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108 Corporate Square, Dublin GA, 31021
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Our Family of Centers are medication-assisted treatment programs and specifically are methadone maintenance and detoxification centers. The centers specialize in the treatment and care of adults (over 18 years of age) with opioid dependence, without partiality to sex, color, race, religion or other socioeconomic factor(s).Our programs provides outpatient care in the form of daily dosing with methadone, scheduled individual and group counseling, and monitoring of patient UDS screens, prescriptions, and various other benchmark activities. We are private, for-profit organizations with no funding sources other than the patients themselves. We have quickly distinguished ourselves as innovative outpatient Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs). Our program is available without regard to prior treatment history. We welcome those who have struggled through relapse and discouragement with traditional modalities of care.Our philosophy is a holistic approach to treatment involving many dimensions of wellness including addiction, physical, mental, emotional, social, educational and financial wellness that is critical because each dimension interacts with all other dimensions of a patient’s well-being.A complete description of our services is provided to patients, family members, referral and other stakeholders in a variety of formats. The information includes but is not limited to populations served, settings, hours and days of service, frequency of service, fees, referral sources, and special populations.
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