Elderly Addiction Treatment Programs

Golden Years Shouldn’t Dim With Addiction

When we think of addiction, the young tend to come to mind. Though elderly persons are the least likely age group to develop substance abuse and addiction issues, more and more people of advanced age find themselves unable to control their using or drinking.

Prescription medication may be the greatest culprit when it comes to new cases of addiction amongst the elderly. New, potent and highly addictive prescription drugs are often dispensed in the management of pain and other health conditions.

The disease of addiction does not discriminate against who it chooses to claim. Complications and mishandling of medications cause increasingly higher fatalities.

No one should continue to suffer from the disease of addiction due to the misconception that because one has never had a problem with drugs or Alcohol before, they are immune to the disease.

Many elderly persons require treatment for substance abuse disorders. The needs of these clients may differ from younger fellow suffers of the disease of addiction. such requirements may include access to continued medical care for health conditions, greater support with transportation and mobility, as well as support staff and therapist who understand the needs of such clients.

Below are listed treatment centers that cater to the specific needs and wants of clients of advanced age.