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BAART Programs - E-Street, CA

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1235 E St, Fresno CA, 93706
BAART Programs - E-Street, CA Logo
BAART has been providing drug treatment and rehabilitation services since 1977. BAART offers treatment within BAART Programs' continuum of care that includes opioid treatment programs, behavioral health services and primary medical care. Some of their locations include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Omaha and cities in Vermont. They have helped patients all over the country through their commitment to effective drug treatment options including the methadone and suboxone methods. BAART Programs not only helps addiction treatment but also provides primary medical care and mental health services through a network of fixed sites and mobile vans. They are now serving five states and over 6,500 people per day, they provide state-of-the-art drug treatment, mental health and medical services through a dedicated staff committed to offering personal, caring, and individual attention to each of their patients. Their quality care has been recognized by state and federal governments, accreditation organizations, as well as patients and their families
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BAART Programs - E-Street, CA
1235 E St, Fresno CA, 93706
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