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100 Hopemont Dr, Terra Alta WV, 26764
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The Detoxification Unit is a residential 10-day detoxification program for individuals with a chemical dependency. There are 20 available beds – 10 voluntary and 10 court-ordered or involuntary. Medically monitored detoxification services are provided through a 24-hour available nursing staff and daily appointments with a physician. Treatment services are primarily supportive and group-based. Individuals will participate in group therapy, individual therapy, and a 12-step recovery program.The Recovery Community is an 18-bed, long-term residential program following a community-based peer-driven philosophy. Essentially, the residents of this 15-18 week program adopt a therapeutic community concept where they rely mostly on themselves and their peers during their recovery. This method teaches self-reliance and positive social skills by reducing dependency on staff. The Recovery Community promotes personal growth and upward mobility through a three-stage process with increasing privileges accompanied by increasing responsibility and expectations.
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United Summit Center
100 Hopemont Dr, Terra Alta WV, 26764
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