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1231 N 29th St, Billings MT, 59101
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Chemical dependency, eating disorders, pathological gambling and sexual addiction, are all illnesses characterized by once pleasurable pursuits gone awry. At Rimrock, these disorders are termed sick-love relationships. They occur whenever the love and pursuit of a chemical high, an eating binge or a winning high becomes more compelling than the pursuit and nurturing of our love relationships with the people once dearest to us-spouses, parents, children or friends. When we choose to obtain our rewards and pleasures from chemicals, food or games, we have become victims of addiction. We need help; everyone around us sees our need for help, but we are blind to the reality of our condition, and our blindness to the problem becomes the problem. This blindness is called delusion and without aggressive intervention and treatment, our delusion destroys us because these illnesses are progressive and too often fatal. Our families need help as desperately as we do. Falsely believing they can rescue us, they struggle to control and change our sick behavior. Their struggle becomes co-dependency, a parallel sick-love relationship.
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1231 N 29th St, Billings MT, 59101
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