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10515 Cabaniss Ln, Hanover VA, 23069
Williamsville Wellness Logo
Williamsville Wellness was founded in 2007 by Robert W. Cabaniss Jr.(“Bob”). Bob opened the eight bed facility in his family’s historic home outside Richmond, Virginia with a mission to help those struggling with addiction. In 2011, the Fire Lane house opened to expand care for more people, adding 8 additional beds. Since its inception, hundreds of people have sought out treatment at Williamsville Wellness to break the bonds of addiction.The mission of Williamsville Wellness is to provide holistic, individualized treatment that offers hope and recovery for the individual addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs, and to the individual with an Impulse Control Disorder. We believe that with the integration of mental health therapy, physical therapies and other holistic interventions, an individual can gain freedom from alcoholism and specific Impulse Control Disorders, and have a positive regard for life and recovery. Williamsville Wellness is a client-centered program based on respect and compassion for each individual.
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