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The Carlyle Building 401 E Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage AK, 99503
Resolution Services Office of Vivan Patton Logo
Vivian Patton has worked in her respective field since 1994; previously employed as a social worker, she decided to pursue a profession that had a more person-centered approach. After opening her own practice in October 2007, she’s been able to treat individuals the best way she believes she can. Her counseling services are very respective of each individual that walks into her office—if you aren’t interested in change, Vivian will respect your decision and allow you to stay on your path. However, for those who need that extra support, those who are looking for change, we here at the Resolution Services Counseling and Wellness Office of Vivian Patton are here for you.Our counseling and wellness staff has a combined experience of 75 years. We employ counselors, certified case managers, and various support staff to help each client achieve their goals. We focus on helping people and doing the best work that we can—we will meet a client at their current situation and assist them from there. We strive to offer the least restrictive level of care; we try to give each patient the least amount of services to accomplish the necessary changes they’re seeking. We value that all change is self-change and we have no interest in treating a client longer than necessary. Our company offers an integrative outpatient treatment program for those struggling with mental health issues or substance abuse, or clients needing early intervention services. We help individuals that are both mandated and self-referred to get on the path of recovery.If you are in the early stages of substance dependency and are seeking change, Vivian Patton can help you with her specialized treatment levels. Our facility operates similar to a rehab center, though we offer no sober living services. If it’s determined you need long-term residential treatment, we will refer you to some of the best sober living facilities in or out of state.
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Resolution Services Office of Vivan Patton
The Carlyle Building 401 E Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage AK, 99503
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