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4954 Main St, Downers Grove IL, 60515
CAP - Center for Addictive Problems Logo
Heroin and opiate medication (pain pill) addiction can be quickly controlled and effectively treated at CAP clinics. Most patients feel understood and welcome from their first day, and after stabilizing on methadone stop abusing heroin or opiate medication. CAP clinics are licensed and accredited facilities specializing in the treatment of heroin and pharmaceutical opiate (pain pill) addiction with methadone maintenance and buprenorphine assisted treatment. Our Medical Directors, of past and present, have received awards for excellence from patient advocate groups and addiction medicine professional organizations, both national and international. They were recognized not only for their respectful and effective treatment of addiction but also for their scientific research showing that heroin and opiate pain pill addiction can be stopped with methadone maintenance in almost all patients. CAP staff made this recognition possible. CAP’s professional counselors and nurses understand the variety and nature of the many difficulties faced by addicts, and enjoy being part of the recovery process for their patients. CAP maintains a high level of quality in our services, as evidenced by the fact that we are accredited by the Joint Commission. What does this mean to our patients? We are constantly striving to improve patient care and safety. Our patients have a voice in assessing CAP’s performance. Our overall goal is to provide the tools and support needed for each of our patient’s success.
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CAP - Center for Addictive Problems
4954 Main St, Downers Grove IL, 60515
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