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690 Edison Way, Reno NV, 89502
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Everyone needs someone to talk to, someone with an open mind who will listen first. Willow Springs Center opened in 1988 to help troubled children and teens find their way in life. At our residential treatment facility, we strongly believe the power for an individual to change lives in the therapeutic relationship. This change can be sustained through additional support and active involvement from the child’s family. The core values of the therapeutic relationship include compassion, nurturing, unconditional acceptance and support in a positive, non-punitive environment. We believe one of the most important factors in treatment is the modeling of positive social skills by adult mentors. In our interactions with children, the goal is to instill a sense of value and worth by accepting them for where they are now and acknowledging their positive achievements and individual strengths. Through the adoption of these core values, the children and young adults we counsel begin to feel empowered to reach their full potential.
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Willow Springs Center
690 Edison Way, Reno NV, 89502
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