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South Central Alabama Mental Health Outpatient Program

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207 Academy Dr, Andalusia AL, 36420
South Central Alabama Mental Health Outpatient Program Logo
South Central Alabama Mental Health, Inc. understands and emphasizes the importance of developing the capability of all programs and all staff to be welcoming and engaging toward all individuals and families in empathic, hopeful relationships that facilitate appropriate identification of needs, access to appropriate assessment and properly matched services. Within this framework, it is particularly important to welcome and engage those individuals who might ordinarily have difficulty gaining access to services, such as those who have co-occurring mental health and substance use issues or disorders, those who are from diverse cultural and/or linguistic groups, those who are hearing or sight impaired , and those who have associated medical disabilities, all of whom are particularly at high risk for poorer outcomes if not successfully welcomed into care.All individuals/families and all service settings are not the same. Consequently, there is no single correct welcoming intervention for individuals/ families. We recognize and stress the importance for each staff member at each level of care to take responsibility for welcoming and engaging clients and their families, and to match each individual and their families with services that are appropriate to the needs of the individual and their families. South Central recognizes that the welcoming and engaging atmosphere begins with the first contact, whether it is the individual seeking help or a family member inquiring about services, whether by telephone or a personal visit to our facility. All staff members are trained at orientation and annually thereafter on the importance of creating a welcoming, hopeful environment for all individuals and their families. SA-OP operates under the belief that addiction is a disease and is best treated with a 12-step recovery approach with emphasis on family invovlement. The program is scheduled on designated days/evenings from 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM, meeting two or three days/nights per week.
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