Crystal Meth Production in Mexico Increases Due to Falling Levels in the U.S.

Crystal Meth has been noted as a problem that occurs on a societal level. However, the United States specifically is experiencing a curious shift in the origins of balance of Crystal Meth distribution and production both inside and outside its borders. According to reports by local police, as well as border security, we are seeing a rise in the amounts of crystal meth being brought from the Mexican border, and a decline in crystal meth production in the United States.

Crystal Meth Production in the U.S.

Just by examining the existence of known meth labs in the United States, there has been a substantial decrease in the number of local meth labs. In 2010, it was reported that the number of known meth labs in the United States was approximately 15,000. Recently, this number is now estimated to be only approximately 9,000.

Such a substantial drop in the occurrence of meth production in the U.S. can be attributed to multiple factors. One of these causes could be the increased security of local authorities in apprehending individuals who are producing meth, as well as stopping production in the labs themselves. Another element could be the cost efficiency in producing crystal meth in the United States. According to Matt Barden, a representative for the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration, “Meth used to cost about $30,000 a pound. Now, it can be found for between $8,000 and $10,000.”

With this decrease in economic demand for higher priced crystal meth would often result in drug manufacturers switching their product to more profitable mind-altering substances (which may have influences on the rise of other substances, such as heroin). But even though the production has declined, we are not seeing a proportional decline in actual use of crystal meth, which means that there must be crystal meth that is being shipped into the United States from outside of the country.

Rise of Crystal Meth Production in Mexico

According to U.S. Border Customs and Border Patrol, officers are finding an increased amount of crystal meth that is coming across the U.S.-Mexican border. Given that many  labs in Mexico are now able to produce drugs in mass quantities, the drug cartels have been able to supplement the decrease of production in the U.S. by producing more meth at a lower cost, and at a higher quality product.

Officers at the Arizona ports were reported to have seized over three-thousand pounds of meth between the months of October and May, while it took officer an entire fiscal year to seize that much in the year before.

This shocking rise in production in Mexico of crystal meth may appear to be discouraging, but the access to crystal in the United is now becoming more vulnerable. If these drugs can be prevented from entering the United State border, the access would be compromised, restricting the amount of meth on our streets.

Crystal meth can be a devastating elements in our society, but if we can predict its trends, we have a better chance of preventing more cases in the United States. Click here to find out more about crystal meth abuse and rehabilitation.

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