intervention would be the best option for you to take. An intervention is a gathering of people who are also concerned about the K2 Spice addicted individual’s abuse, and sometimes, an interventionist is called.

It is best to stage an intervention with a professional interventionist as this will help alleviate some of the stress and allow you to really focus on your addicted loved one and your plan to help him or her recover. Once you have a group of individuals, who are close to the addicted individual, who are going to be participating in the intervention, it is time to find a safe environment, such as a hotel room or office. You will want to be in an area that is private and away from others, so everyone feels comfortable sharing how they feel towards the K2 Spice addicted individual. When the intervention is happening, you will only want to express concern and love toward your loved one suffering from an addiction. Anything other than that may trigger him or her to leave or not accept the treatment being offered.

If only love and concern is being conveyed, this shows the addicted individual there are still people out there that care for him or her and it may push them to get the help he or she deserves. The main goal of an intervention is to get the loved one treatment, however, if he or she does not accept the treatment being offered, the intervention will still show him or her help is available when he or she wants it. – Learn More

Recovery from K2 Spice Addiction

As with any other powerful drug, such as Cocaine and Heroin, it is possible to become addicted to K2 Spice. Once you have become addicted, you will experience painful withdrawal symptoms when you try and stop. Therefore, you will go and get more so you don’t feel nauseated or anxious. You will begin to spend all your money to get loaded and start to view life in a more negative way. When you have become addicted, you may feel like there is no hope.

This, however, is far from the truth; you can recover if you want to, but you are going to have to work on it with dedication. If you are looking to recover, your first step will be getting into a medically supervised detox and then moving on into the therapeutic side of inpatient treatment. In inpatient treatment, you will learn about yourself and where your addiction stemmed from. This will help you deal with the triggers of the outside world. Just because you have gone through treatment, doesn’t mean your recovery ends. Recovery is a life-long journey that you will need to work on daily.

When you complete inpatient treatment, you will want to find a 12-step fellowship to keep up with your recovery. Working a 12-step program will help you in a very positive way. It will change your life for the better and ensure long-term recovery if you are willing to do the work. You will make life-long friends in a 12-step program and learn how to live and enjoy life without the use of K2 Spice. Recovery is possible and although hard, worth it in the end.

  • How Do I Recover from K2 Addiction?
    The first step in recovery from your K2 addiction is admitting you have a problem. Once you have done that, reach out for help and seek detoxification and treatment center.
  • Will I Ever Relapse on K2?
    K2 relapse is always possible. As long as you learn from it and move on in a positive direction you should be fine and able to have a strong and lasting recovery in the future.

K2 Spice Addiction and Abuse

K2 Spice is incredibly dangerous and addictive. And just like any other drug, you can overdose by taking more of it than your body can handle. The main purpose of K2 Spice was to create a drug that gives the same effects as Marijuana, however, the manufacture completely failed and created something that is putting people in emergency rooms and putting their lives at risk.

If you were to use K2 Spice and take more than your body can handle, your body will overdose and show similar symptoms of an Opiate overdose. However, if the overdose is not caught in time, the signs will worsen and become very dangerous. The most common signs of a K2 Spice overdose are: agitation, anxiety, arrhythmia, diaphoresis, elevated blood pressure, elevated heart rate, hallucinations, palpitations, paranoid ideation, seizures, tachycardia and tremulousness. There are over 2,000 individuals who visit the emergency room each year due to K2 Spice overdose. Because the drug is easy to get in gas stations all around the states it is still legal or online, the rates of K2 Spice overdose will be on the rise.

If you are currently abusing K2 Spice and do not want to suffer an overdose, the only thing you can do to prevent one from happening is to stop and get help as soon as possible. You are worth much more than the life you are living and deserve to live free from K2 Spice and its manipulative ways. Reach out, ask for help and prevent a K2 Spice overdose today. You are worth more than you give yourself credit for.

The Truth About K2 Spice Addiction

If you are abusing K2 Spice, you need to understand it is unsafe, just because it is legal in some states. It has the potential to ruin your life just as a Heroin or Cocaine addiction would. When you are abusing K2 Spice, it can be hard to tell if that is what you are really buying, as it comes in many different forms. This is especially dangerous as you can end up buying unknown chemicals or drugs that can kill you in the spot. You aren’t in the clear if you know you are getting K2 Spice each time you buy it, though, as you are still causing your body great harm.

