Rates of K2 Spice use have risen by 80% within a single year.

90% of deaths from poisoning are directly caused by drug overdoses.

Nearly 50% of all emergency room admissions from poisonings are attributed to drug abuse or misuse.

K2 Spice

What is K2 Spice Used For?

KK2 Spice is a chemical compound that is usually soaked onto dried plants and herbs to facilitate smoking. One of the chemicals used in K2 Spice is a compound that is very similar to THC. THC is the active ingredient found in Marijuana. You can find that K2 Spice goes by many different names depending on where you are in the country. Each community has coined its own unique description of the synthetic chemical. In reference to K2 Spice, you may have heard others names mentioned, such as: K2, Fake weed, Skunk, Moon Rocks, Yucatan Fire, Bliss, Black Mamba, Bombay Blue, Genie, Zohai.

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k2 spice Rehab Treatment Programs

K2 Spice Detox

Detoxing the body of toxic chemicals allows a person to regain their health enough to be able to get additional treatment services. Many inpatient treatment centers have services that provide medical supervision and medically managed detoxification. During detoxification of K2 Spice the body will undergo an experience of withdrawal symptoms. K2 Spice withdrawal symptoms often include: depression, anxiety, headaches and irritability. Soon after the detox withdrawals are over a person will begin to get therapy based care. Once the initial detox process is complete an individual may truly begin to receive effective and long lasting treatment for K2 Spice addiction.
Outpatient k2 spice Rehab

K2 Spice Rehab

Due to the use of K2 Spice not being considered illegal, getting treatment designed specifically for this drug may be difficult. Since the manufacturers of this drug are targeting teens specifically, many treatment centers that do treat Spice addiction are incorporated into teen rehabilitation centers. The focus of the treatment is very similar to the treatments used for those who take Marijuana. These centers cater to the patients' needs but are still age specific and they may include cognitive-behavioral therapy as a means of readjusting their decision making choices in life. It's your path to recovery and only you can walk it but with the right help, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Dangers of K2 Spice

The chemical compounds in The synthetic marijuana K2 Spice contains chemical compounds that will never be completely known by the consumer. Each brand of synthetic Marijuana will vary in chemicals from each brand product. There is no way to have knowledge of what is in each K2 Spice and what is going into the body.


Effects of K2 Spice

Signs and Symptoms

Listed here are a variety of signs and symptoms that may determine if you or someone you love is in need of K2 Spice treatment.
• Euphoric and psychoactive effects

• You have cravings more often than not you may have a psychological dependence.

• If you have a hard time functioning and sleeping without using K2 Spice, physical dependence could be present.

• You have developed a tolerance, if you find yourself needing more K2 Spice than usual to feel sane.

• There have been changes in your overall productivity, mood and hygiene.

• Your loved ones are frequently expressing concern and seem to be upset with you.

• You lack a healthy supportive network on people.

• You spend the majority of your time using K2 Spice and being around others who use it.
Short-Term Effects

There are many short-term effects associated with K2 Spice use. Some of these effects are: an increase in heart rate, hallucinations, paranoia, the inability to speak, confusing, high blood pressure, irritation, nausea and vomiting. Another serious effect includes, suicidal thoughts as well as harmful thoughts and actions.

Long-Term Effects

Aside for the adverse effects such as increased blood pressure and heart rate, delusions, paranoia, delusions and violent behaviors that are similar to the drugs: LSD, Methamphetamine, Cocaine and Synthetic Cathinone; other specific long term effects are unknown. However, the main serious health problems are renal failure, heart palpitations, extreme dehydration and death.



Can You Get Addicted to Spice?

Those who use Spice regularly could experience withdrawal and/or addiction symptoms. Because of this, it means that they can’t stop even if they wanted to. This could lead to dangerous consequences that could affect their health or other aspects of their life.

Can You Die from K2 Spice?

Definitely. Spice has been linked to an increasing number of ER visits and a rising number of deaths.

How Many Teens Use Spice?

Besides Marijuana, Spice is the second most used drug by high school seniors. The thought that Spice is natural and the easy access to the drug has led to increased abuse. Per year, 8th graders to seniors use approximately: 8th Graders: 3.30 10th Graders: [5.40] 12th Graders: [5.80] *Brackets show a significant increase since the previous year, according to University of Michigan, Monitoring the Future Study.

What does K2 Spice look like?

The traditional K2 Spice product resembles natural marijuana plant and herb tobacco. This drug is made out of dry plant material and chopped herbs that includes various colors such as, brown, cream, beige and red. The active ingredients in the drug are usually sprayed on the plant material.

Is Synthetic Marijuana Legal?

Action was taken by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in May of 2013 to ban Synthetic Marijuana. This drug was banned classified as a Class 1 drug. This made the legal distribution of weed a federal level crime in the United States. However, the DEA was only able to ban a certain number of chemicals in this synthetic plant, which ultimately leaves K2 Spice manufacturers space to mix and continue to sell certain forms. Some states in the US are continuing to take action in aim to limit every form of K2 Spice being sold.



