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6000 Lake Ellenor Dr, Orlando FL, 32809
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As a leading rehab facility in Orlando, our recovery services for drug and alcohol abuse are anchored by specialists certified in addiction medicine, away from unhealthy environments that can feed into your substance abuse.Our expertise draws from real life experience, not just a textbook. Our professional yet relaxed facility serves as a supportive environment where you can break away from the cycle of addiction. Trust that our team can get you through; from detox to sobriety. There are plenty of programs that offer outpatient addiction care. A person who enrolls in a program like this can get addiction help while still living at home. For some, that’s a good choice, but it does come with some serious risks.In an overview article in Psychology Today, the writer suggests that hanging out with addict friends or spending time in places associated with drug use can lead to a relapse, and it’s a common habit of people new to recovery. For these people, associating with old friends or old haunts is a way to test the boundaries of recovery. Without the right skills, those tests can lead right to relapse.An acute treatment program offered at Orlando Recovery Center promotes a healthy change of environment for our patients. That means you leave your current surroundings that may play into your addiction habits to focus solely on recovery.We’ll make sure you learn healthy coping habits and skills once your treatment time is complete.People who enroll in Orlando Recovery Center emerge from the program transformed. But the help doesn’t stop there.The staff of Orlando Recovery Center is passionate about recovery, and all of these planning steps make prolonged sobriety more likely.
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Orlando Recovery Center - Orlando, FL
6000 Lake Ellenor Dr, Orlando FL, 32809
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