The Tragedy of Addiction in Nampa, Idaho

The progression of drugs has taken a dark turn for the worst entering the millennium as you’ll see here in the case of a Nampa, Idaho mom of 2 who attempted to drown her baby. The 60’s and 70’s brought psychedelics to those who wanted to party till the sun came up. With the turn of the century, pharmaceuticals have developed stronger opiate based sedatives and underground chemists manufacture toxic concoctions that rot your flesh from the inside out while leaving users in a zombie-like state.

So where did we go wrong, why are the drugs produced in this era so debilitating and addictive? It is disturbing to know that once someone injects or ingests these news drugs, they become psychotic and unaware of their actions until it is too late.


Nampa, Idaho Mom Attempts to Drown her Baby

A Nampa, Idaho mother of two struggling with an addiction to Dilaudid and Bath Salts does something so heinous leaving other mothers cringing with disgust.

With four felonies already under her belt, three counts of credit card fraud, one grand theft, in addition to a misdemeanor drug paraphernalia charge, it’s clear this mom is not winning any mother of the year award anytime soon.

The twisted reality of it is that she is sick, by the look of her recent record she was stealing and committing fraud to afford her drug addiction. She’s facing felonies, she does not pass go or collect $200; she goes straight to jail and her four year old daughter and infant will be placed in the care of the state, and we all know how loving and caring the child protective services can be.

So with her last days of freedom she did what any drug addict would do, shoot up bath salts and Dilaudid. According to numerous witness statements, Regina R. Dilworth took to the streets on a Saturday afternoon with children in hand and pleaded to all who passed by to save her daughter as she tried to give her away to any who would listen.

Clutching her infant child, Regina R. Dilworth crossed the street and jumped into a ditch that was filled with water, with every intention of drowning her child. Nearby witnesses jumped in after her to rescue the baby. They managed to pull the woman out of the canal and wait for the local police to arrive.

Regina R. Dilworth was arrested and is now being charged with another felony for submerging the infant and another misdemeanor for walking in the middle of the road while in a drug-induced state with her daughter following.

She Heard Voices

When she sobered up, she told detectives she had injected a combination of bath salts and Dilaudid and that the last thing she remembers was walking out of her house the next morning with her children and “walking toward the light,”. Police said the family walked about a mile from their home to the irrigation ditch.

Dilworth told the detectives she heard voices telling her that her children were possessed and she needed to “find God.” Fortunately the children appear to have no injuries and they’re both in the care of protective services.

What is more unfortunate is that this isn’t the only case reported of those who are addicted to bath salts and opiates doing horrible and unthinkable things that they cannot account for when sober.


The Punishment

This person is clearly suffering with an addiction that is compromising the health of others and herself while risking the lives of her children.

Now I firmly believe she is responsible for her actions, but I do not think her punishment should be incarceration, but rehabilitation. Court mandated rehabilitation and years of probation with mandatory drug tests to ensure she remains sober for her children.

What do you think, do you think this woman should rot in jail for the violations against her children and those around her, or do you think she should be given the opportunity to get clean for her children and begin a new life?

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