Learn more about K2 Spice with our infographics.

k2 spice withdrawal detox

K2 Spice Withdrawal Symptoms

Just as with Marijuana, many claim that using spice is non-addictive. While that may be true in some cases, such a blatant statement can be very deceiving. Those who are frequent users of the drug complain of major challenges when they go through detox. They may experience severe headaches, nausea, nightmares and even more extremely unpleasant sensations, and as a result may find it difficult to break the habit without any outside help.

dangers of k2 Spice

A K2 Spice Overdose?

The term Spice or K2 Spice is used to reference various synthetic cannabinoid inhalant products. Inhaling of K2 Spice is associated with an increasing number of emergency room visits, due to the toxic chemicals that make up this product(s). The chemical make-up of this drug is known to cause psychosis, seizures and tachyarrhythmia. These effects on an individual are not known to occur with Marijuana use.

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Best Treatment Centers

inpatient k2 spice rehab

Inpatient K2 Spice Rehab

Inpatient facilities that are geared towards K2 Spice treatment require the clients to stay at the facility 24 hours a day. These types of rehab center provide medical treatment at all times, so you or your loved one never has to face the addiction alone. They stay in a fully furnished building with other patients walking the same path. 30, 60, and 90 days are the typical amounts of time that a patient can choose to stay. In these days, they attend individual and group therapy sessions. Inpatient rehab also works to treat the underlying causes of the addiction; psychological, history or environmental. This form of treatment has the best track record as it usually leads to lasting recovery.

outpatient k2 spice rehab

Outpatient K2 Spice Rehab

Outpatient clinics allow the clients to travel to and from the center to take part in treatment sessions. They can maintain a normal life by going to work, school or other activities. The problem is they are still exposed to the environment that contributed to their addiction to begin with. However, with strong will dedications, out-patient can be successful. While this form of treatment isn’t for everyone it is often successful and has done wonders for thousands of people in your situation. We know that juggling life and all its stress is difficult, so let us lend a hand and help you manage getting started with your addiction treatment.

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k2 spice interventionK2 Spice Intervention

If someone you know is suffering from an addiction to K2 Spice, we can help. We know that it’s difficult to see a loved one in the state they are in now, but finding help could save a life. The changing chemicals in K2 Spice have been sending an increasing number of people to the ER. Before this happens, we can have a trained interventionist convey your love and understanding in a non-threatening way. If you suspect that someone you care about is developing an addiction to K2 Spice, contact a professional interventionist for support.

Travel for k2 spice treatmentTravel for K2 Spice Treatment

We know that fighting addiction to drugs is hard but it’s even harder when you are confronted on a daily basis with your triggers. There are many treatment centers across the nation we can match you with. We will make sure the choice of treatment is an exceptional one that will meet your needs. If you are removed from your normal routine, you are more likely to have a successful and long term recovery. Many private insurance companies pay for rehabilitation, so traveling will not be too far of a stretch.

Survivors of Substance Abuse

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k2 spice and effects on the brain
K2 Spice and The Brain

Many individuals that use K2 Spice have reported feeling relaxed and only having mild perception changes. They have also said they feel extreme anxiety, paranoia, and Hallucinations. Because K2 Spice is such a new drug, research on it is limited and only beginning to show how it may affect the brain. The research that has been found, shows that the chemicals that are used in K2 Spice attach themselves to the same nerve cell as Marijuana. Though there are some similarities, a couple of the chemicals found in K2 Spice can attach more strongly than THC, which then leads to a stronger and more unpredictable reaction. There are so many chemicals in K2 Spice that it is unclear how they may affect an individual.

Identify Someone with K2 Spice Addiction
How to Identify Someone with K2 Spice Addiction

When it comes to drug use, people do not start to use drugs in the hope of acquiring an addiction. With K2 Spice, addiction is very possible. Beginning to occasionally use, one will likely increase their use gradually. This often times leads to an addiction, before one has the chance to see what is happening. Extreme restlessness, paranoid, or have some type of erratic behavior may be clear indications that they have developed an addiction. Because of its strong effects on the brain, one may also demonstrate disorganization in their daily life, be prone to panic attacks, and may even claim to be hearing voices when no one is there. These symptoms may last for a few days or they could last for months on end.

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traveling for treatementK2 Spice Drug Treatment

If you’ve been even the least bit aware of the changing of the times, you’ve already learned that the word Spice no longer is exclusive to adding a punch of flavor to your meals. In the last few decades the new drug K2 Spice has swept into society and claimed an entire host of people with addiction. This new drug comes complete with a double-edged sword; it promises individuals that they can have the same experience as those who smoke Marijuana but that it is safer and legal to use. This lulls many into a false sense of security from which they never look any further to find out exactly what’s involved. They want the consumers to believe that the ingredients are natural and should be viewed as harmless, though neither of these are true.

alcohol abuse interventionHow Do People Use K2 Spice?

The most common way people use K2 Spice is to roll it in thin papers, like with handmade tobacco cigarettes. Other ways that K2 Spice is used is mixed in with Marijuana as well as being made into herbal tea for drinking. In rare cases, individuals may find the chemical in a powdered form which closely resembles Cocaine. This form of K2 Spice is usually smoked from a test tube or added to a joint. The chemicals in K2 Spice have a high risk for abuse and they have no specified medical benefit. Because of this, the Drug Enforcement Administration is working to make the active ingredients in K2 Spice illegal. The manufacturers that make K2 Spice products show determination to avoid the laws by choosing different chemicals to add to their mixtures.

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