Christian Based Treatment Helping With Addiction

When recovering from substance abuse, the number one fear is relapsing. Will your willpower be strong enough to overcome the cravings that poison your body and soul? Will your strength faltered this time, or the next? Will prayer for strength fall on deaf ears or will the grace of God shine through you in your moment of crisis?

Jimmy Monaghan from Celebrate Recovery discusses with Detox To Rehab about working through a Christian program to handle the temptation of cravings.

Making the decision to get clean and sober is a difficult choice knowing you have lived a life of drug abuse. For years, months, or even days, those who have struggled with drugs and alcohol know what it feels like to crave it.

Accountability and Addiction Cravings

Being honest with yourself and accepting that cravings can stifle your conviction is normal for recovery. As you mature and learn about the psychology of addiction, accountability for your actions strengthens your willpower against giving into those cravings.

You may contemplate the negative ramifications of giving into those cravings and realize that the person you want to be, the person you are becoming through your recovery, would suffer greatly if your cravings got the best of you.

Above all else, never forget the craving will always pass. In the midst of your Christian program accountability will control your cravings and scripture will be your moral compass till it passes.

Fellowship in Recovery

Oftentimes, these urges are riddled with anxiety, manipulation and deceit that undermine your quality of life. Without medication to curb the hunger, without a substitute to satisfy your demons, how do you handle the cravings when God and prayer is your only saving grace? According to Jimmy Monaghan, the answer is never just prayer and God.

Working a Christian program you develop relationships with those who struggle like yourself. You are never alone. Your peers become family and the words of God, the scripture of Christ, become the fortification you need when that moment occurs.

Romans 12:4-5 says “For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.”

This passage illuminates to us that we are never meant to journey through life alone. We are never really complete without a sense of belonging with other believers. The people who have traveled down the same tragic road you have, clutch your hand in prayer and give you the strength till the craving passes.

Sins of the Father

In many cases, Christianity and science disagree on many controversial issues, however, when it comes to brain scans, MRI, and scripture there is a correlation. The epigenetic damage of drug abuse can be witnessed in MRI brain scans, more specifically, in the generations of drug addiction. Scripture reference:

Exodus 34:7 states: “…he punishes the children and their children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation” (New International Version).

Surprisingly enough, those who seek sobriety and refrain from any substance abuse for an extended period of time have significant brain changes that can be witnessed with the MRI brain scans. The damage drugs like heroin or meth have on the brain can be restored through abstinence and the healing powers of Christ and His scripture. Yes, time and sobriety is needed for this change to happen. But regardless of time and abstinence, there is hope for the generations to follow.

  1. Thanks to those Bible verses. Spiritually, following Christ and doing his will will be an antidote to recovery from drug addicts.

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