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7447 Glenview Dr E, Indianapolis IN, 46250
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The longer I’m in practice the more my substance abuse and psychotherapy practices seem to meld together. I am qualified to provide substance abuse evaluation, education, treatment, prevention and relapse prevention. Substance abuse treatment is very individualized in my office because I do not believe one size fits all.Importantly, substance abuse does not occur in an isolated manner. While its impact is certainly isolating, substance abuse is an issue that must be addressed in an atmosphere without judgment. I provide that. I do not abandon my patients when they relapse. I move closer. My services include Dual Diagnosis treatment, of course.Furthermore, I make it a habit to work in tandem with your psychiatrist or other healthcare provider in order to ensure you receive the best the healthcare system can provide and that, in my opinion, is coordination of care between providers
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  • Drug/ Alcohol Counselor
  • Therapist
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Melody Stiles
7447 Glenview Dr E, Indianapolis IN, 46250
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