New Drug Flakka is Being Ordered Online

While the pandemic of the new bath-salt variant Flakka has been a relatively recent event in Florida, a new method of distributing this lethal drug are already here, and closer than you’d like to think.

Utilizing the internet, illegal pharmaceutical organizations in China have been able to market various mind-altering chemicals and smuggle them into the United States.

One of the latest products these labs have been importing is Alpha-PDP, more commonly known as Flakka.

According to reports, this new drug has been wreaking havoc within communities in Florida, as Broward County alone has reported nearly 20 deaths from this drug.

Flakka has been known to induce a state known as “excited delirium,” which generally consists of hyper-stimulation, paranoid delusions, hallucinations, increased strength and extreme levels of irritability and aggression.

While these symptoms are considered to be similar to the characteristics of using bath-salts, the effects of this drug have shown to be far more severe than its predecessors.

In addition, this drug can be bought at a cheaper price than other drugs, currently averaging at $11 per gram, giving it the nickname “$5 Insanity.”

Within Broward County, the effects of Flakka have made a distinct impression, as individuals exposed to this drug have demonstrated erratic and violent behaviors across the community.

Reports indicate that several people who administered this substance had run through the street while fully un-clothed, and later attempted to break into the Fort Lauderdale Police Headquarters.

The police encounters with the intoxicated individuals report that the suspects were proclaiming that they were running from non-existent murderers attempting to kill them.

During the same encounter, one of the men had impaled himself on a security gate while attempting to escape; and had to be rescued by firefighters nearly 20 minutes later.

Later, another man on flakka was shot and killed by police while expressing violent behaviors, things escalated when the man took a woman hostage.

This same chaos holds the risk of spreading to the rest of the nation, as flakka has yet to be detected through conventional drug tests, or identified by drug-sniffing dogs at customs.

This furtive drug, combined with online marketing and distribution, as well as an extremely low price, presents itself as a perfect storm that may spread to the rest of the country.

If flakka hasn’t been seen in your state yet, you may only need to wait.

For more information on Flakka, click here.

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