You may use K2 Spice because you think it is safer to use than Marijuana, or because you can’t afford Marijuana to show up on a drug test. Regardless of the how and the why, your body will still be in great harm. When you abuse K2 Spice your body can go through some serious effects such as seizures, tremors, coma, vomiting, hallucinations, paranoia, numbness, tingling, high blood pressure and heart rate, anxiety, panic attacks, terrible headaches, aggression and an inability to speak. These aren’t the signs of an overdose- this is just what K2 Spice has the potential of doing to your body after just one hit. There is no part of this drug that is safe; it can cause danger to you and others around you.

There have also been cases where people have become so paranoid they attack others because they feel threatened. Imagine if this way you and there were kids around you when you went into psychotic attack mode. When you are in that state of mind, hallucinating and paranoid, nothing else matters but protecting yourself. This, in turn, can cause you to hurt one of the children you were around or you could have run out into traffic and been hit by a car.

There is also a chance you become so paranoid that you take your own life. There have been many cases where K2 Spice abusers decided to end it all, because the paranoia was so intense. This will not only take your life, but it will also harm your loved ones in a way you couldn’t fathom. Putting your loved ones through your K2 Spice addiction is enough. There are not only physical effects that come from abusing K2 Spice, there are emotional and personal side effects as well.

When you are abusing K2 Spice- or any drug for that matter- you are giving your life to the drug. It will get to the point where you care for nothing other than how and when to get your hands on K2 Spice. This can cause you to lose your job because the withdrawals of K2 Spice are so intense that you need to find more before you can work. You can also be kicked out of your home because your spouse or parents can’t see you harming yourself anymore. Without a place to live and the loss of your job, you will end up homeless and alone all because of a drug that does nothing but harm to you and your life.

Once you have gotten to the point where you are homeless and feel like you have nothing to live for, it may be extremely difficult for you to reach out to others and ask of help. You will be feeling alone and depressed and the only way you know how to handle feeling so down is to keep getting high to make those negative feelings go away. The thing about that though is that those negative feelings will always return, and they return worse than before. The only wat to get out of this slum is to admit you have a problem and get the help you know that you need and deserve.

Even if you feel like you are unworthy- like you deserve nothing at first- as your recovery progresses you will begin to feel worth it and will want to keep moving forward in your life. Once you have admitted you have a problem and are ready to get help you will want to get into a medically supervised detox. The withdrawals from K2 Spice are very uncomfortable and with the help of a medically assisted detox, they can alleviate some symptoms to make your detox process more comfortable. Once you have successfully completed detox, your recovery journey is not over, in all reality, it has just begun.

After detox is when the recovery process begins. You will want to enter into an inpatient treatment rehab facility, if possible. An inpatient facility is your best option, but if unable to, there are other options available to you. Inpatient is the most successful of all recorded treatment plans, but any plan can work as long as you are dedicated in recovery. Nevertheless, you will learn how to live life without K2 Spice and understand that you deserve more. You will begin to build back relationships with your loved ones once you have proven that you are ready and willing to change for the better.

Recovery will not only give you your life back, it will give you your life back better than you have ever lived it. If you are suffering from a K2 Spice addiction and are ready to cut the habit and move on with your life, you came to the right place. Give us a call and we can help you find detox and treatment that would best suit your individual needs.

Individual K2 Spice Therapy

Once you have admitted that you have a problem and are in treatment for your K2 Spice addiction, the recovery process can truly begin. In treatment, you will go through a multitude of different therapies that will help you recover from K2 Spice addiction, and help you deal with the temptations that accompany addiction.

One of the most effective therapies would be individualized therapy. This type of therapy is where you would meet with a therapist, one-on-one, for daily sessions. The first few sessions, the therapist will ask you questions about your childhood, adult life and K2 Spice addiction. He or she will want to get a better understanding of your life before deciding to go any further into treatment. The therapist will try and help you to figure out what it was that was triggering your addiction. You could have gone through abuse growing up or just never felt like you fit in so you used something to block off the pain you were feeling. Whatever the reason of your use, the therapist will talk and work through it with you.

Working through and figuring out such events can help you understand what you were trying to mask with K2 Spice. By working through it, you will begin to have self-love and want to keep bettering your entire life. Your therapist will also go through the common triggers of the outside world with you so you can learn how to combat them while in a safe place. It is important to be completely honest with your therapist so you get the most out of treatment possible.

Group K2 Spice Therapy

While you are in treatment, you will be going through different therapies throughout the day to get to all the various aspects in your life that K2 Spice addiction has affected, and you may not even realize all of what your K2 Spice addiction harmed in your life. Once you start realizing these things about yourself, you will want to let out all emotions to people who understand.

