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Silkworth Institute Scottsdale, AZ

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Very well maintained stable humble comforting place.! Friendly staff and high quality lodgings!

About Silkworth Institute

The Silkworth approach is about more than overcoming addictions, it’s about helping people become the best version of themselves. From the inside out, our alcohol recovery and drug detox programs are designed to transcend the traditional methods to deliver real results. We know firsthand what happens when empathy, knowledge, and incredible atmosphere combine, and we have a history of success to prove it. We encourage you to take the first steps to sobriety with us in America’s most prestigious detox

and sober living house. After chemical dependency tears down your health and strength, you need a facility like The Silkworth Institute to regain control, relax, de-stress and restore balance to your body and mind. The difference is that we focus on the physical craving and directly address the mental obsession. While there are many opinions about alcohol and drug detox, the unique Silkworth approach uses researched and proven medical treatments that focus the mind, body and spirit and reunite them.

Listing Type

  • service providedDetox Facility
  • service providedInpatient Rehab Facility
  • service not providedOutpatient Facility
  • service not providedTherapist/ Counselor/ Psychologist/ Psychiatrist
  • service not providedIntervention
  • service providedSober Living
  • service not providedMethadone Maintenance Clinic
  • service not providedPain Management Program

Payment Methods

  • service providedCash
  • service providedCheck
  • service providedCard
  • service not providedScholarship
  • service not providedState Funded
  • service not providedState Insurance
  • service providedPrivate Insurance
  • service not providedPayment plans
  • service not providedOut of Network Insurance
  • service not providedIn Network

Detox Methods

  • service not providedValium
  • service not providedSubacute
  • service providedSuboxone
  • service not providedPhenobarbital
  • service not providedNon- Narcotic
  • service not providedMethadone
  • service providedHolistic
  • service not providedNaltrexone

Phone: 866-635-1544
Location: 7283 E Earll Dr, Scottsdale , AZ 85251

Treatment Model

  • Holistic

Setting (Inpatient)

  • Residential

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August 31st, 2016

incredible staff

Stan Barnes

April 6th, 2016

Very well maintained stable humble comforting place.! Friendly staff and high quality lodgings!

John O.

April 5th, 2016

I know a few people who have been clients here. I've visited, and it is a beautiful place. Like other reviews of recovery-based living, the review is usually a reflection of the client, not the establishment. It works if you work it!


Silkworth Institute