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1301 Plantation Island Dr S St Augustine, St. Augustine FL, 32080
Recovery Keys - St. Augustine, FL Logo
Dr. Jeremy Mirabile and his team at Recovery Keys are experienced in the fields of addiction medicine and mental health. They will help provide the support necessary to change unhealthy perceptions, thoughts, and behaviors.Because Drug and Alcohol Dependence are medical conditions, not moral failings, a Board Certified Addiction Medicine Physician will provide a complete evaluation to determine the appropriate level of treatment for you.If appropriate for outpatient treatment, you may be prescribed a medication such as Suboxone, Librium, Naltrexone, or Campral along with counseling and support group meetings to help stabilize your condition.Through a supportive yet challenging environment, you will gain a necessary awareness and respect for the disease you are battling. Armed with this awareness, you will be equipped to change the self-destructive behaviors that have invaded your life.Recovery Keys™ offers effective, interdisciplinary treatment to those struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. Our programs for both drug and alcohol addiction are abstinence-focused and 12 Step-based. They combine medical science with time-tested spiritual principles to help each individual unlock his/her own pathway to recovery. All patients receive a comprehensive evaluation prior to entry into outpatient treatment.The mission of Recovery Keys is to provide effective outpatient treatment to individuals struggling with substance use disorders. Our team of professionals can assist you in unlocking a life of health and balance.
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