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1007 Mary St, Waycross GA, 31503
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Created in 1971, Unison Behavioral Health is an independent public agency created by Georgia law to provide behavioral health and developmental disability services to persons in Coffee, Atkinson, Bacon, Pierce, Ware, Clinch, Charlton, and Brantley counties. Originally Satilla Community Services, in October 2012 the organization became Unison Behavioral Health to better reflect its role as a specialty provider of behavioral healthcare services.Unison is one of twenty-six community service board organizations operating in Georgia. Unison's board of directors are appointed by county commissioners and each county within the service area has at least one representative. As allowed by Georgia law, up to three additional board members may be appointed to the board in the event a county provides Unison significant financial support and/or in-kind contributions.Unison services are provided regardless of age, race, gender, religion, handicap, national origin, veteran status, or ability to pay. We employ over 300 staff all dedicated to creating health and wellness for our clients through provision of high quality mental health, substance abuse and developmental disability services.
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Unison Behavioral Health
1007 Mary St, Waycross GA, 31503
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Unison Behavioral Health Logo

Unison Behavioral Health

1007 Mary St, Waycross GA, 31503

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