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1661 Old Birmingham Hwy, Sylacauga AL, 35150
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Struggling with alcoholism or a drug addiction can make recovery seem impossible. At AltaPointe, we believe sobriety is possible. Deciding to work toward recovery by seeking the right treatment and support is the first step. Change is not easy, and the journey to recovery may be riddled with hurdles, but our professionals can help patients identify the underlying problems that led to their addictions.Sometimes people who have become addicted to substances or alcohol also may have mental health issues. This is called dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder. The best way to achieve recovery and wellness is by seeking an integrated treatment program that addresses both problems simultaneously. AltaPointe has worked with individuals who have co-occurring disorders for many decades. We have a reputation for helping our patients succeed in addressing their dual diagnoses and developing strategies to maintain healthy lifestyles and wellness.AltaPointe offers several outpatient substance abuse treatment options. AltaPointe gives priority to women who are pregnant and have intravenous substance use disorders or any substance use disorder; women with dependent children; individuals who have intravenous substance use disorders; individuals who are HIV positive and all others who have substance use disorders.HIV Early Intervention Services (EIS) are available for individuals receiving treatment in one of our substance abuse programs in Mobile and Baldwin counties. This services will be voluntary and with the informed consent of the individual. Services include HIV rapid testing, pre and post-test counseling and case management services as deemed necessary. Undergoing such services will not be required as a condition of receiving treatment for substance abuse or any other service. AltaPointe follows all procedures established by the Alabama Department of Mental Health (ADMH) in cooperation with the Alabama Department of Public Health Communicable Disease Officer in all aspects of the provisions of HIV Early Intervention Services. Service data is reported to Alabama Substance Abuse Information System (ASAIS) as specified by ADMH.To learn more about beginning substance abuse treatment through AltaPointe, individuals should call CarePointe, our access to care call center, at (251) 450-2211 for an assessment. All fees for services are based upon a sliding scale.
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Altapointe Health Systems
1661 Old Birmingham Hwy, Sylacauga AL, 35150
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