One of the most helpful therapies you will go through is group therapy. In group therapy, you will be surrounded by other people who are also battling addiction and may have gone through similar experiences, fighting the same battle. Being surrounded by people who are fighting the same fight will show you that you are not alone and there are other people out there who are just like you. You will share about your life to these people and compare stories and help each other grow in recovery. One of the reasons why group therapy is important is because you will make friends and be able to have friendships once you leave treatment and when you leave treatment you will be comfortable when meeting other, new sober people.

Your recovery doesn’t just end after you are finished with treatment; you will want to attend a 12-step program to ensure your lasting sobriety. Attending 12-step meetings requires you to understand and care about your feelings, which should come easy after group therapy. Sharing your feelings and going through your emotions will help you grow in your recover and not go back to K2 Spice as a crutch.

  • Will Group Therapy Help My K2 Addiction?
    Yes. Group therapy will show you that you are not fighting your K2 addiction alone.
  • What Do I Do in K2 Group Therapy?
    In group therapy, you will talk about your K2 addiction and relate with others’ battle with their addiction.

True Stories of Addiction:

Your loved one feels isolated and alone in their fight against their addiction. Give them the backup that they need. Holding an intervention for a loved one not only brings their problem to the surface, but shows them that people still care about them. They might be in denial with other people, but most people who have a substance abuse problem are not in denial with themselves. Deep down inside, they know they need help. If you show them that they have support if they decide to get that help, they will be more willing to go to rehab. Let them know that you are not giving up on them.

Rehab for K2 Addiction

  • Why Should I go to Inpatient Treatment for My K2 Addiction?
    You should go to inpatient treatment to save your life from K2 addiction. You will learn a new, healthier way of life while in inpatient rehabilitation.
  • Why Should I Attend Inpatient Rehab?
    You should attend inpatient rehab for your K2 addiction so you can learn how to live your life in a positive way without the use of drugs.

Inpatient K2 Rehab

When you are done with the havoc that K2 Spice is creating in your life and realize you are worth much more than you are giving yourself, you are ready for treatment. There are a multitude of treatments out there for K2 Spice addicted individuals. The best possible treatment you could go to is inpatient rehabilitation.

Inpatient rehab includes detox for the body and therapies for the mind and soul. In inpatient rehab, you would stay for about 30 days to a few months depending on your situation and the severity of your K2 Spice addiction. On arrival to the inpatient rehab, you will go through an evaluation period where staff will get together and figure out the best possible treatment plan for you. Once you have been evaluated, while staff works on your treatment plan, you will begin to medically detox. In detox, you will be given medication to relive your withdrawal symptoms and be monitored 24/7 to ensure your safety. Detox is important because it will help prepare your mind for what is to come in therapy.

You will go through multiple therapies such as individual, group, family, art, music, cognitive behavioral and yoga therapy. All therapies will help strengthen you for the outside world. In treatment, you will be able to prepare yourself for the outside world and learn how to combat triggers and temptations before they come. Inpatient rehab is the best option you can make for yourself. It will help you recover from your addiction and teach you that you are worth more than K2 Spice. – Learn More

Outpatient K2 Rehab

If you have decided you want to live your life free from K2 Spice addiction, it is time to get the treatment you deserve. If you are to choose outpatient rehab for your course of action, it is highly recommended to enter yourself into a detoxification facility before you begin the therapy rehab has set up for you.

When you are going through the pains of K2 Spice withdrawal, it will be difficult for you to move forward and focus on what is being said. You are also more likely to run back to K2 Spice if you are in pain, because you know that one hit will make all the pain go away. So, if you do choose outpatient, make sure you can get the proper detox your body needs. In outpatient rehab, you will not live in a facility and have 24-hour supervision or therapy. You will come to the rehab center a few times a week for group and individual therapy sessions. You will still be taught how to deal with life and combat triggers but since you will have so much freedom it may be extremely difficult.

If possible, you should consider attending inpatient rehab and follow your inpatient with outpatient rehab to keep you accountable for longer. If it is not possible to attend inpatient rehab, have no fear. You can still recover, it is just going to take a bit more dedication. It may be a good idea to pair your outpatient rehab with 12-step meetings. This will take away some of your free time and allow you to meet friends and spend time with other people who are going through exactly what you are feeling. – Learn More

  • Will Outpatient Help my K2 Addiction?
    Just like inpatient, if you are willing to do what it takes to recover, outpatient rehab will help you learn how to live your life without K2.
  • When Should I go to Outpatient Rehab?
    Following up your inpatient treatment with outpatient rehab can help provide you with a better chance at K2 recovery.