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jamie lee curtis' addiction and sober now

Jamie Lee Curtis Addiction and Sobriety

07 August in Celebrity

We venerate celebrities for their talents and glamorous lifestyles, but we don't always see what's going on behind the curtain. The truth of the matter is that movies stars are under constant pressure, and are often vulnerable and have higher risks of substance abuse. For...

heroin addiction

Making Healthy Choices After Heroin Addiction 

05 August in Heroin

Heroin addiction’s recovery journey is defined by optimism.  Battling through withdrawal management, different types of therapy, relapse prevention and sometimes relapse itself is no easy feat.  It gives hope that addiction treatment programs actually work, and it’s such a great relief.  The life after heroin requires even more determination, discipline and positivity. It’s a...

methadone clinic shooting in baltimore

Baltimore Methadone Clinic Shooting

02 August in Methadone

For over 50 years, Man Alive, a Baltimore methadone clinic, has served hundreds of people fighting addiction. Those services were unexpectedly halted on Monday, July 15 when a patient of the clinic walked in holding a silver handgun and began a shooting. This unfortunate Baltimore...