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People actually have real Jobs here and they are all/most in the process of coming off of their methadone.

About BAART Programs - Chandler, AZ

BAART Programs of Arizona offers drug abuse treatment and detox programs to patients struggling with increasingly common dependencies to prescription pills, opiates and other drugs. They originally began in San Francisco over 30 years ago, and has spread across the country providing local healthcare and drug treatment and research services to those in need it. Because of this the growing number of people in the Chandler and Glendale areas with addiction to prescription medications, our staff specializes in the complicated challenges these patients present. The professionals at BAART are dedicated to providing

and successful drug treatments to patients no matter what their age. They understand that everyone needs personalized care and attention which is why they create solutions on a case by case basis that combine both medical and therapeutical methods. At the Chandler clinic they provide suboxone treatment and methadone treatment which are both evidence based methods of eliminating one's dependency to a medication or other drug. These are newer medication assisted treatments that have proven to help beat addiction for many of our patients in the Gilbert, Phoenix and Glendale areas.

Listing Type

  • service providedDetox Facility
  • service not providedInpatient Rehab Facility
  • service not providedOutpatient Facility
  • service not providedTherapist/ Counselor/ Psychologist/ Psychiatrist
  • service not providedIntervention
  • service not providedSober Living
  • service providedMethadone Maintenance Clinic
  • service not providedPain Management Program

Payment Methods

  • service providedCash
  • service providedCheck
  • service providedCard
  • service not providedScholarship
  • service not providedState Funded
  • service not providedState Insurance
  • service not providedPrivate Insurance
  • service not providedPayment plans
  • service not providedOut of Network Insurance
  • service not providedIn Network

Check all that apply (Methadone Clinic)

  • service providedTherapy Session Included
  • service providedGuest Dosing
  • service providedTake home Doses

Phone: (480) 899-0200
Location: 908 W Blvd, Chandler , AZ 85225

Payment Intervals

  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Tapering Offered (Methadone Clinic)

  • Yes


  • Free

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Danielle H

January 6th, 2016

People actually have real Jobs here and they are all/most in the process of coming off of their methadone.


May 6th, 2014

In and out every morning no crap at all and everyone is super nice.


BAART Programs - Chandler, AZ