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6350 S Maple Ave, Tempe AZ, 85283
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Aurora Behavioral Health System’s adult inpatient chemical dependency services are for adults 18 and over requiring detoxification and treatment for alcohol and drug addiction while learning to cope with a chemical addiction. Treatment consists of a period of detoxification in which the patient receives medical care during withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs. An interdisciplinary approach brings together psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment experts within the context of a short-term, highly specialized and individualized program.addiction recovery programsOur goal is to help patients gain control of their lives and learn ways to manage stress without the use of drugs and alcohol. As each patient’s path to recovery is different, we recognize that every patient is an individual and deserves to be treated with dignity, care and respect. We believe addiction is a treatable disorder and that care provided by compassionate professionals in an environment of support and mutual respect, which heightens patients’ self-esteem and promotes medical, emotional, spiritual and social recovery.Treatment is offered in a structured, but supportive environment by a multidisciplinary treatment team including psychiatrists, physicians, addictionologists, social workers, family counselors, nurses, adjunctive therapists, chemical dependency counselors and dieticians. After a comprehensive assessment and evaluation is completed to identify a patient’s strengths and needs, this multidisciplinary team develops an individualized treatment plan including input from the family/support system.
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Aurora Behavioral Health System
6350 S Maple Ave, Tempe AZ, 85283
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