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1546 McDaniel Dr, West Chester PA, 19380
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My approach is pragmatic and includes building a strong therapeutic alliance that can support change. I know this change can be difficult, so I meet each client exactly where they are on their journey while challenging them just enough to facilitate growth. I value transparency and authenticity in the therapeutic relationship because change and growth only happen in the context of safety and trust. I am truly passionate about the work that I do, and consider it an honor when a client allows me permission to enter their internal world of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.I have extensive education and clinical experience working with addiction issues. With addiction, there is a great likelihood that there is a co-occurring mental health issue as well. This creates a complexity of symptoms, so I work with the client to identify a course of treatment and therapy best suited for each individual.Couples therapy is limited only to couples dealing with addiction and recovery issues.
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  • Drug/ Alcohol Counselor
  • Therapist
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Diane Bradley
1546 McDaniel Dr, West Chester PA, 19380
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