Does Addiction Treatment Work?

Well, Does Rehab Work?

“I absolutely believe that treatment works, beyond any shadow of a doubt…” says John Grab, a member of A Better Today Recovery Services’ Business Development and Outreach Program. This question may seem simple, but it makes for a good question for anyone looking for help, whether for themselves or for a loved one. Since substance abuse was qualified as a disease and a mental illness, treatment has come a long way in terms of the methods we go about helping those with said disease.

“The people that are working in this field are committed to helping people.” This is probably one of the most important aspects of treatment programs: having a staff that is not only knowledgeable but also caring and compassionate. These are the people that are going to help you, or your loved ones, as they go through detox, rehabilitation, and treatment.

How Treatment Works

You wouldn’t treat cancer with Nyquil any more than you should, would, or could treat addiction to heroin the same way you would treat addiction to cocaine or alcohol. A Better Today not only recognizes this but heavy applies it to our treatment programs. Each situation is tackled in a unique, specialized application in order to best help the person in need. These tailored programs are what make the treatment process so effective because it’s not just a blanket-treatment used to aid every ailment.

No matter what substance you used or how strong your dependency was, treatment is available and it is effective. There are hundreds, thousands even, of people who have come before you looking for help, and have gotten it. “Recovery is a Journey,” and everyone’s journey is different. What works for some might not work for you, or it might! the only way to know is to try.

You Are Not the Sum of Your Mistakes

“Our responsibility is to help them come to terms with whatever issues are going on.” Our job is to show you that you are more than worthy of a life worth living. There’s an old saying that goes “It’s never too late,” and this goes double for addiction treatment. The answer to the question of who you are as a person is not who you have been, what you have done, or where you have gone, but rather where you are going, who you are being, and what you are doing. Your mistakes have brought you to where you are today, for better or for worse, and you have the choice to make a better today.

“My goal is always to teach them,” this is what care providers do best. The goal is to show you a new way to think about addiction, a new way to approach your urges and desires in order to help you avoid a cross addiction or relapse. The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift: that is why it is called “the present,” so take the gift of today and use it to make a difference for tomorrow.

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