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Women's Addiction Recovery Manor

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56 N McKinley St, Henderson KY, 42420
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Women's Addiction Recovery Manor(WARM) utilizes a social model of recovery. Clients enrolled in the recovery program learn to become accountable for their actions. They actively participate in the community process of accountability and learn to appropriately deal with consequences for inappropriate behavior. During the community process clients learn to hold their peers accountable with love, dignity, and respect. Clients “give back” to the recovery program by providing their own cleaning, light maintenance repairs, laundry, food service, and lawn care services. Clients are taught independent living skills and learn to become responsible for their own personal care as well as caring for their own living environment.WARM is a group living facility. Clients share living spaces with their peers. Having valuables and large sums of money is discouraged as they are the clients’ responsibility for safekeeping. Cell phones are prohibited. Pay phones are available for use within the facility. There is no onsite medical clinic. All medical emergencies are handled by the local hospital and/or voluntary medical personnel. WARM is not financially responsible for medical bills incurred by clients during their enrollment in the program. All medical bills incurred by clients, including prescriptions, is the client’s responsibility.
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Women's Addiction Recovery Manor
56 N McKinley St, Henderson KY, 42420
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