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Thresholds, Inc.

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20505 Dupont Blvd, Georgetown DE, 19947
Thresholds, Inc. Logo
Thresholds Inc. is an outpatient counseling facility specializing in treatment for substance abuse and other mental health problems. Licensed and certified counselors, and other professionals, work with clients and their families. Thresholds began as a DUI treatment program in 1985. Developed in response to an unmanageable client backlog, Thresholds designed and implemented a program that eliminated waiting lists statewide within three months of its inception. Since that beginning we have added specialized treatment components to our DUI program and initiated innovative community-based treatment programming with our Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment Program and our Drug Court Diversion Program.At our foundation, Thresholds is all about helping people change. We know that change can be difficult, that it can even seem impossible. We have come to know that hope, the belief that change can occur, is sometimes a seed that must be planted. Our mission is to instill that hope and promote change.Thresholds’ goal is to deliver effective, evidence-based treatment services for the individuals we serve. We recognize that addiction is a condition that ruins health and arrests the development of a safe and rewarding life. We further believe that given accurate information, an environment where new behaviors are encouraged and practiced, that people are able to significantly alter their behavior.
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Thresholds, Inc.
20505 Dupont Blvd, Georgetown DE, 19947
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