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55 N West End Ave, Lancaster PA, 17603
White Deer Run - Lancaster, PA Logo
For over three decades, the White Deer Run Network has been providing quality, effective addiction treatment to both adolescents and adults. We are proud of the breadth of the programs we are able to offer, including: detox, inpatient residential programs, day treatment, outpatient and online services, specialty and medication assisted treatment programs. Treatment at White Deer Run is covered by most insurance plans, and will be facilitated by our experienced team of counselors, therapists and medical professionals - all experts in the field of substance abuse treatment.This regal home is well equipped with all of the tools to facilitate a clean and sober environment where relapse prevention is key. Focus on the 12 step program and access to meetings such as AA, NA and Alanon as well as Recreational Centers allow for anyone in recovery to feel at home and keep their recovery at the forefront of their lives. This is a male only facility with around the clock nursing care and an inpatient detox. This beautiful house in the downtown Lancaster area offers a home-like setting to make it's residents feel comfortable throughout their stay. Their program is tailored to the all male clientele.
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